Fireplace Ash Bucket 101: Everything You Need To Know About

Fireplace Ash Bucket 101: Everything You Need To Know About

Nothing can take the place of a real wood fireplace!

This fact has been well demonstrated where a god number of homeowners still prefer to use the traditional wood-burning fireplace in a world where electric fireplaces are the order of the day.

If you’re among the folks, who can’t let go of the scent, heat, and crackle of the traditional fireplace as it burns that oak or hickory, then I’d advise you to ensure you have the right tools needed to maintain your fireplace and keep it safe at all times.

One of the essential tools for a traditional fireplace is the fireplace ash bucket.

What is a Fireplace Ash Bucket?

A fireplace ash bucket is what its name suggests- a bucket. It’s a bucket specially designed to help you dispose of the ashes in your fireplace without causing any mess or accidents attributed to the ashes.

Since you’ll be putting extremely hot ash in this bucket, it ought to be designed from metal and not materials such as plastic which might burn easily.

Different manufacturers have come up with different ash bucket designs to ensure that you easily dispose of the ash produced by the burning firewood in your fireplace.

They come with convenient features like a tight-fitting lid that helps stop the wood ash from flying out and causing messing around your home.

Besides, most of them come with a shovel to help you easily transfer ashes from the fireplace to the bucket.

It’s also good to note that these buckets come with appealing designs so that they don’t look odd in your house.

Why Do You Need A Fireplace Ash Bucket?

Are you already wondering whether it’s necessary to invest in a fireplace ash bucket?

I know it might sound funny (or even weird) to buy a bucket for just packaging your fireplace ash. But after reading the story below, your view on these simple (but highly useful) tools might change forever.

It was back in 2011, around the Christmas period, when the sad news hit the media all over. Three girls met their deaths in Stamford, CT. The reason for their demise? You guessed it right! The improper disposal of fireplace ashes.

The three- Lily, Sarah, and Grace Badger- met their end alongside their grandparents in a Christmas morning fire.

Michael Borcina, the boyfriend to Madonna Badger, the mother of the three girls, reportedly placed the ashes (which were still hot) in some flammable bag and put them in the mudroom of the house.

Unluckily, the embers re-ignited and the resulting fire burned down the entire house!

This story leads us to the discovery of one dark secret of your fireplace ashes- they can remain hot for a prolonged period and are capable of igniting the surrounding materials.

You can leave your fireplace and think that the fire is completely extinguished day later. Just like Michael Borcina, you’d then move the ashes to a flammable bag, like box or paper bag.

And before you know it, the ashes, which appeared cold and completely “fireless” will start up a new fire.

What if you could transfer all the ashes from your wood-burning fireplace into an ash bucket? You’d surely escape the dangers associated with fireplace ashes.

How To Choose The Perfect Fireplace Ash Bucket?

Now that you know what it means to invest in a fireplace ash bucket allow me to take you through some steps to take when looking for the perfect bucket for you.

The process is really simple.

Just ensure your fireplace bucket meets these FOUR conditions:

1. Check the bucket’s capacity

The first thing you need to check is the size of the ash bucket. It's wise to go for buckets with a larger size.

This is particularly useful for people who use their fireplace frequently. Keep in mind that the more you use the fireplace, the more firewood you’ll need to burn, and the more ashes will be produced.

As such, you don’t want a bucket that gets full after the emptying the ashes of just one fire.

2. Your ash bucket must bear a durable metal construction

Something else to look for in an ash bucket is its overall construction.

FEMA’s US Fire Administration recommends you to dispose of your fireplace ashes in a metal container. This means that your bucket should bear metal construction.

Besides, the metal used should also be extremely durable to withstand the hot ashes and remain in good shape for years to come.

3. Ease of Use

Remember that you’re dealing with fireplace ashes which are dangerous. Thus, you want to buy a bucket that makes the whole process- from transferring ashes from the fireplace into the bucket and transferring it- as easy as possible.

Check whether the bucket you intend to buy comes with a shovel. This will help you safely and quickly transfer the ashes from the fireplace into your bucket.

Also, check whether it comes with a carry handle to help you easily move your bucket outside the house (FEMA’s also advises you to place your ashes from your house and any other structure).

4. Lid Is a Must Have For The Bucket

You’d also want to ensure that comes with a lid. And this should not be just any lid but one that fits snugly around the bucket.

Why is a cover necessary? You might be asking yourself…

Imagine putting your bucket filled with ash in your patio without a lid? It will only require some slight breezes to blow the powder off the container. This will result in a mess all over the place. And in worst cases, it might re-ignite a fire with surrounding objects if the embers are still hot.

When you close your bucket with a tight lid, it will also help suffocate any ashes that are still burning.

Now that you know how to find the best fireplace ash bucket, I’ll walk you through some top buckets on the market right now…

What Do We Suggest?

1. Home-Complete Black Ash Bucket with Lid and Shovel For Fireplace Review:

Fireplace Metal Hot Ash Covered Fireproof Bucket with Lid Black

Check Price

One of the best deals for fireplace ash bucket you’ll find on the market today comes from Home-Complete.

The beautifully designed Black Ash Bucket present you with a highly convenient way of disposing of the ash in your fireplace, ensuring you remain safe while enjoying the ambiance that comes with the burning wood.

At a capacity of 4.75 gallons, this is a generous ash bucket that holds lots of ash from your past fires. Besides, it comes with a shovel that lets you quickly clean up your fireplace and deposit the ash into the bucket.

With a well-designed, tight-fitting lid, the bucket keeps all your ashes inside the bucket fro as long as you wish.

Transferring the full bucket has also been made easy thanks to the convenient carry handle. Because the handle is made from durable metal and has a wooden grip, it feels incredibly sturdy and comfortable in your hands.

The exclusive bottom design also cannot go unnoticed. That is, the bottom center appears raised, with a lip around the base, to help the hot ashes from the bucket as well as the floor.

The special pocket for holding the shovel gives the bucket a complete look you can’t easily resist.

Highlighted Features:

  • Bucket measures 12.5" inch diameter by 13" height
  • Shovel and well-designed lid included
  • Shovel dimensions: 14.25" inch length by 4.5" width
  • Features an easy to carry handle
  • Raised base and thermal insulation
  • Larger capacity; 4.75 gallons

2. Pleasant Hearth Fireplace Ash Bucket with Lid Review:

Amagabeli Bucket for Fireplace Assembled Pellet Stove Indoor and Outdoor Hot Ashes Carrier Container Black Fireside Fuel Can Sturdy Fire Place Burning Wood Holder Hearth Tools

Check Price

If looks matter to you, then this is the best fireplace ash bucket for you. It comes with a gorgeous black design which perfectly blends with the interior of your house.

As the Pleasant Hearth describes, it’s designed to fit just any home décor setting!

But this bucket has more than meets the eye. It measures 16.5" height, by 13.5" width, by 15.5" depth. This translates to a size big enough to accommodate plenty of ash, so you don’t have to empty your back every day you want to add “new” ash.

Like our previous product, the bucket also comes with a snuggly fitting lid that helps contain all your ash inside the bucket while completely extinguishing any fires that might still be existing in your ashes.

Above all, the bucket has been made to last a lifetime. It features a robust steel construction, reinforced base, and a powder coat finish for the ultimate durability.

With the comfortable carry handle that lies on the side of the bucket, you’ll have an easy time transferring your ash bucket from one point to the next.

Highlighted Features:

  • Black ash bucket with lid
  • Comfortable carry handle
  • Made from sturdy steel
  • Reinforced base plus powder coat finish enhances durability
  • Dimensions: 16.5" height, by 13.5" width, by 15.5" depth
  • No assembly needed

3. Plow and Hearth Deluxe Plow & Hearth Double-Bottom Metal Fireplace Ash Bucket with Lid and Handle Review:

Plow & Hearth Deluxe Double-Bottom Metal Fireplace Ash Bucket with Lid and Handle-Galvanized Steel and Aluminum with Painted Finish-10, Copper, 10' Diameter x 13' H

Check Price

Last in our list of the three top fireplace ash buckets is the Plow and Hearth’s Deluxe Plow & Hearth Double-Bottom Metal Fireplace Ash Bucket.

Constructed from the 28 gauge galvanized sheet iron, this bucket is capable of holding up to3 gallons of hot ash securely and safely.

Like the tow buckets above, it also comes with a tight-fitting lid (made from aluminum) to ensure that your ash remains in the bucket for any given time.

The fact that this cover is made from aluminum means that it’s lightweight and does not add unnecessary weight to the ash bucket.

Because the bucket features a double layer bottom, it does not cause damages to the floors you place it on, even when the ashes inside are super-hot.

To protect your hands while hauling the ash, the bucket features a convenient carry handle with wooden grip.

This is simply the right bucket (with an attractive, functional design) for simplifying the hearth cleaning and ash storage tasks.

  • 3-gallon capacity
  • Sturdy copper construction
  • Galvanized steel construction plus double-layer bottom prevents any burn-through
  • Tight-fitting, lightweight aluminum lid
  • Handle with wooden grip ensures easy hauling

Final Verdict

A fireplace ash bucket remains an integral part of your wood burning fireplace. It comes with a number of benefits to all homeowners who prefer the wood burning fireplace. It helps you safely dispose of your fireplace ashes. It makes it easy to clean your hearth. And so much more.

If you’re using a wood burning fireplace right and don’t have a fireplace ash bucket, you’re taking the risk way too far.

Just grab any of the three special designed, wallet-friendly buckets we’ve reviewed above, and keep yourself and your family safe from the dangers of fireplace ash.

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