9 Cool Ways Fireplace Ash Can Be Used For

9 Cool Ways Fireplace Ash Can Be Used For

Does your fireplace gather so much ash that turns it into a nuisance?

They can be quite messy, may make you sneeze constantly, and may even take away the beauty of your fireplace. Good news is that you can choose to look at the ash in a positive view.

Can the fireplace ash be beneficial?

Or how can you use the fireplace ash in your home?

The popularity of using the ashes for different remedies dates back to the eighteenth century. This is a period when the multiple benefits of potash and potassium carbonate from the ashes caught the attention of researchers.

In an article published by the “Oregon State University Extension Service,” it is stated that fireplace ash from the trees in North America was exported to the Great Britain. And in the late 1700s, the first ever fertilizer from the wood ash was patented.

Since then, more and more benefits of ashes or wood deposits have been discovered.

If you aren't certain what to do with that heap of wood deposit your fireplace produces, the top uses of ash below will be helpful to you.

Read on…

1. Spruce up Your Garden

Certain soils and lawns always show a positive response when supplied with small amounts if wood residue. Adding small measures of this powder to little water helps liven the grass and even aid in its growth.

However, remember that addition of too much ash to your garden can turn out to be lethal as opposed instead of beneficial.

2. Help Your Trees and Plants

Trees and plants can as well benefit from the white messy that comes from your fireplace. Hardwood ashes created in your chimney can be spread at the base of a tree to help improve the nourishment of the tree and even the surrounding soil.

The potassium contained in the ash will enable the plants to blossom and bloom.

If you have planted tomatoes in your lawn, you might need to sprinkle small amounts of the white powder inside the hole holding the seed to enhance its growth.

3. Remove Stains Effortlessly

Have you ever spilled paint on a concrete surface? Maybe you have some stubborn water stains or spots on your favorite furniture sets?

Simply scoop a tad bit of that stunning white powder out of your fireplace, add a little water and use the remedy to make the stains vanish for good. For the paint spills case, just put it on top of the spill.

For the marks on your furniture, add a little amount of the white powder plus water to a soft piece of fabric and use it to scour the surface gently.

Ultimately wipe it off with a clean, non-grating cloth. How’s the new appearance of your furniture?

4. Keep Off Insects and Rodents

You aren't the only living organism who doesn't care for the product that develops in your fireplace. Insects, as well as rodents, care less for it either, and this makes it an excellent repellant.

Spreading an even layer of ash in your flower beds or lawn will keep the notorious rodents and insects from demolishing your harvests.

5. Make Things Look Lovely!

Did you ever believe that something so dirty and messy could make things excellent?

This is it: a little ash can clean silver and the glass on your fireplace unit door!

6. Melt Ice

It has been stated that a little sprinkle of ash from your wood burning unit can help clear icy pathways.

Note that the ice can track indoors if you use the ash in high traffic paths. But to aid in unfreezing your gardens and different locations, a light layer can actually defrost the icy places.

7. Deter Snugs and Snails

We all know what slugs and snails can do in our gardens. They can wreck havoc on our plants in a short time. At the night, they’re notorious for consuming whole swaths of your lawn. They usually prefer the young plants, and they gobble them at a faster rate than the seedlings can grow!

But a natural deterrent for these creatures is here. If you evenly sprinkle your fireplace ash around particular plants or along the perimeter of your garden, they will create a desiccant effect. This turns out to be a major turn off for animals that operate in slime- the slugs and snails.

However, when applying the ash, make sure it does not make direct contact with your plants. Also sure, make it a point to reapply after every rainfall.

8. Expel The Skunk Odors from Your Pets

If you’ve got those curious pets, they’ll always get back home entirely smelly.

Luckily a little scoop of ash from your wood fireplace can freshen up animal’s skin.

9. How About Adding It To Your Compost Manure?

Adding wood ash to your compost manure helps boost its potassium levels. As you know, potassium is a vital nutrient needed by the plants for flowering and fruiting. Because wood ash is a strong alkaline, adding it to your compost manure should be done in moderation. That is, add it at a rate of every 6 inches of the pile.

Adding too much ash is likely to raise the pH of the heap. This will in turn damage your plants (particularly the acid-loving species) after you apply it to your garden.

Final Verdict

The advantages of using the ash produced by your fireplace unit were discovered many years ago. The modern innovations and research have led to the discovery of even more uses that are entirely advantageous. When using the wood ash from your chimney, however, make sure you practice great caution to keep off risks and potential damages the powder can cause to yourself, your soil, plants, and other objects.

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