Are Electric Fireplaces Safe For Home Use? (Know The Truth)

Are Electric Fireplaces Safe For Home Use? (Know The Truth)

How safe are the electric fireplaces? This is the burning question many homeowners have been asking for long. The response is straightforward:

An electric fireplace is 100% safe for your home as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

When you use your electric fireplace unit correctly, it will be extremely reliable and will pose no risk, danger to your family. Top brands that design these products are certified by CSA or UL, meaning they’re thoroughly tested and regulated for consumer safety.

But we want you to feel cozy by the fire with an easy mind and safe. So, in addition to your manufacturer’s instructions we’ll offer you some great tips to make your electric fireplace a safe environment…

Safety Tips For Your Electric Fireplace

After reading the owner manual, read these specific tips to ensure your electric fireplace is completely safe for your home…

  1. The heating component becomes hot when put on. Take great care to avoid touching the hot surfaces with your bare hands. Note that when the heater is running, the trim encompassing the heater outlet can likewise get hot.
  1. To keep of possible fire risks, keep all the materials made of ignitable substances, for example, furniture, garments, bedding, drapes, and pillows at a safe distance of no less than 3 feet (0.9 meters)- far from all the sides of your electric unit.
  1. NEVER try to block the vents facilitating the intake of the fresh air or those discharging the hot air. In other words, let the air must move unreservedly.
  1. Although these units are safe for kids and pets, we highly advise you to exercise caution when the electric appliance is being operated by or is close to youngsters or people with physical handicaps, particularly when the unit is ON and left unattended.
  1. Always unplug your electric fireplace when it’s not in use.
  1. Never operate your electric fireplace with damaged plugs or cords. Also, avoid running your unit in case you learn that it’s malfunctioning or the heater element has been dropped or has any slight damages. Simply take the heater to the approved service facilities for repair or making the necessary electrical or mechanical changes.
  1. Electric fireplaces are strictly meant for indoors use only. Never utilize the unit outside or even expose it to the weather.
  1. Because they’re electricity powered, do not install these units in your laundry spaces, bathrooms, or any other indoor areas which can open the unit to water. Water and electricity DON’T blend. Never install your wall-mount electric fireplace at spots where it can accidentally fall into the bathtub or water compartments.
  1. Never run the cord or cable of your unit under the furniture, carpeting or the other electric appliances. Avoid covering the cord with throw rugs, runners, or other similar materials. The cables must be passed through areas that safe from high traffic regions in your home, to prevent someone from stumbling over it.
  1. Before disconnecting your unit, turn OFF the firebox (by following the correct procedure) and remove the plug from the socket.
  1. Ensure that the connected outlets are correctly grounded before plugging in your unit.
  1. NEVER add or permit any foreign objects from getting their way into the appliance’s interior via the cooling or exhaust openings. This can bring about electric shocks, fire outbreaks or cause damages to the heater and the insulation.
  1. NEVER obstruct the opening for the air intake and/or exhaust in any capacity. This will reduce the risk of possible fire outbreaks. Avoid using your electric fireplace on soft materials such as the bed or garments as this can bring about clocking of the openings. Electric heaters come with sections that produce sparkling. Never run your unit in areas where the combustible liquids, paints, and gasoline are stored. Likewise, avoid using it near areas with flammable vapors.
  1. Abstain from making any modifications to your unit. Just use it in the manner depicted in your user manual. Otherwise, you might you might create room for fire, electric shocks, damages and even death. Don’t burn any material inside your electric heater.
  1. Don’t attempt to lift your electric fireplace by the glass. Rather, lift it from the firebox. Also, don’t to impact or strike the glass panel.
  1. At any point when you need new circuits or to make modifications to your unit, it’s wise to use the services of a certified electrician. Ensure that all the outlets you’re using are properly grounded, enraptured and furnished with breaker units.
  1. Never plug-in your heater using extension cords or re-locatable outlets or power strips. Instead, connect your heater directly to a wall outlet/socket.

Additionally, there are some common questions that electric fireplaces tend to always ask. Since these issues are directly related to the safety of this unit, we’ll also address them below:

Do The Unit’s Flames Get Hot?

No, they don’t. The flame effects you observe on your electric fireplace are simply a projection or an image of the flames. Touching your unit’s screen is like touching your TV screen while it’s on.

As a matter of fact, the only part of your unit that will glow hot is the area close to the warm air discharge or the heating the element. The hot air that comes out of the unit cannot hurt you. It’s like holding your hand near the hair dryer.

Can I Use Extension Cords?

NO! Virtually, all the owner manuals restrict you from doing this. So do we. The reason behind the restrictions is that the extension might get overheated with time.

However, if you still want to use an extensions cord, you can go for the heavy duty cords that follow the directions in your user manual.

For instance, if you’re using the 1500 Watt heater, the minimum recommendation is No.14 gauge wire (America Wire Gauge, AWG) minimum. It should be rated at least 1875 Watts


This might appear like so much safety information to you. But if you look carefully, you’ll understand that these are just but the general safety tips that apply to any other electric appliance out there. Always observe these tips when operating your unit and you’ll be safer than ever.

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