How To Choose The Right Electric Fireplace For You?

How To Choose The Right Electric Fireplace For You?

An electric fireplace is amongst the hottest products on the market right now. It's a re-evaluation of a centuries old focal point in all homes. The modern man is less patient and would preferably invest his energy doing other things than collecting wood and cleaning the chimney. In this way, the idea for the electric chimney was conceived.

These modern units don't require logs and can be quickly turned ON and OFF at the flip of the switch. They’re energy and cost effective, safe, eco-friendly, and so much more.

However, to enjoy the real benefits and experience of an electric fireplace, you must pick the right unit for you. The market is saturated with units of all kinds, and if you get the best, you’ll have a fun time kicking out the winter blues, plus other endless benefits it comes with.

Top Tips To Pick The Ideal Electric Fireplace For Your Home

Your Floor Space

In other words, always pay special attention to the size of the electric fireplace you plan to buy. These modern fireplaces come in different sizes.

As such it won’t be practical to buy a big fireplace while you've got a limited floor space. There’s a quick way to determine the suitable electric fireplace size for you.

Take the floor measurements of the room you wish to install the unit in. Take these measurements with you to the fireplaces seller.

These dealers are experienced in these units and will point to you the right size of electric fireplaces.

What’s The Heating Capacity of The Unit?

The heating power varies from one electric fireplace to another. The power required to heat the area where the unit has been installed directly dependent on the room size.

That is, more power is provided for large rooms, and less power is offered for smaller rooms.

For every electric fireplace you find on the market, its heating power is clearly stated in Watts and BTU output. From these ratings, you can quickly determine how much heating power will be sufficient for your room.

Use this BTU Calculator for quick energy conversions.

Safety Features

Nothing can replace the safety factor when it comes to selecting the ideal electric fireplace for your home. Remember that you have small kids and pets in your living room. You want to be assured that the electric unit you’re will perform its task safely and never lead to any safety hazards in your home. Thankfully, most manufacturers give safety the priority when designing their units.

For example, the front glass control panel remains cool to the touch, such that it does no hurt your skin. Also, there’s the automatic shut-off feature that turns off the heater to prevent overheating.

If the unit you’re buying features any of the above safety measures (in addition to other safety features), you can rest assured that it will be safe for your entire family.

Design of the Unit

Another primary factor you would want to consider when buying your electric fireplace is the design it bears. You’d want your unit t perfectly match the interior décor of your living room. And the secret t achieving this lies in selecting the most suitable design.

There are numerous models, with different gorgeous finishes that will add a new style to your room.

For the most part, these units come in contemporary or the traditional fireplace style. This is a more formal style of the traditional log fireplace that’s more gracious, inviting and offers you an understated elegance.

You will also encounter the Petit Foyer style. This is simply a petit unit that you place on your entryway (foyer). Given its high degree of elegance, it makes your home more inviting to the guests as they arrive on a snowy or rainy day. It’s also ideal for a bathroom (away from water).

Heating Mechanism

There are two primary heating mechanisms employed by the electric fireplaces: infrared heat and the fan-forced heat.

For the infrared heat, the unit will evenly heat the area it is located. Circulated by your room’s humidity, the infrared (IR) heat is absorbed by a heat exchanger and then dispersed into your room with a quite-operating fan. This will heat up to 100o square feet. The radiant heat is transmitted by the infrared waves and is directional.

Fan-forced heat: This mechanism utilizes advanced fan-forced, directional air system that evenly heats a 400 square feet space with directional louvers. Given that this fan runs quietly, it does not interfere with your sound systems, TV, and conversations.

Which among the two heating method sounds perfect for your heating needs?


I highly recommend you to buy electric fireplaces that come with manufacturer warranty for at least 12 months (or a year).

As you know, a warranty shows that the manufacturer is highly confident in their products. But that’s not enough.

Warranty will shield you from counting losses if your system breaks down or if it develops some technical problems.

Almost all the fireplaces n the market right now comes with a warranty. Make sure that you fully understand the warranty policy of the manufacturer you’re buying from. Also, ensure that their support is also efficient.

This ensures that whenever you need any help related to your unit, you’ll get a response from the manufacturer as quick as possible.


You don’t hop into the market to buy an electric fireplace without a budget in mind. Instead, you need to do a careful research first. Set the budget you want to spend on an electric fireplace that meets your needs and expectations.

But don’t sacrifice quality for cash. Ensure that the budget you’ve set aside will lead you to a unit that works according to your expectations. Look at its heating capacity, design, safety measures, warranty, heating efficiency, size, ease of use and so on.

When you’ve got a budget in place, you’ll be confined to the products in your range only. And the task becomes much easier.

Additional factors to consider: 

  • Ease of installation
  • Energy- efficient
  • Ease of use and installation
  • Reputable brand
  • Realistic flame
  • Portability
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Remote control option

Bottom Line

With so many electric fireplaces flooding the market today, finding an ideal one for your home might just be as hard. But with our checklist above, you’ll never go wrong.

You’ll be able to sail through various products, until you find the best one, with the most suitable features for your heating needs.

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