Propane Fire Pit Troubleshooting: Master the Art of It

Propane Fire Pit Troubleshooting: Master the Art of It

Maintenance and troubleshooting can be the biggest challenge that can dry out your passion for hobbies. This is so true especially if you’re dealing with machineries as part of your hobbies.

But if you master the art of troubleshooting, you would find that troubleshooting has become yet another hobby for you.

Propane fire pit is an excellent and top class item that adds value and quality to your garden and outdoor living. And this propane fire pit also requires maintenance and troubleshooting as well.

If you start facing some problems with the fire pit and don’t know how to take care of it, your passion for fire pit will definitely bid you goodbye. Seriously.

However, as I’ve said earlier, mastering the art of troubleshooting is yet another hobby for some people. And knowing how to take care of propane fire pit will take your passion to a whole new level.

Good news is that the list of crucial problems you’ll face with your propane fire pit is not that long. You can easily learn how to troubleshoot those problems.

In this article, I’ve listed four of the most commonly faced problems regarding propane fire pit and discussed how to troubleshoot them. If you go through the article carefully, I’m sure you’ll be able to handle those problems all by yourself.

Before we get right into the problems, let me just shed some light on the main sources of those problems.

If you’ve dealt with a stovepreviously, you mightknow how the gas valve and pilot of the stove work. Both of them function the same way in case of propane fire pit as well.

Then, there is thermocouple that tells the valve to remain open if the pilot is functioning.These three are the main cradles of almost all the problems regarding propane fire pit.

Pilot Doesn’t Light

This is probably the most common problems faced by propane fire pit users. In most cases, this problem can be traced back to lack of propane. So, the first step is checking your propane tank whether you’ve enough fuel. There should be a gauge that tells how much fuel is there in the tank.

In case if you don’t find any gauge, lift the tank to understand whether it contains any fuel or not. If you’re still unsure, please replace the propane tank with a filled one.

Now, let’s say you’ve propane in your tank,but still the pilot isn’t working.Don’t get worried.Make sure that the gas valve is off and thencheck whether the electronic igniter creates spark if the ignition button is pressed.

If you have propane, the gas valve is open, and the igniter creates spark but still the pilot doesn’t light, there may be blockage in the pilot tube. You need to clean it.

Remove the pilot tube from the valve. Now, you can easily clean the tube using the compressed air of an aerosol can.

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No Spark at All

You might encounter a situation where you don’t see any spark when the ignition button is pressed. In such a situation, you should check if your electronic igniter has a battery inside it.

You can easily open the igniter following the manual of that specific model. If the battery slot is empty, buy and insert the new battery required for that igniter model.

Still don’t see any spark? Possibly the connection between the igniter box and igniter knob got disconnected.

If it is disconnected or the connection is loose, connect the wires tightly.

Your igniter should create spark now.

Pilot Doesn’t Stay Ignited

In case of this problem, you should check the thermocouple whether your fire pit is not installed in a windy area. If it’s not a windy area and your pilot doesn’t stay lit, check the connection of your gas valve and thermocouple.

If you find it to be loose, tighten it. Don’t be lazy touse a wrench. And if there are small rocks in your pit bowl, remove them. They might have created a block between the pilot and the thermocouple.

You might also find the thermocouple to be quite at a distance from the pilot. In this case, adjust the thermocouple’s position and bring it closer to the pilot.

Are you still facing the same problem?

Check the color of your pilot flame. Orange colored and small flame means there is a blockage in the pilot tube.

Remove the blockage of pilot tube using compressed air.

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Black Smoke from Fire 

I know this is one of the scariest things to watch – black smoke from your propane fire pit. Black smoke can be created due to interrupted air flow in the burner ports. So, check for blockages in the burner ports.

If your burner ports are okay, you should check the orifice – whether it is suitable for propane burner. Black smoke can also accumulate if you use an orifice for natural gas burner in your propane burner. If that isthe situation, replace the orifice with a suitable one.

Besides, you should check the mesh as well if it is fully open or partially closed. Can’t find the mesh?

Look beneath the burner. In case you don’t know –the mesh remains fully open for propane burner and partially open for natural gas burner. So, adjust accordingly.It should not be a big issue!

Before I conclude, you should know that you might also face with several other unwanted situations with your propane fire pit. For example: whistling noise from the fire pit,flame of low height, etc.

Such problems usually occur due to improper gas pressure.

Personally, I don’t recommend people to deal with gas pressure situations all by themselves. If you don’t have previous experience, it is better that you contact a plumber to adjust the gas pressure of your propane fire pit.

Hopefully, following the instructions properly and carefully, you would be able to troubleshoot the mentioned four most common issues with propane fire pit quite easily.

In case, if you still face with any confusing situation while troubleshooting, please don’t hesitate to contact a plumber. It’s for the safety of you, your family and loved ones.Stay SAFE!

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