How To Use an Electric Fireplace Efficiently and Appropriately?

How To Use an Electric Fireplace Efficiently and Appropriately?

You just bought a top-quality electric place… Now you’re looking forward to using it. There’s not a single doubt that you want to get the most bang for your back, right?

And you’ll truly achieve it with your new unit. Electric fireplaces are efficient room heaters that also create a cozy and intimate atmosphere in our homes. They’ll offer you realistic looking fire as well as real heat.

However, for you to get the most out of your electric fireplace, you need to learn how to use it efficiently and adequately. Doing everything correctly- right from the installation to the operation part- will determine the efficiency of your electric heater.

Let’s cover some of the BEST tips on how to get the most out of your electric fireplace below…

Choose an Ideal Location for Your Electric Fireplace

If your electric unit is not staging the excellent performance the manufacturer promised, perhaps you went wrong during the installation stage.

The first thing you ought to figure when installing your fireplace is the best location. These appliances are intended for placing against a straight wall. So, select your preferred wall in the room of your choice.

Because these units use electricity, ensure that the location is near a standard socket.

NOTE: Avoid placing your fireplace in a location that will make the electrical cord stretch across your room. This might lead to tripping hazards.

Attach The Unit To The Wall Correctly

You also want to be sure that after placing your unit in the chosen location it will be safe. That is, it will not trip over and cause any damages.

You can achieve this by affixing your unit to the wall using the mounting tools provided by the manufacturer.

Typically, this simple exercise will require only a hammer, screwdriver, and a wrench. A wrench will help you put the mounting brackets on the back of your electric fireplace.

Now attach the brackets to the wall securely. These will hold your unit firmly to the wall, preventing accidental tripping incidents.

Set The Right Temperature

Your unit is properly setup and ready for use.

So, you plug it in and press the ON button. And that’s all? No. You need to set the correct temperature after you turn on your unit. The electric fireplace works just like an electric heater- with heat coils producing around 350- 3000Watts.

Set the thermostat to a temperature range you feel comfortable with. This will directly depend on the conditions of your room.

Soon, your fireplace will generate heat which will then be fan-forced to the entire room, warming it up.

Create a Cozy Atmosphere In Your Room…

…by enhancing the appearance of your electric fireplace. Turn on the electric fireplace log inside the firebox. This will generate heat and glow with intimation flames.

Some of these latest fireplaces also come with audio enhancements that produce crackling and popping sounds- like that of a real wood fire- creating the real fireplace conditions.

Make Your Electric Fire Insert Produce More Heat without Consuming Much Electricity

If you own an electric fireplace, or you’re thinking of installing one, this is your part.

Aside from the above tips, you’d also want to make your unit as much energy efficient as possible. This translates to saving more energy and thus, you'll be spending less on the power bill.

What can you do to increase the heat produced by your electric unit without using a lot of electricity? We discuss this next…

Install a Damper Cap

Installing a damper cap helps raise the efficiency of your electric fireplace.

Some homeowners have fallen for the myth that their unit vent is sealed because they shut the damper.

Traditional dampers are usually operated using a lever located inside the chimney. These dampers tend to warp over time and don’t offer an air tight seal.

A damper cap will sit at your chimney exit flue and prevent warm air from escaping the flue. More heat will then be delivered to your room.

Run Your Ceiling Fans in a Clockwise Direction

Your ceiling fan comes with a switch that allows you to operate it in either clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

How the hell does this make my fire insert produce more heat?

Are you wondering this already?

Here’s the secret:

Running your fan clockwise facilitates an even distribution of the warm air in your room. The fan pulls cold air towards the ceiling (and away from you).

Make sure that the fan runs clockwise at a low speed. This prevents a cold breeze from sweeping through your home.

Using the ceiling fan to complement your unit helps improve its efficiency. In the long run, you’ll save a lot of cash on utility bills.

Consider Installing Tempered Windows

As we all know, tempered glasses are great at preventing heat transfer. They’re safer compared to the regular glass and helps keep the fire generated by your unit inside the room.

Inspect Weather-Stripping and Insulation

Like in the case of the chimney damper cap, you want to ensure that all the weather stripping and insulation has no punctures. Otherwise, they will offer pathways for the heat generate by your electric to escape.

Touch up your window caulking using a caulking tube (cheap and readily available at your local home improvement store).

Weatherstripping for your doors is also inexpensive. Insert the door seals throughout all the doors in your home. I’d advise you to go for seals that comprise several rows of the rubber ridges. Though a bit expensive, they work better than the other models.

You’ll be surprised how this simple exercise will keep drafts from flowing through your rooms.

After installation, remember to close all the doors for the unoccupied rooms. This will centralize the heat produced and reduce energy waste.

Final Thoughts

All electric fireplaces on the market are made with energy efficient factor in mind. Thankfully, you can take advantage of this benefit absent in the traditional fireplaces by learning how to use your unit efficiently and appropriately.

Follow our useful tips above and you’ll be able to use your electric fireplace more efficiently, save more energy and save more cash!

Don’t forget to follow all the safety measures provided by your user manual to keep you using when using your unit.

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