9 Things To Look For Before Getting A Used Electric Fireplace

used electric fireplace buying guide

Planning to buy a used electric fireplace?

Great! That could be a good way to save some cash and still enjoy the decoration and heat provided by an electric fireplace. Given that most of the electric fireplaces out there are also energy-efficient than most of your home heating methods, your investment will help reduce your energy bill in the long run.

However, buying a used electric fireplace isn’t an easy task; it requires careful considerations.

You want a unit that efficiently heats up your favorite room provides ambiance in your home and lasts longer.

To get that, you’ll need to pay attention to the following factors I’m about to discuss with you:

#1. Sizing

Electric fireplaces come in different sizes. It’s, therefore, important that you look for a unit that will perfectly fit into your existing fireplace. Otherwise, you might not enjoy using it.

To be precise about what size will fit your fireplace, I’d recommend you to take the internal measurements of your existing fireplace (length, height, and width). As such, you’ll be able to compare with the dimensions of the used units offered to you and easily pick the best size.

Always keep in mind that unlike the new units that you can return to the vendor and ask for a refund or a replacement if the one you buy doesn’t fit in your fireplace, you’ll not be able to do so with the used unit. Once you seal the deal, you might not reverse it.

This stresses the need to consider the sizing option.

#2. Heating Power

As you know, electric fireplaces come with different heating capabilities, powers.

Checking the heating power of a given unit will is, therefore, recommend to ensure you buy a unit that meets your home heating needs.

The heating power of your unit highly depends on the size if the room you want to heat. Large rooms will require more power while smaller rooms will consume less power.

The power generated by a given electric fireplace is usually measured in terms of BTU and watt output.

To determine the ideal heating capacity for your room, make use of this BTU calculator .

#3. Portability

This is particularly the case for the free-standing units.

Such models are designed to be portable so that you can easily move them from one to another to provide decoration and warmth to your favorite room.

In general, ensure that the unit you intend to buy is lightweight and sufficiently compact for easy transfer from one place to another.

#4. Style and Appearance

A fireplace serves two primary purposes in your home- heating up things and proving decoration.

That being said, it’s always important to ensure that the unit you want to buy has a great style and appearance to meet your needs as well as match your home décor.

It doesn’t matter if the unit you’re buying has been used before. If it was designed with a great design and attractive style, it will surely embellish and add elegance to your home for many years to come.

#5. Adjustable Thermostat

Yes, the adjustable thermostat should also be a determinant on the type of used electric fireplace to buy.

Though many homeowners tend to look down at this feature, it plays a huge role in regulating the amount of heat generated by your fireplace, to suit your room heating needs.

In other terms, it helps you easily increase or decrease the heat coming out of your unit to suit your preferences.

For your personalized comfort, don’t forget to check whether the unit you’re buying features an adjustable thermostat.

#6. Digital Control (and remote control operation)

The top electric fireplace manufacturers are making their products even more convenient for homeowners by including convenient features like the digital control circuit board.

If you get a second-hand electric fireplace bearing digital control feature, consider it a plus. This allows you to easily and quickly control various aspects in your unit- like flame speed, blower fan, the flicker, interior brightness, heater, and the on/off functions.

And the fact that the digital circuit board responds to a handheld remote control means you can control your unit without necessarily leaving your sofa or bed.

#7. Safety!

As a homeowner, the odds are high that you’ve got kids and pets in your home.

Keeping this fact in mind, you’d want to look for a used unit that guaranteed not only your safety but also that of your kids, pets and the entire house.

Some of the key safety features to look for in a fireplace include the thermal overload protectors that automatically shuts off the unit whenever it overheats.

The unit should also remain cool to the touch when in use, to prevent your kids and pets from getting hurt.

Since all electric fireplaces produce no harmful emissions, you should always feel safe when running the unit in your house.

#8. Price

When you’ve checked for all the above factors, don’t forget to look at the pricing.

One thing to always remember is that you’re buying a used item, so it should be a bit cheaper than the new electric fireplaces logs on the market.

Assuming you already have a set budget for a second-hand electric fireplace,  look for the various options at hand, weigh them in terms of all the relevant features above, and settle for a model that suits your needs and budget.

It’s that easy!

#9. Brand

There are top electric fireplace brands out there whose products offers you the best performance and tend to last for many generations.

Yet, some brands are notorious for producing cheaply designed units that develop problems from the first day you buy them.

Therefore, ensure the unit you’re buying comes from popular brands- like Dimplex, Real Flame, and Classic Flame.

Final Thoughts

A used electric fireplace is a great way to update your home décor while enjoying additional heating in the chilly months. Although the pricing of these units might vary depending on the individual seller, following our guide above will land you into the most suitable unit for your needs.