3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Fireplace Surround Design

fireplace surround design

To have a fireplace in circulation, should be able to incorporate the overall design, with a fireplace surround design major. Although it may seem easy to choose one that fits around the theme of your home, you still have to consider some important points before you even start to remodel your home.

Although it may seem easy to choose one that fits around the theme of your home, you still have to consider some important points before you even start to remodel your home.

  1. The first thing to consider is the functionality of your chimney. You have to know if the fireplace you have in mind will be there only for decorative purposes or be used to provide heat for the home. If you plan to have fire in it, then you have to think of ways on how to vent. Licensing requirements must be met when a functional fireplace will be built.
  2. Once you figure out what exactly the fire will do, we must take into account the amount of money you will pay for its upkeep. A fireplace maintenance so if you will save in maintenance costs then make sure you only use the fireplace for special occasions. Otherwise, you will need to continue maintaining it can be very challenging because it’s a pain to maintain and clean the chimney.
  3. Although a fireplace can be simply a box containing the fire, which may even be more beautiful with an elegant fireplace surround. Not only does a fireplace add to the beauty around the room, even give the room character and personality very necessary especially if you have customized according to your preferences.

Selecting the right fireplace surround design, there must be something that will complement other pieces of exterior design, as the chimney and trim.

The chimney and cut affect the overall appearance of the chimney. Therefore, it is recommended that match your surround these elements.

It is worth mentioning that the chimneys and adjustments can be costly for the choice, you have to keep within your budget. The choice between modern and traditional design elements necessary for you to identify the type of wrap-around style to be incorporated into its design.

There are several materials that can be used to surround it like wood, plaster, cast iron, limestone, marble, and resin. You should not limit your design to one of these materials. In fact, you can mix and match these materials to create a more personal design.

The envelope is the most overlooked aspect of the entire design fireplace, but this should not be. Sure, you have to consider things like the type of fire and type of fuel used to run, but in the end, people will not notice these things.

What will you bring your attention to the fireplace is not the color of the flame. On the contrary, is what frames the flames that attract attention. Thus, having a well-designed enclosure is important if you want to give a good impression on your guests.

Do-It-Yourself Remodeling Fireplace Surround Design

It’s great to have a fireplace to snuggle together on a cold winter night, and make beautiful focal points of the rooms are in.

However, if your home becomes obsolete and you begin to see bad taste, you can pull all Design your living room into chaos.

What was once a pride and joy can become a major eyesore without a bit of renovation and modernization, and tastes change over the decades. Altering the appearance of your home is not as difficult as you might think.

With a basic design plan in mind, you can replace the surround and mantle to create a new look magnificently.

Preparing your old fireplace so that you will be able to reface may be the worst of the work. If you have to remove or wear old bricks to make a smooth surface on which to put the new tile may end up with dust in the house if you do not watch out.

It may be necessary to cover things with plastic and create a tunnel and a plastic tent to contain all the dust they generate. Although this takes a little time, it will be worth at the end.

The fine powder obtained by cutting brick or concrete, can even work their way into the closets and cabinets, if not keep it contained, and you may end up with a mess of the house wide.

There are many beautiful types of tiles that can be used for a fireplace surround before adding a wood fireplace. You can find almost any color and even enjoy the convenience of ordering online.

Tile surround makes a relatively inexpensive addition to any home that can enhance your room with the elegance of granite, marble or natural stone. Using the same tile surround and home with a stained wood fireplace can create a fireplace can be proud of, and can be found online instructions to do the job yourself.

The design is up to you, and you can choose to make your fireplace sleek, modern and cozy, old-fashioned or anything else to turn your room again in the window once was.