Installing Your Electric Fireplace The Right Way – An Expert Guide

Installing Your Electric Fireplace The Right Way – An Expert Guide

Why should you struggle with the mess and the expense associated with the wood fire when you can add instant warmth and comfort to your home with the electric fireplace? And when enjoying the heat, you’ll still feel and enjoy traditional log based furnace environment, thanks to the realistic flames produced by this new unit.

All you have to do is order your unit today and install it to start enjoying the warmth and comfort in injects in your living room.

Now, installation part is believed to be hard for most homeowners. Thus, they’ll hire technicians to do it. This is not true. Installation is a pretty straightforward and fast task that requires no special skills. Installation is a breeze.

If you are stuck on how to install your electric fireplace, I’ll take you through some general steps that work for any fireplace.

Here's How To Install an Electric Fireplace

As you know, this is an electric fireplace model that lets you convert your existing fireplace into an electric fireplace by just inserting the firebox into it.

This is how you install the firebox:

1. Carefully Go Through The User Manual

The journey to the successful installation of an electric fireplace insert starts with reading all the instructions as explained in the user manual.

This is pretty much important because different makes and manufacturers would always come up with different installation instructions that you need to be familiar with.

2. Close The Damper in Your Chimney

This step is necessary as it helps prevent drafts.

If you’re doing a permanent installation of your electric fireplace insert, you might also want to install a fiber-free insulation around your firebox interior.

3. Clean The Existing Fireplace

Before you can introduce the new electric firebox into your existing fireplace, you need to do this.

Thoroughly clean the existing fireplace, making sure to remove all the grate, and clean out all the deposits of soot and ash.

4. Check The Nearest Outlet

In general, an electric fireplace uses the standard socket for its operation power. So, you won’t need any special outlet for this step. However, make sure that the plug you pick goes in line with the electrical requirements indicated in your electric fireplace insert.

In most cases, this will be 120V. 15amps and 60Hz.

Usually, your electric firebox would require a dedicated circuit. But if you must use the extension cord, make sure that it’s well rated (as per your manual).

5. Unpack and Test The Fireplace

At this step, you ought t remove your firebox from the box (if you haven’t done this already). Then you need to test the unit to see if it’s working well. Simply plug in the unit and switch it On and see how it behaves.

Although most homeowners tend to ignore this step, it's way better to test your system before installing it into place. Imagine finding out that your unit does not work after you’ve successfully installed it into place? You’ll have to uninstall it. And this will be a lot of work!

6. Does Your Unit Come With a Glass Front?

If yes, this is your part. Carefully slide the glass front (or screen) into place and then secure it according to the instructions outlined in your user manual.

When you’ve done that, go to the next electric fireplace insert installation step…

7. Insert The Firebox

Now it’s time to put your electric firebox insert into the fireplace opening you cleaned earlier. You might need to tilt it slightly so that it fits through the opening.

Make sure that you add it in an upright position and that the feet are resting evenly on the base of the fireplace.

8.  Plug In The Unit!

You’re almost done! Now draw the cord under/around your fireplace insert, across your hearth, and plug it into the nearest outlet. When laying down the cable, make sure it’s NOT pinched or rubbed against sharp edges. Eventually, plug it in.

That’s all about installing an electric fireplace. Apart from thoroughly cleaning all the mess that exists in your existing fireplace, all the other steps are incredibly easy to accomplish.

Follow these additional steps to fully customize your electric fireplace insert according to your needs

The Electric Fireplace Installation Options

i). Electrical wiring: if you don’t fancy the idea of the cord running across the hearth, you can go ahead and hire an electrician to do the electrical wiring.

The electrician might install an electric outlet insert the fireplace or hardwire your fireplace directly to electricity in your home.

Both options offered by electrician above are somewhat permanent. So make sure your newly installed electric fireplace insert is something that will serve you for a long time.

ii). Adding Trim Kits: most electric fireplace inserts are coupled with trim kits as well as decorative moldings that help enhance the appearance of your fireplace.

Besides, these items also seal the gap between your fireplace and the edges of the fireplace opening.

iii). Glass Ember Bed: almost all the electric fireplaces you’ll find on the market today come with glass ember beds that resemble the real glowing embers.

After you’ve installed the insert in your fireplace, you’ll need to add the provided glass rock media in your firebox tray front.

What if you don’t have an existing fireplace?

Maybe you live in a small home (or apartment) that has no built-in fireplace. If this is the case, no need to worry. You can still enjoy the warmth, comfort, ambiance, and convenience of an electric fireplace.

You simply need to invest in models of electric fireplaces such as mantel fireplaces, fireplace, or the electric fireplace media consoles.

These models require no installation at all. All you have to do is select the right place to stand them, and then plug them in and the show is on!

Bringing it All Together

The best part about electric fireplaces is that they’re incredibly easy to install, unlike other types of fireplaces.

Hiring a technician is not necessary. With your user manual and our detailed guide above, you’ll be in a position to successfully install an electric fireplace insert into your existing fireplace in less than an hour.

This way, you’ll instantly add warmth and coziness to your room, not forgetting other countless benefits of the modern electric fireplace.

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