Are Electric Fireplaces Energy Efficient? (We Found The Answer)

Are Electric Fireplaces Energy Efficient? (We Found The Answer)

The electric fireplaces are the most energy efficient fireplaces known to man. The units convert electric power directly to heat energy a high rate of around 99% (only a physicist can account for the missing 1%).

And since the units do not require any flue or venting, the heat generated is all directed into the room with zero heat loss to the outside.

They are instantaneous units in heat creation; you flip a switch, and the heat is produced in a split second.

With the power, dependability, and ease of use offered, it is no surprise why electrical fireplaces have been all the rage as of yet. 

Find out more details on the energy efficiency of an electric fireplace below.

Electrical Fireplace Energy Efficiency And Your Home

The word efficient does not translate to great heat for the entire home.

In other words, just because an electric fireplace is extremely energy efficient does not mean that it’s the definitive solution for your home heat needs. Apart from some special cases, these products ought to be used as supplemental sources of heat, not as the primary heat source for your entire home.

Unlike central heating units, the heat that is provided from an electric fireplace will typically only be constrained to the room you are using it. Not only that, but with some electric heaters, the way that the heat is generated does not allow the heat to linger in the room, the way that a fireplace or central heating unit will. Because of this you need to consider the reality that you will be a bit restricted as far as where and how you use your electric heater, especially during the colder months. 

They are in no way intended to be the essential heat source workhorses in your home.

Nonetheless, electric chimneys will do their part in keeping you from dressing in layers and walking around bundled when the weather is too cold.

Electric Fireplace Is A Great Zone Heater…

…And that makes it, even more, energy efficient.

What is zone warming? Putting it in the simplest terms possible, zone heating refers to putting the heat where you want and need it. Thankfully, an electric fireplace can do that. Just turn down the central heating thermostat and use the supplemental heat generated by your unit in the rooms you frequent most.

Roughly 45% of the typical household energy cost is spent on heating. This is according to the United States energy info organization gauges that. Unsurprisingly, this number does go up during the winter months. And if you live in an area where the climate is constantly cold, then you run the risk of this number being much higher for you. Running your heater will obviously cost you some cash. It has been estimated that for every degree you lower you lower the thermostat, you'll be saving 1% of your energy bill, thanks to zone heating. This reason alone is why so many people turn to electric heaters. 

It makes no sense trying to warm the rooms you aren’t utilizing. A central heating unit is intended to heat up your entire home. If you’re just utilizing two or three rooms, then you’re wasting lots of cash and energy by warming up the whole house.

An electric fireplace is highly portable and lets you place the heat where you actually require it. Flip on your electric unit and raise the heat in a particular region up a couple of degrees. This way, you save cash on your utility bills. This versatility of transferring heat to the locations that you need it ost makes it a great reason to purchase an electric heater. 

Have You Checked Your Home Efficiency?

It sounds a little bit insane to invest your hard-earned cash in an electric fireplace to warm your home if the heated air can escape through the doors, windows, and cracks (if any). Two simple approaches to help boost the energy efficiency of your home are: Weather stripping and caulking.

These two tasks are completely easy to do, plus the materials needed are readily available and inexpensive.

It might be a good idea if you contact your local energy organization to come and conduct the home audit. In almost all regions, the electric company offers a free inspection of your home. They will check things like your insulation level in your crawl and attics spaces and filter replacement. They will even conduct a free duct work audit!

Wrap Up

Hopefully, you have gotten the correct response on whether an electric fireplace is energy efficient. As you buy your unit, it comes with energy efficiency design and features.

Whether you’ll continue to enjoy this efficiency is a decision that lies in your hands. You ought to inspect your home too to ensure that it will not frustrate the energy efficiency efforts of your unit. This way, you’ll seal the issues making it energy inefficient; eliminate any leaks that limit smooth airflow.

And you can then go ahead and figure out how you can strategically place your electric fireplace.

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