What You Should Know Before Installing a Marble Fireplace

marbel fireplace

For some, there is no question about it. Having a fireplace can only mean one thing—installing a marble fireplace surround and mantel.

There is simply something about a marble fireplace that is eternally appealing.

When one enters the living room, the marble fireplace is almost always one of the first subjects for appreciation. Each person may have different personal reasons for wanting to have a marble fireplace. Before you place that order, however, there are some things that you need to know about your marble fireplace.

What is marble?

Marble is really limestone, but that marble fireplace you are eyeing differs from ordinary limestone in a very important aspect. A marble fireplace is made of a material that may be hundreds of millions old. Marble is limestone transformed by environmental temperature into more polished stone.

Actually if you look closely into your marble fireplace, you may notice that although it is polished, it may also show signs of surface imperfections. This is because marble is so ancient that fossils get trapped in the stone.

It is said that it is this same quality of impurity that lends a marble fireplace its natural beauty. The unique imperfections also ensure that no two marble pieces are exactly the same.

Why should you have a marble fireplace?

People almost always choose to have a marble fireplace because of it gives a place a feeling of class and elegance. Marble also invariably gives a sense of classic history since marble has been most known during the time of the ancient Greeks.

Marble is, of course, expensive.

Recent technology has also made cheaper production possible, thereby allowing more people access to marble. One may also choose to have a faux marble fireplace which isn’t the real thing but looks like it and is cheaper.

What are the disadvantages of having a marble fireplace?

Experts say that marble is sensitive. Your marble fireplace may, therefore, be prone to scratches. Aside from scratches, your marble fireplace might also be damaged by acid.

Some pieces of marble may also react to the heat produced by your fireplace and create pockets of air.

How should the fireplace be cleaned?

If not regularly cleaned, your marble could get damaged.

Ensure first of all that the surface of your marble is free of acidic liquids and dust. Clean often with a soft cloth that is used exclusively for your marble surface and makes sure not to wax but to polish.

Do not use ordinary cleaners. Look for a special marble cleanser that is not acidic.

Who you should get your marble fireplace from?

It’s a given that you should have your fireplace carved and installed by experts in the field of marble stones and fireplaces. There are a variety of companies online that will offer you their services.

You will usually be able to distinguish the good ones by the quality and substance of their text. Make sure that your questions can be answered just by going through their site or that they can answer your other questions expertly and promptly.

Check the credentials of your marble carver and installer.