10 Best Propane Heater For Garage – Reviews For 2018

best propane garage heater

I know the experience is still fresh in your mind…

I’m talking about last winter which turned your garage into a freezing cold workspace, and you could hardly work.

This always happens (and will continue for all the coming winters) because your garage does not have any insulations. Most of them are constructed from timber or brick only…and that alone can’t keep the harsh winter temperatures from penetrating right in and paralyzing your job.

Thankfully, I’ve found a solution that can turn your garage into a warm, comfortable workspace in the cold seasons and make you even more productive.

Can you guess the solution?

Well, it’s about installing the best propane heater for garage.

It’s a simple, affordable solution that will make your garage a heaven on earth!

Now that you have the solution, I’ll go on and introduce you to the ten best propane heaters you can purchase for your garage today (plus some other basics you need to know about his device).

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Dyna-Glo RMC-FA125DGD Propane Forced Air Heater

Mr. Heater 35,000 BTU Propane Forced-Air Heater

Heatstar By Enerco F125545 Radiant Overhead Garage Heater

Mr. Heater, 30,000 BTU Vent Free Blue Flame Propane Heater

Mr. Heater MH9BX Portable Propane Heater

What’s a Propane Garage Heater?

A propane garage heater refers to a heat source that utilizes propane fuel to heat your garage. You simply pour the fuel into the tank and then start the unit using automatic or manual ignition.

Different propane garage heaters come in various styles, designs, heating capabilities, etc. to match your specific needs – as we’ll see in our reviews later in this post. Some come with freestanding, portable designs, while others are meant to be mounted on the ceiling/walls to make them look like permanent fixtures.

It’s also good to note these heaters are rated using the British Thermal Units (BTUs) to express their energy output. The ratings correspond to the square footage of your garage. For instance, a 10,000 BTUs will heat up a garage measuring 100 sq. ft.

Are propane garage heaters safe?

You might be wondering…

The answer: the heaters are 100% safe, as long as you follow the proper directions when running it.

With that in mind, now we can dive into our list of the most popular propane garage heaters n the market in 2017…

Our Best Propane Heater For Garage Picks:

1. Dyna-Glo RMC-FA125DGD 70,000 – 125,000 BTU Liquid Propane Forced Air Heater Review:

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The Dyna-Glo RMC-FA125DGD is a professional grade model that instantly generates heat for your garage. It’s a forced air heater that comes with a thermostat and is designed to conveniently heat up to 3,100 sq. ft. of your garage. It uniformly supplies heat to all the parts of your garage, thanks to its powerful blower.

This model is unlike other propane heaters in that it utilizes a continuous variable heat control system to effectively control overheating as well as use if excessive energy.

It also comes with a continuous electronic ignition technology to help prevent delayed ignition…making the larger space heater ready to go immediately you hit the ON button.

Inside the box, you’ll get a 10-foot hose plus a regulator. This helps make the unit more portable as you can quickly move it over an extended area. For added convenience, it also comes with an easy-lift carry handle.

For enhanced reliability and stability, the unit provided you with safety auto shut off feature.

The unit is CSA certified so you can use in your garage with no worries.

 ​Highlighted Features:

  • 70,000 – 125,000 BTUs; heats up to 3,100 sq. ft.
  • Adjustable heat angle promotes comfort control
  • Back pressure switch and tip over shutoff for safety
  • Swivel carry handle enhances portability
  • Powerful blower for spreading the heat generated over wider areas
  • Ready-to-use simple hookup; regulator and ten ft. hose included

2. Mr. Heater 35,000 BTU Propane Forced-Air Heater:

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Mr. Heater 35,000 BTU Propane Forced-Air Heater comes with a heavy duty design that makes it suitable for your garage. It’s capable of generating as high as 35,000 BTUs of heat energy per hour to meet your garage heating needs. This is equivalent to 80 square feet worth of space- so it will work well if you have a smaller garage room.

The unit requires a 20l propane tank to run and will go for up to 12 hours. This is more than enough duration that you’d be working in your garage.

It also comes with a 10-foot hose and regulator which makes it more convenient for you. The long hose, in particular, allows you to move the heater with you around your garage.

In addition to making you feel comfortable at your job site, the unit also ensures your safety all through. This is evident from its safety features- like thermoelectric safety valves and pre-installed high limit switches.

There’s nothing hard in running the unit; simply hook it to 110V outlet, attach the hose and regulator to your 20lb tank, and get ready to get the chill out of your day’s job!

Highlighted Features:​

  • 35,000 BTUs of heat-forced air propane heater
  • Runs for up to 12 hours
  • Requires 20-pound propane tank (not included); regulator and ten ft. hose included
  • Ideal for smaller garages; heats up to 800 square ft.
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • CSA certified
  • Piezo ignition

3. Heatstar By Enerco F125545 Radiant Overhead Garage Heater:

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Most overhead garage heaters come with an integrated thermostat. This isn’t the case when it comes to the Heatstar By Enerco F125545 Radiant Overhead Garage Heater.

It comes with a remote thermostat that you can use as far as 50 ft. away from the heater. This way, you can quickly heat up your garage before you step in to do some job- an excellent way to limit discomforts.

The unit has an above average heat supply- at 25,000. This means it can efficiently heat around 500-600 sq. ft. of your garage space.

Installing it in your garage is quite easy like kerosene heaters, as it comes with the brackets and mounting hardware.

The box also contains a wall vent that you can install alongside the heater if you wish to configure your garage.

Highlighted Features:​

  • heats up to 600 square feet space
  • Thermostatic control
  • No electricity needed
  • CSA Certified

4. Mr. Heater, 30,000 BTU Vent Free Blue Flame Propane Heater Review:

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Also from, the Mr. Heater, 30,000 BTU Vent Free Blue Flame Propane Heater offers an instant solution to your heating needs in the coldest weathers/days. Capable of generating up to 30,000 BTUs of heat energy, this is the perfect unit for heating garages that measure around 570 square feet.

Something that places this unit in its own class is the cleaning burning BLUE flame tube burner. It employs the natural convection of the burn efficiently circulates warm air around your entire garage. And for even more superior performance, the unit comes with a thermostat that perfectly controls the temperatures around your job site.

Most manufacturers forget to integrate their system with a low oxygen sensor, which can be a safety hazard for the users. Gladly, this unit comes with a factory installed ODS (oxygen depletion sensors) that automatically puts off the unit when the oxygen goes too low- to keep you safe.

Starting the unit is a breeze, thanks to the battery powered ignition. You can choose to permanently mount this unit on a wall or securely fasten it to your garage floor (mounting fasteners and brackets included). Either way, you’ll still enjoy the full benefits of this heater. The choice is yours.

Highlighted Features:​

  • blue flame burner gives you even, convectional heat
  • Automatic low-oxygen shut-off feature-
  • Legs and wall mounting hardware included
  • CSA certified-thermostat for automatically controlling the temperatures
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Heats up to 750 sq. ft.

5. Mr. Heater MH9BX-Massachusetts/Canada approved Portable Propane Heater Review:

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Get ready to experience the latest evolution in the portable heating industry with the Mr. Heater MH9BX-Massachusetts/Canada approved Portable Propane Heater.

Designed with two heat settings- Low (4,000) and High (9,000), the unit can keep off the cold in over 225 square feet of your garage.

It’s an incredibly lightweight and comfortable to carry model, making it one of the best portable propane garage heaters on the market right now. That being said, you can shift with it to every corner of your garage as you go about your job.

For safety reasons, the heater comes with the low oxygen auto shutoff feature that goes off when oxygen hit low counts. Additionally, it features the tip over auto shutoff feature such that it goes off in case it gets accidentally bumped over.

To start using this heater, you just need to hook it with a 20l propane tank (with an optional hose). Pretty easy, right?

Highlighted Features:​

  • Single control and swivel regulator
  • Fold down handle
  • Canada, Mass approved
  • Heats up to 222 sq. ft. space
  • Automatic low oxygen shutoff feature

6. Dyna-Glo GBF30DTDG-1 30,000 BTU Blue Flame Vent Free Garage Heater:

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The Dyna-Glo GBF30DTDG-1 occupies our sixth position of the propane garage heater reviews, for its high reliability as a supplemental heat source. It blends seemingly into your garage, giving you heat and comfort in your workspace.

The highly innovative unit works with either natural gas or propane- something not present in its competitors.

One of the top reasons why many people have installed this heater in their garages is the blue technology it uses to heat up your space. The technology involves sending heat outward, then upwards and creating a wider circulation range.

The technology does this by relying on the 30,000 BTUs of heat generate by this heater. The fact that the blue flame technology is 99.9% efficient makes this a must-have unit for people looking for highly efficient models.

The model is convenient to use; you just need to make one continuous press of the battery operated igniter to quickly and effortlessly start it. It also comes with mounting hardware and brackets for convenient installation.

The Built-in low oxygen sensor shuts down immediately it detects carbon monoxide or low oxygen levels. Wrong fuel auto shutoff also makes this unit totally safe for you and your garage.

Highlighted Features:​

  • Blue Flame Technology
  • Dual Flame Technology (NG or LP)-30,000 BTU/hr.
  • Heats up to 1,000 square feet
  • One year warranty

7. Mr. Heater 40, 000 BTU Propane Garage Heater:

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Just by looking at it, you might think that Mr. Heater 40, 000 BTU Propane Garage Heater is just like any other propane garage heater out there. But consider it a level up; with a total of 40,000 BTUs, this propane heater will have no problem heating over 1000 square feet of your garage in freezing temperatures.

Specially designed for use in your garage, this extremely HOT unit requires that you put in a space that has a ceiling measuring 12-15 ft. If you plan on using it in your basement, sorry, this isn’t the model for you.

Since it utilizes infrared heat technology, it heats people and objects around your garage directly as opposed to other models that heat and circulate the air around you. This makes it even more efficient and warming up your garage.

Best part? It offers a clean burn and does not produce any odors when running…the gas smell is usually deal breaker in propane heaters. Furthermore, it operates as quiet as it comes, so you’ll enjoy peace in your workspace.

Highlighted Features:​

  • Infrared heat technology
  • Efficient and cost effective
  • No electricity needed
  • Heats up to 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Maintenance free unit
  • Clean, quiet, odor free operation

8. Modine HD45AS0111Natural Gas Hot Dawg Garage Heater:

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Modine, the USA based manufacturers, has been in the game since 1916. All their products have exclusive quality, and you’d conform the moment you install the Modine HD45AS0111prona heater in your garage. With heating capabilities extending to 45,000 BTUs, this will fight the winter blues and turn your garage into a comfortable working area.

Given that it comes with incredibly low noise levels (lower than that of other units), you’ll enjoy a quieter garage with this heater.

Additionally, it comes with a compact design so that it will occupy less space in your garage. Unlike most of its rivals, it can work with both propane and natural gas- so you’ve got a choice with this unit!

The motor of this unit never fails because it remains lubricated forever. Isn’t that a real deal?

Given its low profile and neutral color design, it will blend perfectly well with your garage interior. It features field wiring connections that make it easy and fast to install. The small diameter venting pipes make side-wall or roof venting even simpler and quicker.

Highlighted Features:​

  • Quiet operation
  • Certified for industrial (garage) use
  • Made in the USA
  • Works with both natural and propane gas
  • Easy, fast installation thanks to the field wiring connections
  • Standard power exhaust for easy sidewall and roof venting with smaller diameter vent pipes

9. Mr. Heater F215100 MH4B Little Buddy 3800-BTU Indoor Safe Propane Heater:

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Mr. Heater F215100 MH4B is a small propane heater that works well for medium-sized garages. If you place it in a confined location on your small garage, it can provide sufficient heat for up to 95 sq. feet. You only need to feed it with a one-pound propane cylinder, and it will heat up your workstation continually for over 5 hours.

Designed to offer you maximum safety, it features an integrated low-oxygen sensor that automatically turns the unit off when it senses low oxygen levels in your garage.

What’s more, it comes with a tip-over switch that shuts it down whenever it leans at angles above 30 degrees. These features make it one of the safest propane heaters you can get for your garage today!

The heater weighs only 5 pounds, making it highly portable and easy to transport and move around your small garage with. Moreover, it has a wider base that makes it stable, so you won’t have troubles making it stay upright, even on the uneven grounds.

Highlighted Features:​

  • Up to two heat settings
  • 4,000 and 9,000 BTU/hr.
  • Fold down handle makes it space efficient
  • High-temperature wire guard
  • Low-oxygen safety shut-off and tip-over safety shutoff
  • Swivel regulator ensures easy installation of LP cylinder and hose
  • Tile-mounted ceramic burner with shock absorbing insulation for easy placement and durability

10. Modine HD75AS0111 Natural Gas Hot Dawg Heater:

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Let’s close our list with one more product from the Modine manufacturers. The Modine HD75AS0111 is an industrial certified propane heater that runs in Hush-puppy quiet operation- making it another perfect consideration for your garage.

The Modine HD75AS0111 generates up to 125,000 BTUs of heat energy to sufficiently warm up your garage and make it comfortably for your all-year round.

Similar to its cousins from Modine, it can work with propane as well as natural gasses in case you think of changing heating options (the conversion kits are included in the package for easy transition).

In its compact size, this unit also allows you to free up most of your garage space that has been occupied your current space heaters. And you’ll never have to experience any motor functionality issues given that its motor remains permanently lubricated.

Modine also goes the extra step to offer you this heater in different colors and appearances so that you can heat up your garage in style!

Highlighted Features:​

  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Approved for industrial, commercial, and residential use
  • Low-profile design and neutral color blends with your garage environment
  • Field wiring connection allows easy, quick installations
  • Permanently lubricated motor promotes hassle-free dependability
  • Ten-year warranty on the heat exchanger
  • Made in the USA

What To Look For Before Getting a Garage Propane Heater?

Before you set to shop for a propane heater for your garage, you should have a clear picture of what you’re looking for in mind. This will save you confusion when making a selection.

Let these factors guide you into finding the perfect propane heater for your garage:

1. The size of your garage

The size of your garage should be directly related to the heating capabilities of the heater you want to buy.

If you own a large garage, then you need to look for a heater that’s capable of heating higher square footages.

And if your garage has a small to medium size, then how much the heater can buy shouldn’t be of much concern.

2. Portability

If you work in multiple garages, you’d want to invest in a portable heater that you can use in all of them. Also, if you wish to move your heater around your garage, you should go for a compact model.

3. Temperature control features

Different propane heater come with different temperature control features/functions- like the fan, thermostats, etc.- to help you control the right temperature for your garage space.

That being said, you should look for a unit with convenient temperature control mechanisms.

4. User safety

What are safety features available in the model you want to buy? How do they help you safely run the heater around your garage?

Make sure your heater comes with common safety features like low oxygen sensor, tip over auto shut off, overheat protection, and cool-touch, for your own safety.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Propane Heater:

1. Can you use a propane heater inside a garage?

Yes, it’s completely safe to use your propane heater inside your garage. You just need to ensure it there’s sufficient air for combustion and keep away all the flammable materials from it.

2. What are some common garage heating options?

The most popular garage heating options include portable propane or kerosene heaters (probably the cheapest options), ceiling mounted units, forced-air unit heaters, gas-fired units, and infrared heaters.

3. How to heat a garage cheaply in winter?

Warming your garage cheaply in winter is same as using cheap heating methods we’ve mentioned above. These include installing the portable kerosene and propane garage heaters.

4. Cost estimation of using a propane heater for garage

The cost of running your propane garage heater varies from model to model depending on the frequency of use and its heating capabilities.

Use this calculator to quickly estimate the cost of running your propane heater.

Final Verdict

Working in your garage in cold winter months is almost impossible. The discomforts caused by extreme temperatures that easily find their way into your garage makes it hard for you to focus on your job. Luckily, you can transform the workspace into a warm, comfortable space by installing the best propane garage heater. Our complete buying guide above will guide you into how to pick the right heater that matches your garage heating needs and requirements.

I’ve also suggested the 10 top units in the propane garage heater reviews above, so you can directly pick one model that resonates with your needs and order it before the next winter season catches up with you.

No more excuses as to why you can’t work in your garage when the weather gets cold!

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