Common Trouble Shooting Of an Electric Fireplace

Common Trouble Shooting Of an Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are a lovely addition to our homes. Besides providing us with warmth in the cold seasons, these appliances also enhance the styles of our home interior decors and are energy efficient and easy to maintain. The electric fireplace market has all sorts of fireplaces which make it easy to get a model that suits your tastes and matches your home interior décor.

Sadly, electric fireplaces are like any other electrical appliance you use in your home. At times, you might find out that your unit is not functioning properly, or it's producing some funny sounds when running.

That does not mean that your valuable investment is gone. It only means that part(s) of it is affecting its operations and need to be corrected.

If your unit has not been responding well of late, follow the simple electric fireplace troubleshooting tips below that will likely solve the underlying issue.

1. Check the Power

The portable electric fireplaces available today have a tendency to run off electricity. Because of this, the first thing you ought to check when your unit stops working is the power supply. You can do this in one or two ways.

First method: On the off chance that you have a voltage tester, you can simply check your power outlet for the voltage to confirm that power is available at the outlet.

Alternatively, move your fireplace to another wall outlet hat you’re double sure is functioning well, plug it in, and test to see if it will work.

If your unit still fails to work in the presence of power, move on to the next electric fireplace troubleshooting tip…

2. Check the Breaker

It has been confirmed that an electrical fireplace requires more power than the standard appliance. So, if your fireplace isn’t turning on or working appropriately, you need to check that the breaker to the electrical plug is not flipped.

How to do this?

Well, pretty it’s simple. Simply head to your breaker box and locate the breaker that runs your home area (that is, where the outlet exists).

3. Check the Lightbulb

At other times, you may notice that the coloring or the light of your electric unit is not working. Don’t get disappointed. This only means that the light bulb inside your unit is no longer working and should be replaced.

The visual impact and flame color you view on your unit is made possible by a bulb that can wear out after some period of use- usually after two years.

To solve this issue, you just need to replace the “dead” bulb with a new one. Consult your manual for more information on how to successfully install a new light bulb and the alternative bulbs you can use.

Also, if only one side or half of your electric fireplace appears brighter, this could be another clear sign that you should replace the lightbulb.

What if your fireplace comes with more than one bulb? Well, you will only need to replace that has burned out with a new one of the same wattage to prevent cases of uneven lighting.

4. Check The Fuses

The electric fireplaces are incorporated with fuses that must be functional for the unit to warm your house properly. In cases where your unit has lost its ability to provide heat, the first thing you need to do is check whether the fuses are burned out.

The fuses are inexpensive as well as easy to replace. Thus, you should check them first before replacing other pricey parts.

To replace a fuse successfully, first, ensure that your unit is totally off or disconnected from the power to avoid getting shocked.

Next, open up your unit’s fuse box. Most models hold their fuse boxes at the back, save for a few makes that house them in other places. The owner manual will show you the location of the box.

The fuse will resemble a transparent cylinder with some filament inside. Focus on that filament. If it’s broken (a possible pointer of why your unit has stopped heating up things) it will look dark or gray.

To excellently remove the burned out fuse, you can utilize the screwdriver to lift it up and out. Then proceed to replace it with the new one by simply putting it in the space that was occupied by the old one.

5. Clean the Fan

At the point when the heating function of your electric fireplace seems to have stopped working as before, you may have to review and clean the unit’s fan to solve this issue.

The fan can become dirty at times, and it should be cleaned to make it operate well. The build-up of dirt and other debris could keep the fan from spinning efficiently and thus bring down its efficiency in evenly distributing heat in the room.

6. Check the Owner Manual

As a last resort, you ought to consult the owner manual that accompanied your model.

While the above tips should help you troubleshoot your versatile electric fireplace functionality issues, a few models and makes have to spell out their particular functions that you can only be diagnosed by following the given manufacturer directions.

Final Thoughts

Fixing your electric fireplace whenever it develops some problems isn’t a hard task. It requires no expertise or lessons. By just following the above electric fireplace troubleshooting tips, you’ll be able to solve most of the issues you will experience with your unit.

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