Double Sided Electric Fireplace; Should You Consider Using It?

double sided electric fireplace

What if you could get two fireplaces for the cost of one? That’s not a riddle. I’m serious. With a double-sided electric fireplace, you will be able to do exactly that.

Interested? Let me elaborate.

What Is a Double-sided Electric Fireplace?

As the name suggests, a double-sided electric fireplace has two sides. The idea is to have one side facing one room and the other side facing the room on the other side of the wall.

So you can heat two rooms concurrently. Like I said, you get two fireplaces for the cost of one (I bet you thought I was pulling your leg).

Now let’s dig deeper and find out how you stand to benefit should you buy a double-sided electric fireplace.

Advantages of a Double-sided Electric Fireplace:

1. You Can Dine Outdoors

Work with me and imagine the following scene. It’s night. The stars are twinkling in the dark. The moon is bright and full in the sky. You are seated at a cozy table out on your patio. There is a vase with lovely flowers on the table. And food. This could be a romantic dinner. Or it could be a nice, family dinner, where you get to point out the constellations to your kids.

But at night it’s cold outside, especially in winter.

How do you pull it off?

Good question. That’s where the double-sided electric fireplace comes in to save the day. You could install the fireplace in a wall, with a room like your kitchen on the inside; and on the outer side, a cozy outdoor dinner table you have set up on your patio.

Another outdoor space which would benefit from a double-sided fireplace is your balcony. There’s no denying that balconies are the sweetest spots a house can have. And the best time to enjoy one is at night when it’s quiet and the stars are out. Why not capitalize on this magic hour by having a fireplace to warm the balcony simultaneously with your bedroom, allowing you to step out into the magic night as often as you please?

2. To Warm Open-plan Living Spaces

Architectural fads come and go. And currently, open plan designs are rising in popularity for apartments and houses. An open-plan space enables you to be flexible with your living space. You can mold it in whichever way you deem fit.

Unfortunately, a vast open space will get chilly rather easily. By use of room dividers, you can create walls to partition the space. One of the advantages of open-plan design is that you can easily install double-sided electric fireplaces in the temporary walls. That way, you will be able to warm the entire space at low cost.

And if you are feeling artistic, you can use contrasting textures for your wall on either side of the divider. On one side, the living room, for instance, you could use colored terracotta bricks, something attractive to catch the eye. And on the bedroom side, use a neutral texture that will help calm your eyes into drowsiness as you watch the fire.

Also, two-sided fireplaces are themselves often used as room dividers, and advertised as such.

3. They Save Money

What is cheaper? Purchasing and installing one fireplace or two? So if you are on a tight budget and determined to have a fireplace in your bedroom as well as the living room, you can save money for other uses by investing in a double-sided electric fireplace.

4. They Save Space

If you have two fireplaces in your house, you will have to install them in two spots in two rooms. And if you are already cramped for space in your home, that is extra space you can’t afford to waste.

With a double-sided electric fireplace, you will use only one spot on your wall, thus saving the extra room for another purpose. Besides, roominess gives a space perspective and aesthetic advantage. A room which is too full is unappealing.

5. Ideal For Offices

If you want to give your employees a winter treat, getting them a double-sided electric fireplace might just do the trick.

Think about it. Track your productivity statistics. In which months is your staff most productive? I bet it’s during the warmer months. It’s understandable. It’s difficult to do a difficult task when your fingers and toes are freezing off.

But if you install a fireplace for your employees to get warm while they work, they would thank you. But in the end, you would gain the most as you watch productivity levels soar. And with a two-sided fireplace, you would cut on cost and have one fireplace heating up two offices at the same time (say, yours and your workers, for instance).

6. They are Fascinating

I know this might not sound like a significant benefit, but think about it. You are having dinner with some neighbors or relatives. Suddenly one of your guests says, “Alright, let’s see it.” Then you proudly reveal your double-sided electric fireplace.

It’s fascinating because it differs from the norm. The uniqueness transforms it into a sort of tourist attraction. As a result, your social standing improves in the eyes of your guests, and a pleasant evening turns into an awesome one.

7. Suitable For Families That Have Kids

If you have children, you know that it’s never a good idea to favor any over the others. This is a dilemma most parents face one time or another. If you have money for only one fireplace, in which kid’s bedroom should you put it?

Does that mean the kids will have to share a room?

With a double-sided electric fireplace, you can ensure both rooms are heated, a perfect solution for a sticky dilemma.

8. Ideal For Restaurants

If you run a restaurant or a bar or a coffee shop, buying and installing a two-sided electric fireplace is an elegant, cost-effective way to ensure all your customers are enjoying the same warm, cozy ambiance.

And as we have mentioned, it’s intriguing and will draw new customers to your establishment who want to see the fireplace that heats two rooms concurrently.


So to get two fireplaces at the cost of one is easier than you think. Nothing special: just buy and install a double-sided electric fireplace. Nothing much. It’s definitely worth it.