What Is a Fireplace Hearth? (Know In Detail)

What Is a Fireplace Hearth? (Know In Detail)

A hearth is the floor of your fireplace, where the real fire will sit and burn.

The word hearth can likewise be used to describe the zone just around your fireplace, where individuals sit and warm themselves by the fire. Other definitions explain this as the base section of the furnace that is exposed to fire or heat.

A great hearth not only ensures a complete appearance of your fireplace but also acts as a decoration in your home. Hearths are made from different materials including limestone, Granite, tan granite, decorative granite, and slate.

Best Fireplace Hearth For Your Home

1. Stone Hearths

There are different styles of hearths on the market today. Before you install your fireplace, I suggest that you focus on your ideal type of heart first.

A handful of homeowners goes for the traditional design. They prefer a stone-based fireplace hearth. It can display a rusty appearance with a blend of big and small stones.

Other styles utilize flat round or big shaped stones that are thoroughly cleaned and smoothened. The creative minds have even come up with some unique designs of the stone hearths.

The best part about the stone hearth designs is that they’re incredibly durable.

2. Granite Hearths

There are also the granite variations. These come in various designs, for example, straight, curved and tongued.

They bear finishes that range from polished slabbed or polished single piece black granites. These hearths are available in a wide variety of colors.

The single slab highly polished granite hearths are ideal for gas and electric fireplaces. They’re approximately 20mm thick and sit on approximately 30mm. Their standard depth is 15.” However, they’re designed in such a way that you can make the smaller or larger to suit your requirements perfectly.

If you've got the solid fire/ traditional wood fireplace, then you’ll need to find a distinctive granite hearth for your fireplace.

This hearth is commonly referred to as cut and slabbed or split and slabbed. It’s engineered using sections of highly polished granite to allow for easy contraction and expansion of heat.

Additionally, they’re filled underneath with extremely lightweight cement mix to aid in dissipating heat throughout your hearth. Without even heat dissipation, your heart might experience a high pressure and ultimately develops cracks.

The standard depths of granite hearths for wood burning fireplaces are 18”. But you can make this deeper to match your requirements.

Unfortunately, you can’t shorten the depth as this would mean gong against the set building regulations.

3. Concrete Hearths

There are also hearths made of concrete- another sturdy and completely fireproof material. Many homeowners are awed by the by the result appearance presented by these hearths. You can employ numerous methods to transform them from a cold or flat look.

Concrete hearths are designed and painted using different dynamic colors and shades to make them produce a striking, stunning look.

Some manufacturers cover the concrete material with some decorative and exceptional pads, tiles or stones. This makes them add a stunning look to your home!

4. Ceramic Hearths

Another fireplace hearth model that is highly favored by numerous homeowners, fireplace builders and interior designers is the top-quality, glazed ceramic hearth.

You can choose the tongued back or the flat back model.

The best thing about ceramic hearths is that it’s compatible with all types of fireplaces- electrical, gas, and wood.

Like the other fireproof materials, these ceramic models have been designed into many variations to make them outstanding, great focal points for your home. Thus, you can effortlessly enhance the loveliness of your home by selecting a sophisticated and elegantly designed ceramic hearth.

A careful selection of color, pattern and finish can greatly complement your room interior décor.

Final Verdict

That’s it for a fireplace hearth. It’s simply a prominent base or flooring on which your fireplace is built. As just discussed above, there are various types of hearths on the market today. You only have to pick the ideal hearth for you- one that meets all your fireplace needs.

One important thing to remember when buying a fireplace is compatibility. Make sure that you only pick a hearth that’s compatible with your fireplace model.

As we have seen above, certain hearths can only work with wood fireplaces; others work with all types of fireplaces.

If you’re a handy person, you can also design your fireplace using various materials. When building a hearth for your fireplace, however, it is imperative to coordinate with your local and regional authorities ensure that you conform to their fireplace rules and regulations.

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