What You Should Know About Your Stone Cast Fireplace Mantel

stone cast fireplace mantels

Any home becomes even more beautiful with the presence of a fireplace. Undeniably, though, a fireplace is not a fireplace without a mantel and surround.

Otherwise, you would just have a gaping hole starring right back at you. A gaping firebox is not only primitive but outright horrid, a nightmare for any interior designer. The design and material of your fireplace mantel can, therefore, matter as much as the firebox itself.

Aside from the traditional materials of wood and stone, you can also have a stone cast fireplace mantel.

Different people have different personal reasons for going for a stone cast fireplace mantel. Individual reasons and some other factors for consideration should be taken note of before making an order for a stone cast fireplace mantel.

What is a stone cast fireplace mantel?

A stone cast fireplace mantel is obviously made of cast stone which is essentially a substitute for such materials as limestone and granite. Caste stone may be composed of cement, crushed stone, gravel or sand. The material for cast stone can then be poured into a mould and made to look like natural stone.

The good thing about manufacturing a stone cast fireplace mantel is that the material is easier to form than the more stubborn natural stones. Making a stone cast fireplace mantel, however, may, of course, involve a lot of work and effort.

Why do some people like to have a stone cast fireplace mantel?

Whether you are after a cozy or elegant feel, a fireplace mantel is simply the perfect accent for any home.

Instead of having a fireplace mantel made of wood or natural stone, however, many are thinking of getting a stone cast fireplace mantel. Among many other reasons, foremost are budget concerns. A stone cast fireplace mantel simply costs less than the natural thing. You still get your desired look and feel with a stone cast fireplace mantel because its difference from a natural stone mantel is nearly indistinguishable.

A stone cast fireplace mantel is also equally durable as mantel made of real stone. If you’re also worried about style options, your stone cast fireplace mantel can be made to look like the natural fireplace stone of your choice and can have designs that range from the intricate to the very simple.

What questions should I ask my stone cast fireplace mantel manufacturer?

Just as there are a variety of stone cast fireplace mantel designs and styles, there are also as many kinds of manufacturers and suppliers. These manufacturers do not offer the same range and kind of services.

Be sure, first of all, to look into as many details about the company such as company history, experience with the cast stone business, the available range of designs and materials and their prices as compared with other companies. If these details are not available, you can try sending these companies an e-mail of your relevant questions.

Make sure also to inquire about details on warranty, customization options, shipping procedure and time, delivery and installation requirements and extra costs involved.