Tank Gauging And Sampling Equipment: A Complete List And Their Usage

Tank Gauging And Sampling Equipment: A Complete List And Their Usage

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Before you start your first cooking of the year you need to know the amount of propane or fuel you have left. Most of the times tanks don't have a pre-installed gauge so that you can know the level of fuel. And you certainly don’t want to realize that you don’t have enough fuel left in the middle of grilling, right?

Fortunately for you, we have listed a couple of ways to determine the level of fuel before you fire up that smoker. Keep reading below to learn more about tank gauge equipment.

Propane Tank Gauge Scale

This tank gauge scale comes in two variants. Analog and Digital.

Analog propane scale works similarly to the luggage scale, the only difference is that it’s already prepared for checking the tank weight. Just slip the hook in the handle on the tank, pull up and see how much is remaining.

Digital propane scale works constantly throughout the cooking period. It is attached to the tank to measure the amount of propane in it. So it always gives a digital reading of remaining cook time and remaining fuel percentage. The Quirky Refuel technology even has a system to alert you through the app on your phone.

Gas Level Indicator Gauge

If you’re using gas as your fuel then you’ll need a different type of gauge as opposed propane tank gauge. This gauge is called a Gas Level Indicator Gauge. It will be attached to your gas tank. The gas level in the tank will be constantly checked and you can read it on the meter.

Propane Level Indicator

There is nothing worse than noticing low propane level in the middle of cooking. To avoid that there are various gadgets you can find.

A simple way to estimate how much propane you have left and how long it will provide for you is to install a Propane Level Indicator. It will automatically show you the amount of used and still to be used propane in the tank.

Pressure Gauge

This gauge works differently than what you’ve read above. The above-mentioned gauges worked by measuring the weight or the level of fuel in the tank.

What this gauge does is, it checks the pressure in the tank to determine the condition. It checks the pressure difference and displays it on the meter. There are modern tech influenced pressure gauges which directly notifies you through your mobile device. Whether the pressure is low or high, you can keep track of it always.

Leak Detector

This device detects dangerous leaks that may not be possible to notice through only eyes. The purpose of this device is to stop the loss of fuel and to avoid leaving any kind of fuel trail on the surface which may prove to be dangerous later.

Whenever a leak will surface in the tank wall it will notify you. The technology is based on checking pressure or fuel level in the tank. The process is similar to a pressure gauge.

LP Gas Checker

This is a great indicator for knowing the level of all standard gas tanks. The purpose is identical to gas level indicators but this comes in very handy and small sizes. Some key features are:

  • Ideal for any outing and for home
  • Especially for steel and aluminum liquid propane tanks
  • A reliable reading of gas level
  • Ultrasonic technology
  • Ease of use

Emergency Flow Restrictor

This device is widely used in industry based factories as opposed to less household use. You can use it in your home also if you are using a larger propane tank for cooking.

What this does is restrict the fuel flow during an emergency to avoid any kind of mishap or lighting the whole house on fire, sorry went a bit too far. But it’s possible!

Automatic Timer Safety Gas Shut-Off Valve

Automatic timer safety shut-off valve works almost the same as the emergency flow restrictor. The difference between the two is that you need to set a fixed time for this automatic shut-off valve.

When the timer goes to zero the gas supply will be closed. This is to maintain a safe process and to control whatever process is being done with it, it can be cooking or something else.

Sampling Equipment

Sampling is the process of testing a certain amount of any fluid or solid to check the existing quality. Why is it important? Because it’s impossible for anyone to check every square inch of a fluid or a solid content. Sampling allows you to take any part of the content and check to find out what’s the average condition of the content.

There are different equipment regarding sampling, we’ve listed some basic equipment below.


You can use the normal syringes found in the store to take samples for testing. Or you can buy syringes especially created for the purpose of oil sampling.

Sampling Tubes

This sampling tubes consist of a syringe and a leak-proof tube attached to it. It has a mechanism which collects fuel and tests the quality of the smoke created with it. It has some accessories which you can use to determine the smoke quality hence the fuel quality of your tank.

Sample Collection Pumps

These collection pumps are designed to collect fuel from the tank. The new and improved versions have the ability to fit a Mason jar or a bottle. The stopper will fit any common bottle used for drinking or jugs.

Mason Jar

Mason Jar is a small cup which is used separately or in a sample collection pumps. It will store the fuel after the pump collects and then taken to the lab for testing. It comes in many sizes from 60z to 160z.

To sum up, these equipment mentioned above in the article give you a basic idea of the equipment for sampling and for gauging tanks. For your personal use, you need to consider your tank size and the purpose of your tank to choose which equipment you’ll be needing for effective maintenance.  Do a bit of research before you select.

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