Touchstone 8001 Onyx Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Review

Touchstone 8001 Onyx Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Review


  • Amazingly realistic fire
  • Incredibly easy to install
  • Six-foot electric lead
  • Up to 5 flame settings
  • Flame-only option available for all-year use
  • Remote control


  • A 24 inches clearance needed to mount the TV above the unit
  • Sides ought to be kept free of blockage during use
  • A bit noisy when running

Looking for a top-quality wall mounted fireplace that adds instant warmth and style to your home?

Touchstone 8001 Onyx Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace is the fireplace for you. With its beautifully realistic log set behind a screen with flickering flames, your guests will have a hard time whether it’s a real fireplace or the electric fireplace it is.

The 100% smokeless employs advanced fan technology to evenly distribute heat across a 400 sq. Ft room and would perform even in rooms as much as 50% bigger!

I know you can wait to enjoy that roaring fire from this unit in your living room and keep off the winter blues.

But before you buy this unit, here’s more to the top benefits you’ll get from Touchstone 8001 Onyx Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace:

Realistic Flame

There’s no better way to amaze your guests than with this top-rated wall mount electric fireplace.

The unit presents you with a set of authentically crafted log set that produces life-like flames. In fact, the unit is shipped to you with either log or crystal options. Which one do you prefer?

The flame log set or crystals lie behind a tempered glass screen (with a contemporary black frame), allowing you to enjoy a smoke-free air while getting an unlimited supply of warmth in the cold nights.

Without a single doubt, this realistic setting will bring your traditional fireplace back to life and give your living room with the mood-enhancing ambiance you’ve wished for.

Excellent Heating Performance

Presenting you with both low and high heat settings, this unit will meet all your room heating needs.

The unit is ideal for heating a room as large a 400 sq. feet. And it's designed to act as the primary heat source in your home. In other words, combining it with other heat sources in a room would produce just the same amount of heat, ambiance for a cozy atmosphere.

You can easily switch between the two heat settings right from the comfort of your sofa or bed, thanks to the remote control that comes with the package.

Additionally, you can use the control settings situated on the side of the unit to make your preferred changes.

Besides the two heating options, the unit also features a built-in Auto shut off timer which helps you control your fireplace’s heat settings.

Use this timer to easily set the duration of your fireplace heat for up to 7.5 hours!

Heat Disable Switch

Yes, Touchstone 8001 Onyx Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace also features a heat disable switch that lets you conveniently mount or recess it into the wall.

You can easily and safely recess your unit from the wall by deactivating the heat settings with a simple flip of this switch.

What’s more, the switch allows you to run your unit with the flame-only option, without the heat features. In fact, it presents you with up to 5 flame brightness settings that let you personalize the flame to suit your aesthetic appeal as well as luminosity needs.

These settings range from a dull ember glow to the full blazing light.

Hassle-Free Installation

Installing this unit is the easiest part!

It’s a 50 inches wide electric fireplace that weighs as little as 46 pounds, meaning that you can easily install it alone.

With the comprehensive user guide that offers you a list of instructions on how to install the unit, you’ll have an easy time setting your unit into place.

And when the installation is complete, all that remains is to hang your unit and secure it with the drywall screws. No more stacking of firewood or cleaning up the messy ashes to turn the heat up.

The fireplace comes with a remote control for convenient control.

10% Safe and Efficient Operation

The high-performance electric fireplace eliminates the risks associated with the traditional wood-burning units- like the outbreak of chimney fires as well as other dangers.

Efficiency too gets a new meaning in this particular unit. You’ll save on heating gas and oil costs as the unit relies on LED technology (which consumes minimal energy amounts) to heat your room.

And don’t forget that the unit is completely safe for our kids and pets; its LED bulbs are 100% mercury free and remain cool to the touch.

Elegant Home Décor

The Touchstone’s finest has the style and looks to help inject instant beauty to your living room.

It will easily fill your big, blank wall with a touch of elegance and modernity. You can use it at any time of the year, as it comes with a dual-mode feature that lets you operate it with/without heat.

The unit is just the perfect functional décor for your library, family room, or bedroom.

Final Verdict

That’s it for our complete Touchstone 8001 Onyx Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Review. It’s a dedicated unit that works tirelessly to provide your home with unlimited heat supply. With dual heat settings, you can operate it with/without heat for all-year enjoyment.

Other key features you’ll enjoy from this unit include a realistic flame, hassle-free installation, 100% safety and efficiency, and it doubles as an elegant home décor.

The wall mounted electric fireplace is simply the perfect unit for all homeowners looking to heat up things, or add ambiance and beauty to their living rooms.

Order your piece of this fantastic unit today and experience its authenticity, and excellent performance firsthand.

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