How Electric Fireplace Works: Explained In A Simple Way

How Electric Fireplace Works: Explained In A Simple Way

Electric fireplaces are a valuable asset, especially to those who live in the regions that experience routine winter colds. Imagine filling your room with warmth without necessarily having to add logs to the fireplace?

This alone takes these modern fireplaces giant steps ahead of the traditional models.

What’s more, they’re energy efficient, output an excellent performance, and do not require regular cleaning, unlike the standard model.

If you’ve ever laid your eyes on the electric fireplaces, you know how real they look. They’ve got fake logs and flames that seem so real. And they can produce up to 5000 BTUs of heat.

But how are they able to do all this and let you experience a traditional fireplace environment effortlessly?

In this article, I’ll take you teach you the mechanics of the electric fireplace.

This will give you an excellent idea of how your unit works behind the scenes to warm up your house (and provide your home with ambiance).

Let’s get started…

An electric fireplace is a real simple home appliance. It houses a few components only. And this means that the mechanics of the unit are completely simple to understand.

The two most important things we’ll consider here are:

  • How the units give off heat
  • How it produces those flickering flames that looks so real

How An Electric Fireplace Gives Off Heat

Inside your electric fireplace, you’ll find metal coils that automatically heats up when you plug the unit into a wall outlet.

Besides the coil, you’ll also encounter a fan inside this great appliance. The fan, usually referred to as blower motor, has one primary task. And that is to push the heat generated by the coils outward into the room.

This fan is practically silent. It makes less noise for your ears, meaning it does not interfere with your conversations or your TV.

One interesting fact to note about the electric fireplace is that it's 100% energy efficient. No heat escapes since the unit is ventless. The fan pushes ALL the heat generated by the metal coils into your room.

Another interesting aspect of this modern electric fireplace is that’s its cool to the touch. This is based on the fact that the heat generated is only conducted via the coils.

In other words, no heat will be conducted through the unit’s surfaces.

This makes the unit safe for your family- particularly if your kid is the curious type who will often touch the surface of the fireplace.

Take Note: Though the unit is cool to the touch, I advise you to beware of the nearby fabrics, curtains that might pose a fire danger if they get too much heated by air output.

How About The Realistic Flames?

Adding beauty and ambiance to your room is task associated with the realistic flames produced by the electric fireplace. But are these flames real? You might be wondering this. To put it plainly, the flames aren’t real.

Let's explain how they come to be…

Your electric fireplace comes with regular light bulbs. When your system is ON, these light bulbs will provide light as usual, which will then be refracted in a 3D pattern.

The pattern appears in no particular order (or varies) to make the flames appear to be flickering. This adds to the authenticity of the flames.

Using the remote control, you can also adjust the height of these flames as well as their brightness to match the mood in your room.

And this simple process gives rise to the realistic flames you enjoy at your home.

As you’ve seen the heating mechanism and the realistic flame effect are two different mechanics housed in a single unit.

This means that you can operate the independent of each other. Again, this explains why your electric fireplace allows you to put on the flickering flames without minus the heating function.

Thus, you can be able to enjoy the ambiance of the electric fireplace in your home at any season, throughout the year.

The Sound of Crackling Fire!

Most brands have put every effort to make their electric fireplaces look and sound like the real-life wood fire. This is clearly seen in some electric fireplaces that produce the sound of crackling fire.

One such brand is Dimplex. They’re able to do this by professionally capturing the sound of real wood fire. The sound is then integrated into your heating system, and you can turn it on to make the system appear realistic.

Your unit does not support the crackling fire sound?

Don’t despair.

The sound of the real fire has also been captured and saved on disks which are available on the market. You just buy one and play it as you turn on your electric fireplace. It’s that simple!

Keeping Your Electric Fireplace In Good Working Condition

So, you’ve learned how an electric fireplace. Unfortunately, if you don’t take care of your unit, it’s functionality may decline gradually and give you a poor performance.

One of the areas where you need to pay close attention to is the light bulbs that produce the realistic flame effect. These should be replaced after around 2 years or so. In your user manual, you’ll find a well laid out directions on how to replace your unit’s light bulbs- an incredibly easy exercise.

The type of the light bulbs needed to replace the existing ones depends on the model you have. Most user manuals list the alternative bulbs that you can use.

Another important exercise that will keep your unit working well is cleaning the fan. If you notice that your fan has stopped spinning smoothly, you should clean it ASAP to ensure proper heat distribution into your room.

Cleaning your fan is also a simple exercise that you can carry out using a vacuum cleaner and a small brush to remove dust and other debris from it.

Cleaning your fan not only improves its performance, but it also promotes its longevity.

Bottom Line

Now you understand how your electric fireplace can provide you with warmth and the ultimate ambiance.

As you have noted, this is a simple home appliance that employs a simple working mechanism. The fact that you can turn on the flame effect and heating function independently makes the unit ideal for year round use.

Be sure to clean your unit’s fan and replace the bulbs when necessary to keep it in a good working condition.

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