How to Install Electric Fireplaces in Your Wall?

How to Install Electric Fireplaces in Your Wall?

You ordered your wall mount electric fireplace. After a few days of eagerly waiting, the unit finally arrived at your home.

So, what’s next?

Putting it to the task will come next. But remember that you need to install it first before you start using it.

Installation of an electric fireplace isn’t a hard task. You can quickly put up the entire system on your own (or with the help of another person). The process typically takes around 45-60 minutes to get the system working. You don’t have to hire a contractor or the electrician to get this job done.

Below is our expert, step-by-step guide on how to install an electric fireplace on your home wall…

NOTE: Normally, each wall-mount electric fireplace comes with its installation guide. But in general, they’ll follow the same methodology that we’ll introduce to you below.

Tools Needed:

  • Phillips (star) head screwdriver
  • Electric drill
  • Carpenters level
  • Mounting screws

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Test Your Fireplace

The first and the most important step you should always conduct before doing a permanent installation of your fireplace is checking whether your fireplace is working. Take you unit out of the package and plug it in.

Most electric fireplaces plug into the standard home socket.

Look for the on button and press it. With the aid of the user manual, pick an option and test if there’s any heat generated through the vents.

In some cases, an unusual smell will come out of the system. This is normal when using the unit for the first time.

If you don’t test the system before attaching it to the wall, you might find out that it doesn’t work after successfully installing it. Thus you’ll have to uninstall the entire setting.

2. Check The Wall Condition

You’ve identified the ideal wall for mounting your new electric fireplace in your home. But that’s not enough.

Carefully examine the wall to see if there are any crevices that cannot hold the weight of the unit.

When buying the mounting screws, explain to your retailer the condition of your wall so that he’ll give you the best models. With the special screws, you can avoid any damage to your wall and thus prevent your unit from falling off.

3. Attach The Mounting Hardware To The Wall

Now it’s time to attach the mounting brackets to your wall. Most manufacturers include all the mounting hardware in the package, including the mounting brackets. With the aid of your electric drill, make holes through the wall to attach to the mounting bar.

Before fastening the mounting brackets with the screws, use the carpenter’s level to ascertain that your mounting bar is level. Otherwise, your unit will hang awkwardly (in a tilted manner) when attached to the wall.

Make sure the brackets are firmly attached to the wall with the screws and move on to the next step…

4. Connect Your Firebox To the Mounting To The Above Hardware

Look at the back of your firebox. You’ll see around three mounting holes there. You simply need to mount these holes to the waiting mounting hooks of the mounting hardware you’ve just attached to your wall above.

In this step, I recommend you to get a friend to help you lift the heavy unit. This will prevent it from falling accidentally and possibly breaking into pieces.

5. Finally, Attach Your Screen To The Firebox

Congrats! You have successfully installed your electric fireplace at your home. The final step involves placing the front glass screen (the control) panel into place.

After this, plug in your fireplace and turn it on!

Safety Tips To Consider When Installing Your Electric Fireplace

  1. Always connect the power supply cord of the unit to a properly protected and grounded 120V outlet.
  2. To keep off possible fire outbreaks, avoid blocking the exhaust or the air intake in any manner
  3. Never mount your unit where it may fall into any water container, e.g. bathtub
  4. Always unplug the entire before you perform any cleaning or maintenance exercises, or just the relocation of the heater
  5. Carefully read and understand all the user instructions before parting the unit
  6. Always unplug your heater when not in use
  7. Avoid operating the heater if it has malfunctioned, has damaged plug or cord, or if it has been damaged or dropped in any manner
  8. Keep AWAY all the combustible materials, e.g. furniture, bedding, pillows, clothes, papers, etc., at least three feet away from the heater front
  9. Do not use the heater outdoors
  10. Due to high temperatures, ensure that you install the fireplace out of traffic, and away from the furniture or draperies
  11. To disconnect your unit, you ought to press the OFF button first before removing the plug from outlet
  12. An electric fireplace heater comprises of sparking or hot and arcing parts inside. Therefore, do not install it in areas where paint, gasoline, or any other flammable liquids have been used or stored
  13. Avoid using the extension cord. It may overheat and cause the fire. But if you must use the extension cord, then it must bear a minimum size of No. 14 AWG and rated at least 1875Watts

Final Thoughts

At first, the mechanics of installing an electric fireplace may look overwhelming and daunting. But this is not the case. If you follow our general guide above carefully, you’ll set up you unit ready for use in less than 45 minutes.

You don’t require any prior experience or expertise to do this. Just grab the right tools, follow the instructions and you’re ready to go.

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