How to Build a Fire Pit with Rocks

fire pit with rock

And open fires indoors are the product of new style and luxury for the modern home.

They look beautiful and elegant as it is done in a symmetrical pattern with unique finishes. One of the ideas even more common pit fire aesthetically popular are the rock.

These are made of stones and rocks to make them look natural and strong. They look great either in a green patio in the garden, or even in the courtyard right outside your home. Most fire pits are built with bricks and stones, because you have to establish a land base and then give the top an attractive deck.

Therefore, learn to build a stone fire pit is not at all a difficult thing, and you can also build one of these in your own backyard, if you like the idea. In the following paragraphs, find a way to build your own fire pit in a few steps.

It is always a better option to build a fire pit on their own, since the process is easy and you do not have to make a hole in your pocket with higher expenses. Hoyos outdoor fire can be built with a range of materials such as stone, tile, wood, concrete and rocks, which are strong and durable.

But of all these raw materials with stones to learn how to build a fire pit in your backyard may be the best option, as are basic, stylish and can last almost a lifetime. There are many ways to build a fire pit, but we will find a very basic method of how to build a fire pit with rocks.

These simple steps are joined in the paragraphs to come just for you.

Take a look!

Materials needed:

  • The rocks and stones
  • Flour or chalk
  • Gravel
  • Arena
  • Shovel


  1. To start learning how to build a stone fire pit, you must first choose a particular area in the backyard. Measured with a tape measure and make sure you have an area of 2 to 3 feet, such as building a fire pit space requirements. Then with the help of flour or chalk, mark this area as a schema to build the pot accordingly. Do not delete this brand until you’ve finished digging these ideas outdoor fire pit.
  2. Now with the help of the spade, dig a clean hole in the measured area, which will accommodate the fire. If you are building a fire pit for the first time, I suggest you go for a square-shaped design fire pit, as a whole requires more work and precision. Therefore, during excavation, the vertical sides of the fire and then dig into the soil to a depth of 7 to 9 inches.
  3. With clean shovel the bottom of the trench by scraping the surface and level the ground uniformly. Once done, add a 3-inch layer of gravel at the bottom of the pot for drainage reasons. Since this is the main foundation of his rock fireplace, you need to make it strong and effective.
  4. This gravel layer, add another layer of 3 inches of sand and level it until it is stiff and thick. Requiring enough sand to make a thick layer of this because the volume of sand can be less than the gravel. With the shovel, make this uniform layer so as to form a seal on the ground level. This sand layer ensures that the sparks from the fire did not enter the soil and damage the foundation. These steps are common to all plans for fire pit and can be used to learn how to build a brick fire pit.
  5. The last step of making a rock fire pit is the construction of the top of the pit with rocks or stones. Now that you have the edges of the fire pit, place rocks around the surface of cement and one on the other to create the wall. This cover of the fire will remain within the flames and protect surrounding them. To make these designs patio with fire pit, you can make the wall a bout of 3 feet above ground level so that you can see the fire and surrounding areas are also protected. You can follow these steps to learn how to build a gas fire pit.

With these simple tips mentioned above to show you how to build a stone fire pit, I’m sure you’re busy thinking about the time to start building! So go ahead and make an elegant fireplace rock pit in your backyard because it is a lifetime investment.