What Are Fireplace Tools Called? (Know Each of the Tools)

What Are Fireplace Tools Called? (Know Each of the Tools)

Whether your existing fireplace tools set have given up on you or you’ve installed a new fireplace at your home, you’ll need various tools to make your unit work efficiently.

Else, you will not only be saddled with a chimney that doesn't perform well; it will as well be hazardous. It will pose serious dangers to your family and property. This is the last outcome you wish to get from your fireplace.

With the right tools, however, you can rest assured that your chimney will function efficiently and safely.

Equip yourself with these SIX highly useful fireplace tools used by numerous other folks and get the most out of your fireplace:


This one typically comes in incredibly soft bristles compared to those of a brush.

Can you guess the job of a broom?

Congrats, you’re right; it helps you to efficiently and thoroughly sweep the fine particles of your fireplace ash as well as other debris from the floor of your fireplace.


Nobody would dare manipulate the burning logs with their bare hands. That’s where the tongs come handy.

This valuable fireplace tool makes it easy for you to handle the blazing logs.

Usually, the tongs are sufficiently long to securely grab and reposition the burning logs to a zone where you precisely need them to be.


A poker is a sharp tool that you’ll need as a part of stoking the fire as well as moving the burning logs. The essence of stoking fire with this tool is to allow more oxygen into the fire. Needless to say, this will make your fire burn more efficiently.

You can also make some modification on the poker to make it a more useful tool. Simply add the curried hook on the poker’s side or a curved spur at the end to enable you to seize logs that have moved away and maneuver it again into the right spot.


A shovel or a scoop is usually included when purchasing your chimney tools set. Often, it’s small and flat, to let you easily evacuate the ashes, cinders and the little bits of unburned wood from the hearth.

Besides, it can serve as a dustpan where you directly sweep into it the leftover particles.


For the most part, an ideal brush for fireplace use is round and/or flat and has harder bristles compared to the broom. It is perfect for effectively cleaning your grate, hearth, and the chimney itself.

Given that the brush has more firm bristles, this tool lets you perform a thorough cleaning on your fireplace. It particularly acts tough on the stains.


This one is both functional and decorative. The functional part of a bellow is to help you suck in air through an opening and convey it out via the nozzle.

This helps your fire burn stronger, and in a much more secure and efficient manner as you will not need to blow physically directly into the flame.

What to Buy- Sets or Individual Tools?

Most fireplace equipments are available in sets and three different sizes namely large, medium, and small. When you acquire them in a set, not only will you get matched tools, but it will also be economical.

Additionally, set tools accompany a convenient rack where you can easily store them.

Getting the chimney gear in a set is highly recommended for individuals who are not exceptionally acquainted with the right tools to get.

However, you may discover later that some tools included in the set aren’t really helpful. Or you may find out that some essential tools you’ll need for your fireplace aren’t included in your set.

As a rule of thumb, purchasing one or more tools to supplement the ones in your set is considered beneficial.

Also, for the homeowners who don't always utilize their fireplaces, buying a few tools is recommended. The most common and valuable tool for this situation is a poker.

Styles to Consider

Aside from the size aspect, the fireplace tool sets also exhibit different styles- from vintage to cutting-edge devices- using diverse materials such as wrought iron, stainless steel, brass, just to give some examples. You can pick the rustic tools if you fancy the vintage looks, or you might need to invest in the modern design tools that are made of brass (polished) metal to give them a more formal feel.

Don’t forget that there are also diverse sorts of fireplace tool sets finishes. The most popular choices include brass, iron, matte black, copper, pewter, and bronze among others.

With all these variations and materials available on the market today, there is not a good reason why you shouldn’t find the ideal set to fulfill your taste and even accentuate the interior of your home.

Functionality Vs Decorative Purpose

While picking your fireplace tools or accessories, the possibilities are unlimited. There are just an excessive number of choices to choose from. It is imperative, however, to balance usefulness and beauty.

For instance, iron tools will are an excellent choice for the fireplaces that are regularly used. They are not by any stretch of the imagination meant for decorative reasons contrasted with their brass partners. They are also intended for long term use and are less costly.

Moreover, if your primary goal is aesthetic purposes, we would advise you to invest in the brass tools. Alternatively, you can combine the elegance of the brass with the durability of iron. Iron tools featuring beautiful brass handles are an excellent choice here.

Final Verdict

These are the most popular fireplace tools you need to acquire for your fireplace today. The broom, brush, tongs, poker, bellow, and shovel. Besides making your fireplace function more efficiently, these tools also ensure that it is thoroughly clean at all times and safe for your family.

As much as picking a set of tools to complement your home stylistic theme is critical, it is equally crucial to pick apparatuses that are functional and those that enhance your fireplace safety.

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