Electric Fireplace: Warming Up to a Popular Trend

electric fireplace is a popular trend

A fireplace is a wonderful feature in a home. While it enhances the look of your home, it also boosts the value of your home.

Nevertheless, the traditional fireplace has its drawbacks: they are tough and expensive to build into desired structures. As a result, ease, convenience, and affordability have given rise to a new alternative: electric fireplaces.

An electric fireplace insert is like any freestanding stove.

It’s as easy as plugging in a lamp and flipping the switch. Just like a stove, the room is warmed by a bright heat and the temperature can be controlled. Unlike traditional heaters or radiators, an electric fireplace has light bulbs inside the unit that simulates the glow of genuine flames.

An electric fireplace also does not require any remodelling or masonry job to install them because it does not even need to be “installed.” And because an electric fireplace is portable, it is regarded as a zero-clearance hearth product.

These devices can also function as a decoration and as an accent in any room to create a comfy and relaxing ambience.

If you wish to, you can have a professional installer hardwire any electric fireplace into the interior walls of your home. Once it is installed, you can have an assortment of different glass doors, mantles, logs, and even flames to add a little personal flavour to the appearance of your electric fireplace and to complement with the existing décor of your room.

One big advantage that an electric fireplace has over traditional ones is the feature that lets you have total control over some two important aspects: You can adjust the heat level; you can adjust the brightness.

Plus, the fact that electric fireplace inserts can literally be used anywhere makes this type of fireplace more advantageous. Likewise, they don’t need ventilation. Apartments, condos and high-rise buildings pose no problem if you really want the glowing presence of a fireplace.

In addition, these fireplaces do not require regular upkeep the way traditional ones do. The occasional replacement of burnt-out bulbs is the only mandatory maintenance the electric fireplace requires.

In addition to that, an electric fireplace is energy-efficient. They don’t require chimneys and extra logs. Thus, there’s no heat loss and no expensive gas bills. An electric fireplace also provides a safe environment.

There’s no need to worry about fire hazards because of the absence of real fire. Plus, there’s no threat of carbon monoxide since the fireplace does not employ any ventilation system. And since it doesn’t use up fuel, electric fireplaces are safe for the environment.

The biggest inconvenience that these fireplaces have is that they do not provide the preferred bucolic ambience. Despite that, solutions for the artificiality of the device are available. You can still purchase replica logs, glass doors, grates and other furnishings.

In addition, CDs that simulate the sound of a crackling fire are also available.