Electric Fireplace Inserts – A Way to Transform Your Old Fireplace

electric fireplace inserts is an awesome thing

Almost everyone enjoys the look of a wood burning fire. But the smoke, ash or effort that comes with it a wood fireplace can put many people off. For those homes with an established fireplace, an electric fireplace insert can be a great way to utilise the hearth without the difficulties that come with a wood burning fire.

They can also be used when the chimney no longer works, or you want to transform the look of the fireplace.

They are easy to use by sliding straight into the hearth and plugging it into an electrical outlet.

As far as heating is concerned, an electric fireplace insert is considered to be more efficient than a wood fireplace. Up to ninety percent of the heat from a traditional fire is lost via the chimney or surrounding brickwork.

Most of the heat that is effective occurs at the front of the fireplace, leaving cold pockets in the room or house.

Typically a fireplace insert is equipped with a blower to help circulate the heat around the room or house making it more effective and efficient. They are also more convenient and clean with no need to worry about obtaining wood for the fire or cleaning up the leftover ash.

Once you have selected the right size, an electric fireplace insert is a breeze to install. Simply take the insert and slide it into the fireplace. Then take the cord and plug it into the wall to power it up.

The right insert can transform the look of the room and turn your old fireplace into something new.

They come in all sorts of different finishes like jet black, gold, chrome, silver or brass. Models can be either modern or made to look more historical. The sizes vary to ensure that they can fit correctly into old or new fireplaces.

There is also no need to worry about losing the look of the flickering flames that a wood fire has. Most electric inserts these days come with fake flames that can be difficult to distinguish from real ones and some have pre-recorded sounds to complete the experience.

The fake flames can be used with or without the heater turned on. This is one of the main reasons why people choose an electric fireplace insert – to recreate the experience of a wood burning fire with the hassles of smoke and ash that comes with the real thing.

The other main reason is that people want to use an old fireplace which has fallen into disrepair.

No smoke is generated by the electric insert ensuring that the chimney doesn’t need to be used and the fact that it simply slides into the hearth means there is no need to change the structure of the fireplace.

A usual electrical fireplace will heat a room that is about 400 square feet in size. Combined this with the fact that they cost only 7 cents per hour to run without the need gas lines or vents, they are an attractive alternative or a traditional fireplace and can be a fantastic cosmetic change to a room.