Do Electric Fireplaces Need To Be Vented?

Do Electric Fireplaces Need To Be Vented?

No, electric fireplaces do not require any venting for them to function effectively. They’re simply freestanding units that require no chimney or flue to exhaust the combustion air out of your home. This makes the relatively easier to install than the traditional models.

But the concept of the ventless fireplace hasn’t started today.

They’ve been sold in the US since 1980. There existed different ventless fireplaces that were powered by natural gas, alcohol-abased gels, propane or electricity. Electric Ventless fireplaces, unlike all the other models, are safer for your home as they don’t release any gasses.

There has been an ongoing debate on whether these ventless electric fireplaces are safe for your home. Different opinions have been aired regarding this topic.

Below, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the electric fireplaces.

What Does a “Ventless” Electric Fireplace Mean?

An electric fireplace does not burn any combustible gasses. They entirely rely on electric power to provide your room with supplemental heat.

This means that they do not release any exhausts of the combustible gasses- such as these used in propane or gas fireplaces. Thus, a chimney or flue isn’t needed for the fireplace to operate.

So, you’ll be completely safe when utilizing your electric fireplace in your home.

As a matter of fact, the ventless electric fireplaces are being used in many homes today for aesthetic and supplemental heat provision.

They supply your home with sufficient heat for short periods of time, save for days when you’re experiencing power outages.

Why is Ventless Electric Fireplace Better than a Ventless Gas/Propane Fireplace?

If you want to enjoy the convenient of a ventless electric fireplace at your home, industry expert will advise you to go for the electric model.

The reasons behind this are valid. While electric fireplaces emit zero exhaust fumes, the gas and propane models emit the exhaust their combustion gasses into the air.

Since the amount of fumes released by the gas fireplaces are negligible, they have been made to be ventless.

But the risk they might pose to your health in a longstanding debate. Proponents stand by the fact the emissions from these models are insignificant, and within the indoor air quality guidelines that have been set by different regulatory agencies.

Mostly, the products should meet the combustible heating appliances criteria requirements as outlined in the “National Fire Protection Association” standards- the 2002 version.

These general guidelines require any ventless fireplace to come with carbon monoxide monitor (installed in the factory) as well as oxygen detection safety devices (ODS).

Such safety devices are critical as they shut off your unit whenever the levels of carbon monoxide go above 25 parts/million or when the oxygen levels go below 18% (this is the standard for indoor air quality as recommended by the “US Environmental Protection Agency”).

But critics suggest that such monitors are imprecise and reliable. This might allow the carbon monoxide and oxygen levels to fluctuate to undesired values before the unit automatically shut down. This will result in potential health risks.

Benefits Associated With A Ventless Electric Fireplace

You might wonder why everyone is going for the ventless electric fireplace. There are some top advantages to the ventless, but this will be dependent on your situation.

Let’s discuss these top benefits:

No Draft Required

As you know, the standard fireplace, as well as the vented electric fireplace needs a draft to successfully send out excess heat and emissions.

However, an electric fireplace does not emit dangerous substances, like carbon monoxide or smoke, so there’s no need to vent it. But as you’ll discover with time, some models appear to come with vents. This is nothing much but an effort to make it look more realistic.

Efficient Heat Utilization

Because the unit is ventless, no heat is escaping into the air or through the chimney. Rather, all the heat generated is blown by the unit’s fan into your room where you have installed your ventless electric fireplace.

As such, the heater proves to be highly efficient when it comes to heating your room up. So, if the main reason why you’re looking for an electric fireplace is to provide your home with supplemental heat, then you’ll be better off with a ventless model.

Legal Everywhere!

True, ventless are permitted for use anywhere, anytime! With this fireplace, you can quickly flip the heat as well as the flame at any second without worrying about burning bans.

Ease of Installation

Apparently, a ventless unit will not require much time when being installed. It will install in less than thirty minutes. Installing vented models requires you to spend lots of cash. You’ll be saving all that money for other important uses.

Easy Maintenance

Another reason to believe in the ventless electric units... They’re incredibly easy to maintain. The tedious task of cleaning the chimney every week or month is eliminated. What’s more, you won’t be dealing with the messy ash that comes from your standard fireplace.

You’ll only need to clean your fan once in a while, replace the light bulbs and nothing more!

Ventless Electric Fireplace Are Environmental Friendly

This one is obvious- an electric fireplace burns no gasses. It relies on electric power to heat up your home.

Therefore, it gives out no emissions- making it completely safe for the environment (and for your family).

Final Thoughts

That’s everything you need to know about ventless electric fireplaces. Unlike the vent-free gas/propane models, these units do not emit any hazardous fumes; they only emit heat. They’re therefore completely safe for your home and the environment. They also offer the user a string of benefits; they’re easy to install and maintain, heat efficiently, they’re legal anywhere and are environmental friendly.

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