The Ultimate Guide To Gas Fireplaces – The Last One You Need

buying and using a gas fireplace

You do not have to have a traditional open wood burning fireplace these days to get a cozy, warm fire burning in your home. Gas fireplaces have become more and more popular due to the efficiency and cleanliness they provide.

With increased demand, increased supply usually follows, so it is no wonder that manufacturers of gas fireplaces keep coming up with more and more innovative designs which are more efficient and more stylish and which are beginning to look more and more like the traditional wood burning fireplace.

Buying a Gas Fireplace

Most gas fireplaces run on natural or propane gas and are available in a range of prices to suit most budgets.

A typical gas fireplace can cost upwards of $1500, but installation can add to the price. Considering brick fireplaces with a chimney can cost quite a lot more, gas fireplaces are certainly value for money.

There are three main types of fireplace to choose from: the top-vent, direct vent and ventless gas fireplace.

The direct-vent type of fireplace vents out the back of the appliance and through the wall of the house. Gas fireplace inserts can be bought as top vents that are installed into an existing fireplace design. Ventless gas fireplaces have no vent, but burn inside with gas connected to the appliance.

Not so long ago, many gas and electric fireplaces stood out like a sore thumb because they were plastic looking and totally unrealistic. Nowadays, though, there are many impressive designs with gas fireplace logs that look a lot like real fires.

There are also many outdoor fireplace styles and designs which use gas.

These are usually very easy to use and provide great warmth; perfect for creating a place for friends and family to gather in the garden.

Gas fireplaces have two ways of dealing with the heat they create. They either allow the heat from the burner to directly release into the room, or they heat air that is pulled in to the cabinet and then released back into the room.

Whereas electric fireplaces are pretty straightforward to set up, the installation of gas fireplaces is more complicated as it needs connecting to a gas line. This needs to be considered when you purchase the gas fireplace, because if you can’t carry out the installation yourself, then you may need to pay to hire an expert.

Although most fireplaces become focal points in the center of the room, there are corner gas fireplaces that look great also.

Of course, there are many fireplace design ideas and styles, so you certainly aren’t limited by choice.

The internet can suggest hundreds of styles and design of gas fireplaces, so it’s well worth taking a bit of time to look at the models several retailers have to offer. Our website features many articles on what to look for in all types of gas fireplaces, and will help you choose the best appliance for your home.

Want to Consider Gas Fireplace Inserts?

gas fireplace inserts

Real fireplaces need huge amounts of effort and lots of money to maintain.

You not only need to deal with the smoke, smell and cleaning ashes from the burning fire, you also need to spend a lot of money on logs or coals. Besides, both are limited natural resources, producing harmful carbon di oxide when burnt and are best left unused.

The option that more and more people are resorting to is a gas fireplace insert.

These fireplace inserts are designed to fit into an existing fireplace. They provide you with both the comfort and warmth of a real fireplace without any of the attached hassles. They use a special pipe that needs to be fitted into the existing chimney through which fumes from the gas fireplace inserts can be released.

Inserts are comprised of a metal firebox that contains the decorative logs and gas jets. These decorative logs look extremely realistic and the effect is enhanced by the use of a flickering flame that is also artificially created, but is also very real looking.

Together, they create a sense of comfort and coziness and there is great pleasure in having a fireside conversation with friends or curling up with a book in front of a very real looking fire.

Most models of gas fireplace inserts contain a fan or blower system to circulate warm air in the room and encourage a more even distribution of heat.

These gas fireplace inserts can generate enough heat to heat up a small home.

They not only provide the visual pleasure of watching a real fire, they also provide the warmth that mimics the warmth spread by a real fire. Many gas fireplaces provide both warm air and a radiant heat surface to warm the space around them.

Unlike a real fireplace, a gas fireplace insert is easy to install and extremely convenient to use.

They come with a built-in thermostat to help you set the temperature accurately. They also have the convenience of remote control function.

Additionally, they come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs and can be used to complement the theme of any room decor. Finally, they help with saving a lot of money as the cost of using a gas fireplace insert is not even a fraction of the cost of maintaining a real fireplace. So, if you are looking for a cheap, effective and aesthetically pleasing option to a real fireplace, consider gas fireplace inserts.

What About a Corner Gas Fireplace?

corner gas fireplace

A fireplace today is more than just for heating although that is the primary reason for getting one.

A fireplace can be a design element and enhance the decor of your room. In other words a fireplace is utilitarian as well as an aesthetic element. If you don’t have a built-in brick fireplace it’s not an issue at all. You just have to get a gas fireplace and install it in your room.

Of course these days with real estate prices soaring and apartments getting smaller and more cramped you just might have space issues. Alternatively what if you have an oddly shaped room? You have a lot of options these days with gas fireplaces.

They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. They are also available for so many different budgets.

If you have a space constraint you can consider getting a corner gas fireplace. It is no different from its more traditional counterpart and yet comes in a shape which is convenient for you to place in a corner.

You can choose a corner gas fireplace from different models such as natural vent, direct vent or vent free.

Corner gas fireplaces are also available in different styles like country, traditional and modern. They have a variety of mantels in different finishes such as antique white, white, mahogany, oak, pine and cherry.

They are extremely attractive and can change the look of your room. They also look particularly good if you can get a glass fireplace screen.

The range of small corner gas fireplaces include portable vent less as well as carousel freestanding ones which are round, see-through fireplaces and can be placed in any part of a room. It is made of porcelain and needs a chimney. You also get the direct vent type which can be wall mounted or even let out through the roof.

When you install a corner gas fireplace try to find a solution to the direct vent installation. Also, since gas fireplaces use natural gas or propane do consider installing a thermostat or a switch to control the supply of gas to the fireplace. This will also help you regulate the amount of heat in the room. If you have a direct vent, it will help take the combustion gases out of the fireplace and keep the room warm.

So don’t let yourself be put off by lack of space in your home. It’s very easy to fit a corner gas fireplace any where you like.

Why Not a Direct Vent Gas Fireplace?

If you have always wanted a fireplace but your home does not have an open fireplace installed or a place to fit one, you can solve this problem by getting a direct vent gas fireplace.

A direct vent gas fireplace can eliminate the need to get a chimney and a fireplace built into your home and the obvious cost involved with this. You can still have the relaxing flames and warmth that a wood burning fire would provide but it is much easier to install and easy to use.

A wood fireplace requires a chimney in order for the smoke and soot to escape, plus they need to be cleaned out and set each time you use them. And you have to wait for the flames to die out after every use.

The cleanliness and efficiency of a direct vent gas fireplace is second to none. It can be installed easily with a vent placed in the ceiling or wall and it has zero clearance technology which means that it can be placed directly on any combustible surface such as wood so it can be placed almost anywhere in the home.

Most direct vent gas fireplaces have a glass door in front of the flames and they use either propane or natural gas as a fuel. They are clean and energy efficient and are a suitable alternative to pollution causing wood burning fireplaces.

These environmentally friendly fireplaces are a great addition to any home and can be purchased in a variety of traditional and contemporary styles to suit any tastes. They are becoming more and more popular in new build homes as a stunning show feature to attract people to purchase the homes.

Direct vent gas fireplaces are easy to use and can be operated with the flick of a switch or by a button on a remote control.

They need only be turned on when required and you will not have to wait for the fuel to burn out as you do with a wood burning fireplace. When you have finished with the fire you can simply turn it off again with the button. They are convenient and energy efficient and would be a fabulous addition to any home.

Ventless Gas Fireplace

ventless gas fireplace

A ventless gas fireplace is the ideal solution for heating a single room. Since it does not need an external venting duct, or flue or chimney it is a lot less expensive to install compared to traditional wood and gas fireplaces. Ventless gas fireplaces use propane or natural gas for fuel, utilizing the gas in the room to burn.

Ventless gas fireplaces use propane or natural gas for fuel, utilizing the gas in the room to burn.

Ventless gas fireplaces are often used as an alternative or additional source of heat for rooms that get extra cold such as a bedroom. These fireplaces are also valued for their aesthetic qualities as they are available in different colors, shapes and sizes. They are also easy to run since all that is required is a natural gas pipeline or a line to supply propane from a tank.

They are also easy to run since all that is required is a natural gas pipeline or a line to supply propane from a tank.

The choice of a gas ventless fireplace will depend primarily on how it is going to be used. Each fireplace is rated to say how much energy will be consumed and the amount of heat they deliver, measured in BTU’s. The BTU gives an indication of the size of the room that a fireplace can heat effectively. It would be pointless to install a fireplace with a high output for a small room, it would be wasted.

A fireplace cannot be completely ventless since it requires the oxygen in the air to create flames. Without

Without vents it would simply get extinguished. A ventless gas fireplace uses chimneyless or ductless technology and so vents out into the room. Hence the volume of air in

Hence the volume of air in room will make a difference. Most manufacturers do not recommend using a ventless gas fireplace as a primary source of heat.

Most manufacturers do not recommend using a ventless gas fireplace as a primary source of heat. Instead they recommend using it as a secondary source when there is no electricity.

A ventless gas fireplace also increases the level of humidity in a room, since burning propane or gas tends to create water vapor that builds up in a room. If you use vent free gas logs you will find that they have burners that are specially designed to be uncovered. These burners are concealed behind the logs and are adjusted to let in enough air for efficient combustion of the natural gas. This reduces the amount of carbon monoxide produced.

These burners are concealed behind the logs and are adjusted to let in enough air for efficient combustion of the natural gas. This reduces the amount of carbon monoxide produced.

An additional safety measure ensures that the ventfree logs are fitted with oxygen depletion sensors that dilute or deplete the amount of oxygen left in a room and protect against the buildup of carbon monoxide. This activates the sensor and the gas supply to the logs shuts down.

Heard Of Outdoor Gas Fireplace?

outdoor gas fireplace

Outdoor gas fireplaces can provide you with the warmth and appeal that you would expect from a campfire or wood burning fireplace.

The advantages of a gas fireplace over its wood burning counterpart is that it is much easier to use and quicker to light.

Plus there are no messy ashes to clean up when you are finished. You will not have to worry about sparks or smoke like you would when burning wood.

There are a number of different manufacturers of outdoor gas fireplaces and all have different styles to choose from. The type of outdoor gas fireplace that you buy will depend on the manufacturer.

A good way to get an idea of the styles and finishes available would be to visit the website for each manufacturer. To get a better look, you can visit their showroom and view the products there.

Some gas fireplaces can look just like the traditional barbecue pits.

They have tops which can be removed so that you can add grills for cooking on them too. This will give you a dual purpose outdoor gas fireplace.

A lot of these fireplaces are made from stainless steel which makes them extremely durable yet attractive.

Other outdoor gas fireplaces are designed to look like real fireplaces in that they have mantels and mantel shelves included. These are made to look like a living room fireplace so that you can have the same indoor comforts outside.

You can choose to have the finish of these fireplaces in a material of your choice including marble, brick, stone or granite.

You can choose to have your gas fireplace attached to a canister of gas or if you want a more permanent solution, you can get it fitted to your gas supply in your home. It can be a permanent feature in your garden or you can have a portable fireplace which can be brought in and out when needed.

Outdoor gas fireplaces can either be fuelled using natural gas or propane and there are various styles which would suit either fuel. There are also many different sizes which you can choose depending on the size of your garden and your own specific requirements.

It will be a convenient, clean alternative to the wood burning fireplaces which used to have the stronghold in the market.

The outdoor gas fireplace is a stylish, attractive addition to any garden and can be a unique feature in your garden giving added value to your home.

Gas Fireplace Media Center Is Awesome

gas fireplace media center

There is something so comforting about getting in from the cold outdoors and sitting in front of a warm glowing gas fireplace, toasting your chilled hands and feet. The fireplace not only feels good but also looks so good.

It is very high on efficiency, aesthetics and safety. Fireplaces are not only supposed to be functional but these days they are a decor item and enhance the decor of a room.

Today, you can also find gas fireplaces with an integrated media center.

This enables you to sit in front of the fire while you watch the big plasma TV that is directly above it. The media center takes care of all your entertainment needs while the gas fireplace takes care of your comfort.

You couldn’t really ask for more.

One of the biggest advantages of a gas fireplace is that it is so much easier to use than a wood fireplace. You don’t have the hassles of chopping or buying wood for one thing. The thought of going out in the cold to chop wood or to go and buy it is quite daunting.

A wood burning unit requires so much more planning and cleaning, and maintaining it is also so much more difficult because it is messy.

Apart from convenience, with a gas fireplace you don’t have to worry about a back draft sending smoke into your house and clinging to your furniture and furnishing. You also won’t have a problem with chilling drafts entering the room from the chimney.

You can turn it on and off at will without thinking twice.

These days you can get different types of gas fireplaces such as a gas log fireplace with or without vents. You will find that some of these units burn at tremendously high temperatures resulting in near total fuel combustion. This results in reducing the carbon monoxide and ash levels which are comparatively lower than those of a vented unit and much lower than a wood fireplace.

You can choose from vented and unvented gas units.

Unvented units tend to provide more flexibility in terms of design, but you can also opt for a vented freestanding gas fireplace as well.

This offers a feature known as positive venting which permits you to use venting in any direction, up or down. So as you can see, getting a gas fireplace with a media center meets all your needs for comfort and entertainment.

Yes! Natural Gas Fireplace is Also a Thing

natural gas fireplace

Imagine the sheer pleasure of sitting in front of a warm gas fireplace on a freezing cold winter day with none of the associated problems of going out to chop wood or driving down to buy wood.

You don’t have to deal with the mess of a wood fire or the back drafts that blow smoke back into your room. However, your choice of a fireplace will depend on the type of fuel you have easy access to.

Natural gas fireplaces tend to be the most popular choice nowadays.

You also need to decide whether you want your natural gas fireplace to be the primary heating system for your home. This would be a practical choice if you live in an urban area where you get piped natural gas. Natural gas also offers much better value in most cases.

You will also find a natural gas fireplace much easier to keep clean and maintain. Compared to electric fireplaces, the natural gas fireplace also saves you a considerable amount on power bills.

They also come in a wide variety of log styles and a range of design options.

The amazing feature is that they look so natural and realistic that it is hard to realize that it is not a wood fireplace. A number of gas fireplaces are built for aesthetic reasons and to blend in with the decor of a home. However, there are others which are built for heat and fuel efficiency.

A gas fireplace is basically a factory-made firebox which allows you to view the fire through a glass face. Some gas fireplaces are made with ducting in order to distribute the heat in directions that you would prefer.

Many of them need absolutely no power connection and hence are ideal during power failures on cold stormy winter nights. All you have to do is start up your gas fire by merely touching a button.

The other advantage of a natural gas fireplace is the ease of installation involved. You can install your gas fireplace wherever you want to, whether in the center of a room or against an outside wall. Very little space is needed between the gas unit and combustible material such as wood or carpeting. You also have the option of vent-free, natural vent or direct vent. In fact, vent-free models can even be installed in a wall recess.

Basically you can install your natural gas fireplace wherever you have access to a piped gas line.

Comfort Glow Gas Fireplace

comfort glow

Many manufacturers sell vented and vent free gas fireplaces in various designs and styles.

You can choose from traditional looking fireplaces to more modern, contemporary styles. One of the best manufacturers of gas fireplaces is Comfort Glow.

A Comfort Glow gas fireplace can add style to your home and will provide you with a cost effective, efficient heating source. Comfort Glow have various styles of fireplace. They come in different sizes and designs so you should be able to find the perfect one for you.

If you are looking for a direct vent gas burning fireplace then look no further than Comfort Glow.

They are one of the leading providers of this type of gas fireplace. A direct vent gas fireplace will not change the quality of the air inside the house and does not need a chimney.

They are very cost effective as they are not expensive to install and are extremely energy efficient. They come in three main sizes 32”, 36” and 42” and they can provide heat to your home in the case of emergency as they do not need electricity to run.

Also provided by Comfort Glow are full size gas fireplace systems which are installed with a switch on the wall or are controlled by a remote control.

These systems are beautiful and convenient as you can switch on the gas fireplace and control the temperature all from the comfort of your sofa.

You may want a compact gas fireplace system. These fireplaces offer zero clearance like the full size fireplace and they provide three times as much heat as you would get from a vented log gas fireplace or a wood burning fireplace.

Comfort glow also have lots of accessories to choose from for your gas fireplace including blowers, firebox trims and brick liners for your firebox.

If you want a top quality gas fireplace which is reliable, cost effective and attractive, then try out Comfort Glow. A Comfort Glow gas fireplace can add value to your home and will provide you with a stylish way to heat your home.

Get to Know About Gas Fireplace Stoves


A gas fireplace stove can be a great source of heat for your home.

It can also add a certain attractiveness and appeal to your house. Plus it is much more efficient and cleaner than burning wood.

Gas fireplace stoves are easy to operate and easy to install which has made them more and more popular in recent years. People want convenience in their lives and a gas fireplace stove gives them just that.

You can choose between a vented fireplace and a vent free fireplace.

With a vent free gas fireplace stove, you do not need a tall chimney through the ceiling or a hole cut in the wall. They are made to specifically burn all the gas that is used and they release carbon dioxide and water vapour.

They are extremely efficient as they release a lot of heat directly into the room and the heat does not escape as there is no vent or chimney. Although the vent free fireplaces are designed to be super efficient, they may not be practical for some people as some areas are required by law to have a vent, thus reducing the effectiveness of the gas fireplace stove.

Vented gas fireplace stoves are the more popular choice these days. They are safe and allow for a vent to be fitted to release any fumes. The vent is usually placed in the wall and a double pipe will pass from the gas fire through the hole in the wall.

The vent allows for air to be taken in through one pipe from outside to burn the fuel and any fumes will be expelled through the other pipe.

With the cost of fuel rising all the time, the efficiency of a gas fireplace stove can help you to keep costs down. You can use the fire only when you need to and you don’t have to wait until it dies out like you would with a wood burning or coal burning fire.

Another great benefit is the fact that it does not produce smoke or soot and it is so much cleaner than fires which burn other fuels. You only need to push a button to ignite the fire so there is no cleaning out of ashes and getting the fire prepared before you can take a match to it.

You will also be getting instant heat from your gas fireplace stove as you do not have to wait until the fuel begins to burn properly.

One More Thing: Logs

fireplace logs

Gas fireplace logs can be purchased for use in your gas fire but there are some things you should know before you go out and buy them.

It is important that you check your actual gas fire before you purchase any gas fireplace logs as gas fires come in an array of different sizes. The logs also come in different sizes so it is important that you do not buy logs which will not fit in your fire.

Check the size of your fireplace or better still, measure it before you go out to buy your logs.

As with everything, some brands of gas fireplace logs are more efficient than others and tend to burn for longer or give off more heat. If you have already used fireplace logs then you may be aware of some of the brands available.

You should check reviews on the different products to get an idea of the best brands to buy. Researching online is usually a good idea as you will find plenty of sites out there with customer reviews or forums where people will tell you about their experiences with various products.

When it comes to purchasing your gas fireplace logs, you will notice that there are two main types of logs available – either vent free or vented.

A vented gas fireplace log is designed to burn in a way that the dangerous gases produced will travel out of the chimney while vent free logs are logs which will entirely burn all the fuel and decrease the carbon monoxide which is common with vented gas fireplace logs.

You should know which type you require before you go out so that you are only searching for that particular type. It is also important to know which fuel type your gas fire uses.

Some logs are more suitable for propane gas and some will work better with natural gas.

As well as buying gas fireplace logs, you may need other accessories so it could be a good idea to look at a gas log kit.

A kit will usually come with a grate, burner, damper clamp, embers, gas connector plus the logs and it will usually work out cheaper to buy all these items in a kit rather than separately.

Operating a Gas Fireplace

It is important to know that while gas fireplaces do need to be looked after and maintained, they are considered much easier to operate and much cleaner than a wood fireplace. There are so many gas fireplaces to choose from and all from different manufacturers, but one thing remains the same – their ease of use and the overall concept of operation. There may be minor variations, but the overall idea is similar.

Gas fireplaces are usually lit by pushing a button. Some fireplaces are ignited with the use of a remote control. Although not all gas fireplaces are the same, the way they are ignited is normally nothing more intricate than pressing a button on the fireplace or on a remote control switch.

Once you have ignited your fire, you can then regulate the heat with the thermostat button. This will allow you to create a soft glow for ambiance or whether you want to use your gas fireplace for creating a lot of warmth. It should be noted, however, that having the thermostat too high can make the house quite stuffy, so it is better to keep the temperature midway to avoid this.

You should never leave your gas fire unattended to reduce the risk of hazardous fires. You can switch your fireplace off using the appropriate switch or button. If you will be out of the room for any length of time, you should switch it off and then you can always switch it back on when you come back to the room.

This will both prevent any fires and will save you energy. It is also advisable to turn the pilot light off when you will not be using your gas fireplace for any length of time such as during the summer.

To keep your fireplace in good working order, it is necessary to ensure that you clean it after use. If you have a glass front, you should make sure to clean it after every use.

For the optimum maintenance and safety, you should have your gas fireplace regularly checked by a professional to make sure it is free from anything which could cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Once each year is sufficient for all gas appliances to be checked over by a professional.