DIY Propane Fire Pit with Tables: How to Build One at Home?

DIY Propane Fire Pit with Tables: How to Build One at Home?

When I look around my house, hundreds of ideas pop up in my mind – I want to do that, I want to decorate the wall like that, and so on. These ideas never get tired; they keep coming. However, I become disappointed when I see the price tags of the things my ideas lures me to buy.

If you’re from a cold country, you might have desired to have a propane fire pit at your garden. It’s actually quite nice to have a propane fire pit. You can enjoy the evening outside or even make a barbeque party with that fire pit.

The price tag of a propane fire pit might break your heart. Specially, if your pocket is not overloaded with money, don’t attempt to buy it. Rather I’ve a great idea for you – build your fire pit all by yourself.

Trust me, building a propane fire pit will cost much less than buying one! You can simply convert your patio or garden table into a propane fire pit quite easily.

Don’t believe me right now. Just read the article thoroughly; you’ll find your answers. In this article, you’ll be able to learn how to build a propane fire pit with garden or patio tables at home. Just follow the steps accordingly and carefully.

Necessary Tools

You’ll need a number of tools to build your propane fire pit at home. The list might seem long, but don’t reach any conclusion yet. Here is the list: a patio or garden table, saw, reducers, measuring tape, welder, copper pipe, copper tube, drill machine and fire pit bowl.

Typically, metal table works the best, but you can use wooden table as well. In case of a wooden table, what you need is a base to conceal propane tank under the table.

And after building the fire pit, you’ll need rocks, gravel, or crushed lava to fill the pit bowl with. Besides, you might even want to paint your handmade fire pit to give it an amazing look.

For painting the pit, you’ll need paint and paint brush.

A small tip before you proceed to the next step; you can look for propane fire pit kits in the markets or online. This will save you from the hassle of collecting all the items one by one.

Transforming the Table

If you’ve collected all the tools listed above, get the measuring tape. Measure the pit bowl and mark the top of the table. Use the saw to cut a hole on the table according to that mark. The procedure is the same for both metal and wooden tables.

After that, simply slide the bowl into the hole. If your measurement was correct, the fire pit bowl should fit in perfectly inside the hole.

Insert the Coil

Your propane fire pit table is almost done. If you haven’t bought a readymade coil already, you can easily make one using copper tube. Just bend the copper tube to the shape of a coil.

You can show some of your creative skills here – your coil can be of any shape you desire. Just avoid making a coil with too many sharp bends.

Sharp bends sometimes block the proper fuel flow.

Once you’ve made a coil, connect a reducer to one end of the coil. And on the other end, connect a cap. Ensure that the coil is properly fitted in the pit bowl.

Now, it’s time to do some drilling. Make a hole on the fire pit bowl right at the center. The size of the hole must match the size of the copper tube you’ve used to make the coil.

Through that hole, connect the coil with your propane tank. Don’t forget to add a reducer.

Finishing Touch

Stop staring at your new creation; you’ve a little work left – you need to fill the pit bowl with some crushed lava, granite rocks, volcanic stones, gravel, or fire pit crystals. Which material should you choose?

It solely depends on your choice and creativity. Just don’t overfill the pit bowl with these materials. Because overfilling the fire pit bowl might cause safety hazard.

It’s time for you to show some painting skills.

Take the paintbrush and paint the table as you like it. This painting step has two objectives – number one, to give your propane fire pit a stunning look, and number two, to cover up the weakness of your work if there is any.

If you have followed all the instructions thoroughly and properly, and didn’t make any mistake by chance, you should be smiling right now.

Go ahead and light up your first ever handmade propane fire pit table. Cheers!

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