Do Fireplace Doors Save Energy? (Expert Opinion)

Do Fireplace Doors Save Energy? (Expert Opinion)

A fireplace door is a critical part of any home that owns a chimney. This door comes with a string of benefits such as enhancing the safety of your fireplace, containing the hot ashes and debris in the fireplace, prevents pests from gaining entry into the house, and so on.

But the best part is that it lets you control the heat produced easily.

Yes, you heard it right. If you install a set of fireplace doors in your home today, you’ll experience significant changes in your energy bills.

They will let you control the heat generated by your furnace, increase the efficiency of your unit, and thus save significant amounts of energy.

The door will keep off cold air from entering the chimney and the heated air from getting away out. Fireplace doors are known for minimizing the air loss up your fireplace chimney by up to 90%.

This will spare you a great deal cash on your energy bill.

Read on to discover more interesting details on fireplace doors and energy saving.

Types of Fireplace Doors Available

There are several choices accessible to the individuals who are planning to set up fireplace doors in their homes. Glass or metal models are highly popular given that they’re simple screens that you open on the hinges.

What’s the main benefit of going for this type of door- rather than drop down or pull out screen designs? Well, the hinged door does a better job at insulating your room.

Additionally, it keeps the smoke as well as embers from finding their way into your house.

And the best part, they enhance the mood and the atmosphere of your room.

They’ll instantly transform your fireplace into a focal point of your home.

The Glass Fireplace Door

glass fireplace doors

Glass doors are much more eye catching. Numerous models come in either plain glass or with great designs on them. The various glass designs on the market today are countless. Therefore, you will need to be careful to ensure you select the ideal one to have in their home.

Some glass doors are encased in materials, e.g. Brass and Iron, and these casings can range from basic designs to impressive and high-quality models modified to match your needs and tastes.

The Metal Fireplace Door

metal fireplace doors

When it comes to metallic fireplace doors, you’ll be spoilt for a choice. There are brass, wrought iron, and aluminum models available. Each has its own pros and cons.

The brass model is highly favored of them all. It makes a great material for you fireplace given that it's an alloy, making it robust and durable. The fact that this metal is highly resistant to tarnishing means low maintenance is needed. Plus the look of gold makes it highly decorative to your room.

Wrought iron is also extremely sturdy and durable. It’s less prone to scratches and dents compared to anodized aluminum. And since it supports powder coat finishes, designers can make them more eye-catching by using highly appealing finishes.

And then we have the anodized aluminum fireplace doors. This material finds use in making of fireplace doors due to its beauty and durability. Besides, it’s lightweight and resilient. Though the metal may not be as high quality as wrought iron, brass, and steel, there are many aluminum doors available. This makes it an excellent choice for buyers on a tight budget.

Why Fireplace Doors Are Better Than Fireplace Screens

A fireplace door, whether glass or metal, is the most practical approach to keeping heat from getting away from your room. Additionally, they shield the incidental sparks from finding their way into your house.

Unlike the fireplace screens, fireplace doors are safer for use when you’re maintaining the fire. It does a great job at preventing any hot moving pieces of metal from getting into the burning wood. It keeps off the portable fireplace from falling over, preventing accidents from occurring.

How to Select The Best Glass or Metal Fireplace Door

There are numerous options out there as far as choice and cost for finding the ideal fireplace doors are concerned. Glass and metal are not as costly as they look, and they can either be installed permanently over the unit, similar to a cabinet, or they can be set to slide in and out.

Each model comes with its own share of advantages, and it is up to you to decide which one will work best for your particular case.

Permanent installation of the door is easy and affordable, and it requires a considerable measure work of maintaining them with time.

As these features are becoming increasingly popular, the costs are going down, and the selection is going up. So, now is the best time to look for the perfect fireplace door for your home.

Bottom Line

Everybody loves the great feeling of warming up to the fireplace in the cold chilly winter times. Whether after you’ve spent your day playing in the snow or simply cuddling up and enjoying your favorite movie.

Fireplaces are romantic, cozy and warm elements that are an ideal addition to your home. But they can be good energy wasters if not well utilized, and adding a fireplace door to your unit- whether glass or metal- will let you boost its efficiency and thus spend less on your energy bills.

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