Top 5 Best Gas Logs (2018): Reviews and Buying Guide By An Expert

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Recently, I asked a handful of my readers an important question regarding the gas logs…

I asked them what their most pressing concerns are when presented with the task of looking for the best gas log online. The responses caught me by surprise. Honestly, I expected to get technical questions mostly.

But I got responses such as “I don’t even know where to start,” “I’m always afraid that I might end up selecting the wrong gas log that will not meet my needs,” and “ All the gas logs look the same.”

After looking at these responses and many more others, I decided that best approach was to offer a simple, straightforward guide on how to search for the best gas log for your home.

If you’re reading this post right now, count yourself among the lucky readers as you’ll access this guide right below here.

If you don’t have time to read the whole article, here’s our top 5 gas log picks:



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Moda Flame 9 Piece Ceramic Fireplace Wood Log Set

Regal Flame 10 Piece Set of Ceramic Fireplace Logs

Moda Flame 10 Piece Ceramic Fireplace Wood Log Set

Barton Fireplace Decoration Petite Ceramic Wood 10 Piece Set

Regal Flame 9 Piece Petite Set of Ceramic Fireplace Gas Logs

Let’s dive into out detailed guide right away:

Things to Consider Before Buying Gas Logs

Picking the right gas log for your home shouldn’t be a hard task. If you keep the factors below in your mind, you’ll not regret your choice of gas log:

Vented or Vent-free Gas Log?

When shopping for the gas logs, you’ll find the vented and ventless models. You’ll decision on the best model to go with will be influenced by a group of factors such as looks, efficiency, fireplace location, and local building codes.

If you go with the vented logs, you’ll enjoy a huge, realistic flame that runs with an open damper or chimney flue. These models- they simulate a wood-burning fire- are more decorative than they’re heat-efficient given that most heat escapes through the chimney.

For the vent-free models, they’re operated with the vent entirely closed, and they don’t give you the roaring fire effects.

The flame isn’t as high or as realistic as you’ll find in the above logs. Nevertheless, they’re efficient heat sources as ALL the heat generated remains in your home.

You’ll note that these models are referred to as vent-free heaters- this is what they really are. Most of them come with a thermostat that effectively maintains consistent room temperatures’.

However, these heaters add moisture to the air. So, it would be important to install them in rooms with proper ventilation to prevent mildew formation.

Beware: ventless heaters aren’t allowed in bathrooms, bedrooms or the recreational vehicles. They ought to be installed in areas where furniture, curtains, clothing and any other flammable object is not less than 36 inches from the heater perimeter.

Fuel Source

There are two top gas fuels used with gas logs: Natural gas and Liquid Propane (LP).

LP contains a high concentration of carbon that the natural gas and will burn three times hotter. To start the LP gas log, you’ll have to position a gas tank outside your home. You can get a tank from your local LP gas dealer. Note that you’ll also need to refill the tank whenever the gas runs out.

Natural gas is lighter than air and will dissipate when you release it into the air. It does not burn as hot as it’s the case with LP or other gasses. It costs much less.

To get a natural gas log up and running, you need to hard-pipe it to an appliance from the service lines of the buried gas.


Getting the right size of gas log is crucial. If you go for the ventless gas logs, however, this shouldn’t be a major concern as they come with their own cabinets.

To make sure you get the right size of the gas log, you need to pay particular attention to your fireplace measurements.

This includes the width of your fireplace front opening, rear fireplace wall width, front fireplace opening height, and fireplace depth from the rear wall to the front opening.

If you take these measurements with you to your local gas log dealer, they’ll be able to advise you on the correct size of the gas log to pick.

Get the Right Control Options

You should as well be able to choose a gas log with control options you’re comfortable with. There are three main options you can use to control your gas log set flame. These options are:

  1. ​Manual On/Off Valve: comes with a square key that you just insert it into the valve to turn the gas on.
  2. Manual Safety Pilot Valve: this is similar to the pilot valves on water heaters or furnaces. To light the pilot, just turn the knob on your unit valve to Pilot, light it, and hold in the knob for close to 30 seconds- until the pilot lights on its own. After this, you can use your gas log on without lighting anything. And when the pilot light is out, the valve will automatically close so that no gas can pass through.
  3. Millivolt Safety Pilot valve: similar to the manual safety pilot regarding operations. Additionally, you can hook it up to a control device such as the thermostat, remote, or wall switch.

Consider these additional factors too:

  • Before you buy gas log set, make sure you determine the number of BTUs you’ll need for your home by simply determining your room size and ceiling height.
  • Come up with the right budget for a great gas log
  • Consider buying your gas log from the best-selling brands
  • Warranty and support will give you peace of mind whenever your unit malfunctions
  • Go for a unit that’s easy to install, use, and maintain
  • Does the unit you’re planning to buy safe for your home?

Our Top 5 Gas Log Picks

Enough explaining…

Now let’s get right into our list of the best-selling gas logs available today…

1. Moda Flame 9 PC Petite Ceramic Wood Fireplace Log Set Review

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No products found.

The Moda Flame 9 PC Petite is a Ceramic Wood Fireplace Log Set that comprises six ceramic logs and three ceramic pine cones. The 6 logs have varying lengths. The shortest log measures around 4 inches long while the longest ones measures around 9 inches long. These logs are brown colored to imitate the actual firewood pieces.

These log sets are ideal for use in ventless fireplaces that employ bioethanol electric, gel fuel, or propane as the fuel source. Feel free place to put them in the outdoor fire pits as well as the gas burning fireplaces. Note that these are designed to endure extremely high temperatures- as high as 1000 degrees Celsius.

These ventless gas logs are designed such that the individual pieces won’t scuff up the fireplace appliance you’re using them in. They do not scratch or mar the finish of your fireplace.

Highlighted Features:

  • The set comprises of 6 logs, three pine cones
  • Different log sizes
  • Ranging from 4 to 9 inches-gorgeous wood brown finish that mimics lifelike wood
  • Can be used with all gel, ethanol, electric, propane, vent-free, ventless, fire pits, and gas fireplaces

2. Regal Flame 10 Piece Ceramic Gas Log Set Review

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No products found.

This log set is designed by Regal- a famous brand for its high-quality products. It was intended for fireplaces and fire pits. All the logs are colored brown to imitate the brown color of real firewood.

What’s more, they come in different sizes to complete the realistic look. Their sizes range from 10 to 15 inches. To be specific, the set comprises two 10-inch pieces, four 11” pieces, two 14” pieces, and 2 15” pieces.

The set makes a completely realistic looking log pile for your outdoor or indoor fireplace. Don’t forget that each log is unique since all of them are handcrafted as opposed to those made using a mold.

The ceramic logs are intended for use in fire pits and fireplaces that are fueled by bioethanol, gel fuel, propane, or electricity.

You can opt to use the logs as ventless fireplace logs or place them in the traditional vented fireplace burners and inserts.

Highlighted Features:

  • Finish imitates the firewood brown
  • Ideal for all Gel, Electric, Ethanol, Propane, Ventless, Vented, and Gas fireplaces as well as propane fire pits
  • Each log is unique as it’s handcrafted and not molded
  • The logs range from 10- 15 inches lengthwise

3. Moda Flame Set of 10 Ceramic Wood Fireplace Logs Review

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No products found.

This is a ten pieces pile of logs of ceramic wood. It comprises of two 15-inches, two 14-inches, four 11-inches, and two 10-inches pieces.

This particular Moda was designed to resemble the real beauty of natural firewood logs in every manner. It has a brown wood finish, plus it has been carefully hand-sculptured to resemble the real firewood.

The high-quality ceramic logs can be used with all gel, electric, ethanol, ethanol, and gas fire pits and fireplaces.

The logs are also eco-friendly as they don’t release any harmful emissions when burning.

Highlighted Features:

  • Logs sets are of varying sizes
  • From 10 inches to 15 inches-the finish imitates the brown color of real firewood logs
  • The dimensions of the logs vary as they’re handcrafted

4. Barton Fireplace Decoration Petite Ceramic Gas Fireplace 10 Piece Log Set Review

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No products found.

From Barton, these ventless gas log sets from are an ideal addition to any vent-free or vented fire pit or fireplace. You’ll enjoy using these uniquely designed pieces to create the look of a real appearance of burning logs in your fireplace.

This is because they’re so realistic, that most folks do not realize that they’re simple hand painted ceramic pieces.

The package includes tow logs that are approximately 5.7 inches, four that are around 7.6 inches, and two that are around 12.8 inches.

Note that these measurements can never be the same given that the pieces are hand-crafted- each one will be slightly shorter or longer than the other. This fact contributes to the appearance of the real logs as they too won’t have a uniform size, thickness or color.

The vent free fireplaces can work with any vent free fireplace. They will also work correctly with the vented fireplace units and fire pits designed for lava rocks or glowing embers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Varying size logs
  • Ranging from 5.7 to 12.8 inches
  • Each package comes with eight pieces
  • Each piece comes with brown finish that resembles the color of real firewood
  • Can be used with most fireplace and fire pits
  • The pieces are handcrafted, so they bear different thicknesses and lengths

5. Regal Flame 9 Piece Petite Set of Ceramic Gas Fireplace Log Review

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No products found.

Last, but not least, we have the nine piece Petite Ceramic Wood gas log from Regal. It comes with distinct pieces that let you create the illusion of the real wood fire in your existing fireplace.

Given that all these pieces are hand-crafted, they all vary in appearance and can be arranged to appear like real wood pieces in a fire.

They’re also painted so that they appeared in charred like they’ve been burning for some period- like the real wood behaves. The longest of these logs is around 9 inches while the smallest is around 4 inches.

You can easily use these gas logs in heaters that are intended for indoor or outdoor use. They will work well in any appliance fueled by propane, gel fuel, bioethanol, and electricity. They work great in ventless fireplaces, but can as well withstand the heat of a vented fireplace.

You can use this gas log set with your Lava Rock, Bright Rock Wool, or Glowing embers. Or you can leave them out for a unique appearance.

Highlighted Features:

  • A set of 9 pieces of logs
  • Their size range from 4-9 inches long-perfect for ethanol, electric, propane, ventless, vent free, and as fireplaces as well as fire pits
  • Have a brown wood finish for a more realistic look
  • Can be arranged in any way
  • They are individual pieces

Final Verdict

A gas log set is the most affordable type of gas fireplace. You only need to have a pile of ceramic logs plus a burner, and you’re ready to generate supplemental heat to your home. Installing these units is also incredibly easy. You only need to drill holes for the gas lines. When using the ventless models, you dot need to install any chimneys or flues.

Their performance is also incredible. A single unit is capable of producing up to 20,000 BTUs of heat to your room! So, if you’re looking for a unit to heat your entire home, this is your go-to system. Above all, these units have eye-catching looks and can be used for aesthetic purposes in your home.

Pick any product in our list of the best gas logs in this post and add instant warmth and style to your room. All our products are carefully chosen to give you the ultimate gas log experience.

Place an order on any of the five gas logs above right now lots of heat, high resale value, instant mood enhancer and so much more!

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