Breckwell Pellet Stove: A Comprehensive Product Review

Breckwell Pellet Stove: A Comprehensive Product Review

If you're in the market for a consistent, easy-to-use, and powerful heating source, then a wood pellet stove could be an ideal choice. Pellet stoves are available in a variety of sizes and can heat single rooms or entire buildings. There are many on the market, and it can be hard to choose the right model to meet your needs. In this article, we will focus on the Breckwell pellet stove. 

We'll take a deep dive into four of Breckwell's top pellet stoves to give you an idea of their price range and options. We compared each stove by looking at their price, ease of use, heating area, design quality, and hopper size. We also provided some pros and cons for each stove to help give a quick reference of what you'll find on each stove.

To sum things up, we also gave an overall rating to the Breckwell pellet stove company based on their price, features, and value.

What Is the Breckwell Pellet Stove?

Breckwell is one of the leading manufacturers of premium pellets stoves on the market today. They make some of the biggest, most powerful, and feature rich stoves out there, and they are priced accordingly. These stoves are offered as a freestanding unit that can be added to any room or as a fireplace insert. The latter will allow you to convert any functioning fireplace into a pellet stove with a few simple modifications. 

How Does It Work?

The Breckwell pellet stove is a wood burning heater that is mechanized to keep the flame lit with minimal effort. Unlike a traditional wood stove, a pellet stove burns small pellets that are madeout of compressed wood particulate.

These pellets can be made of a variety of different woods and are often recycled waste wood from the forest products industry. These pellets are packaged in 40-pound bags that are usually sold through hardware stores and heating specialists.

To operate a Breckwell pellet stove, the unit is first connected to an electrical outlet. The pellets are loaded into a holding bin on the top of the apparatus called a hopper. A small quantity of pellets is released into a firebox at the front of the stove. These pellets are ignited and will provide the heat source for the whole unit. Depending on the model of stove, this starting process will occur with an automatic ignition system or by hand.

The flame will be visible to users through panes of glass, similar to those found on a traditional wood-burning stove. Once the flame is burning consistently, an auger is engaged that automatically feeds pellets from the hopper down into the firebox. Users can control the rate of pellet feed using onboard controls.

A faster pellet feed creates a larger and hotter flame while a slower pellet feed creates a smaller flame. Higher-end pellet stoves will often have programmable controls while lower end models are all analog.

Fans within the stove can harness the heat from this relatively small flame and push it out into a room with maximum efficiency. Stopping the Breckwell pellet stove is as simple as turning off the pellet feed and starting the unit's preset shutdown sequence. Once the flame has gone out, and the stove has fully cooled, it will automatically turn off until restarted for the next use.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Pellet stoves are much cleaner and more efficient than traditional wood stoves. As long as there are pellets in the hopper, the stove will continually feed the flame without any manual stoking. And while these pellets burn with a high rate of efficiency, they do still produce a small amount of ash. This ash must be removed from the Breckwell pellet stove's onboard ash collecting bin. The glass panes on the stove will also require occasional cleaning.

The other main upkeep of a pellet stove is refilling the pellet hopper. The frequency of this job will vary depending on the size of the hopper, user settings, and how often the stove is used. Pellet stoves in the smallest range will generally burn for around 20 hours straight while on a low setting. Some of the largest pellet stoves can burn for over 70 hours on a low setting.

Product Specs

For this article, we are featuring one of the premier stoves in the Breckwell line—the Big E SP1000 Pellet Stove. This stove is amongst the largest and most powerful pellet stoves on the market. The signature feature of this stove is the optional pellet hopper extension that can allow for an industry-leading overall capacity of 320 pounds of pellets. 

This stove burns at 55,000 BTUs and has an estimated heating area of around 2,500 square feet. The user interface is digital and features five different heat level settings as well as fan speed controls, pellet feed engage, trim reset, and high/low buttons. Heating levels on this Breckwell pellet stove can either be controlled manually, or the unit can be coupled with an external thermostat. This can be a great option for those needing to maintain a consistent temperature without keeping a close eye on the stove.

Besides the stove's massive hopper, a powerful capacity, and easy user interface, it's also highly efficient. The Big E has an EPA rating about 81% efficiency, so you can be confident that pellets are burning completely, and there isn't too much ash and particulate left over. With this combination of power and function, the Big E SP1000 could be an excellent choice for those in search of a pellet stove they can run for days on end with very little attention.


Pricing on pellet stoves can vary a lot depending on the manufacturer, size of the stove, features, and even the time of year. Options like external thermostats, remote controls, and hopper extensions can bump that price up. It's also possible to find deals on demo models and refurbished units.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.     

  • Breckwell Maverick SP22 Pellet Stove
  • Breckwell Blazer SP24i Pellet Stove Insert
  • Breckwell Sonora SP23 Pellet Stove
  • Breckwell Big E  SP1000 Pellet Stove

Breckwell SP 1000 PWA BIG E w Large Glass SP1000, MATTE BLACK
  • long burn time . . . . . . . . . Thermostat capable for ease of use!
  • 55, 000 but wood pellet stove

Ease of Use                       

Digital controls and a massive hopper make this stove very easy to use.

Heating Area

With a 2,500 square foot heating area, this stove could serve as a primary heating source.

Design Quality

Adding the hopper extension to this stove ups the convenience but makes it massive.

Hopper Size

The 320-pound hopper is amongst the largest on the market for a freestanding stove.


  • Massive 320-pound pellet hopper 
  • Large heating area
  • Simple digital controls
  • Option to add an external thermostat


  • Hopper extension makes this an imposing unit
  • More expensive than some units of similar power
  • Started manually

Breckwell Maverick SP22 Pellet Stove, Black
  • 40, 000 BTU/hr.
  • Hopper bin 45 lbs. , extension available

The Maverick SP22 pellet stove, from Breckwell, is a smaller and more customizable unit than the Big E. This is a freestanding pellet stove, but unlike most comparable stoves this can either use a pedestal base or stand on four individual legs. There are also several trim options for the front of the stove in standard matte black or brushed nickel.

This Breckwell pellet stove has a BTU rating of 40,000 and 45-pound pellet hopper. It may not be enough power to heat an entire home, but this stove could be a nice option for someone who needs extra heat and ambiance. A pellet hopper extension is also available for the Maverick SP22.

Ease of Use                       

The digital control panel and easy loading hopper make this a simple unit to run.

Heating Area

With 1,500 square feet of heating range, this unit is appropriate for smaller spaces.

Design Quality

Optional legs and a brushed nickel finish option give this stove an aesthetic edge.

Hopper Size

This unit comes standard with a 45-pound hopper, but it can be expanded further.


  • Optional legs or pedestal mount
  • Brushed nickel fan grille and door
  • Easy to use controls


  • Small heating area
  • Comparatively low BTUs
  • More expensive than other units with similar power

Breckwell SP24I, Matte Black
  • 50, 000 BTU/Her
  • Heats up to 2200 Sq. Ft

The Breckwell Blazer SP24i pellet stove marks the first insert-style stove on our list. It has comparable power to large freestanding stoves on the market with 50,000 BTUs of heating power and a 2,200 square foot heating area. This Breckwell pellet stove also has a generous hopper at 60-pounds, so you won't need to refill the unit continually during long periods of use.

Like the Maverick SP22, the Blazer SP24i has a digital control panel and different aesthetic options. Matte black, gold and brushed nickel fittings are available for this stove as well as either medium or large fireplace flashing. Additionally, users can choose an optional brick wall kit and a faux log kit with this insert stove.

Ease of Use                       

The digital controls and 60-pound hopper make this an easy and convenient stove to use.  

Heating Area

With a 2,200 square foot estimated heating range, this stove can provide warmth to a large space.

Design Quality

The Blazer SP24i stove drops beautifully into most fireplaces and brings some high-end optional features.  

Hopper Size

Despite the space limitations of an insert, this unit boasts an impressive 60-pound pellet hopper.


  • Can be installed in your current fireplace
  • Several finish options
  • Excellent heating range
  • Good hopper size


  • Expensive

The Sonora S23 from Breckwell is another freestanding pellet stove option with lots of power. This is a very efficient stove that is able to heat about 2,000 square feet with only around 42,000 BTUs of power. It has a 55-pound pellet hopper and the same digital control panel that comes on the other Breckwell stove in this article.

Like the Maverick and the Blazer insert, the Sonora has a number of different finish options including matte black, brushed nickel, and gold. The thing that sets this Breckwell pellet stove apart from the rest is the oversized window and firebox. With a large, arched window and larger flame, this stove will feel more like a traditional wood-burning stove without the need to add logs and stoke the flames.

Ease of Use                       

The digital user interface also makes this stove super simple.

Heating Area

Despite having a lower BTU rating, this stove heats an impressive 2,000 square feet.

Design Quality

With custom finish options and oversized windows, this stove has a winning design.

Hopper Size

The 55-pound hopper on this stove is ample to keep the fire burning for many hours.


  • Oversize windows and firebox
  • Excellent choice of finishes
  • Easy to use
  • A good heating area with lower BTUs


  • Relatively large footprint
  • Higher priced than some competition


A Breckwell pellet stove could be an ideal addition to your home if you're in search of a premium quality pellet stove. This manufacturer has put aesthetics and customization at a premium, so there's a good chance they will have something that meets your tastes. They are more expensive than some other pellet stoves out there, but we think their high-quality features and finishes are worth the money.

Overall Rating

We gave Breckwell pellet stoves full marks for their combination of aesthetics and functionality. These are powerful and easy-to-use pellet stoves, but they would also be an attractive addition to any living space. Each model has its own distinct design, but the quality remains clear across their entire line.

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