Big Lots Electric Fireplace: A Comprehensive Product Review

Big Lots Electric Fireplace: A Comprehensive Product Review

Big Lots is an excellent place to find great deals. If you're in the market for an electric fireplace, Big Lots is one of the best places you can go to purchase one. This store has quite a few options in electric fireplaces, and, in this article, we're presenting a Big Lots electric fireplace review of what the store offers so you can decide which one might be best for you. 

If you want the look and feel of a fireplace in your home, but don't want to go through the hassle of a real fireplace, a Big Lots electric fireplace could be your best option. They have several available brands, all with different specs, colors, sizes and styles. We reviewed products online, including many of the best available. We hope one will match your individual needs. See below our top 4 picks from Big Lots' online options, and remember, they can deliver these fireplaces directly to your home.

What Is a Big Lots Electric Fireplace?

An electric fireplace is a "fake" or "faux" fireplace you can use as a TV stand, a wall-mounted fireplace, or as a piece of decor for your home. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles and bring the warm glow of a traditional fireplace into your home. Big Lots electric fireplace options add calming elements of a fireplace to your home, without the fuss of dealing with firewood or the hassles that can come with traditional fireplace chimneys.

A Big Lots electric fireplace can offer you the feel and warmth of a traditional fireplace without the hassle while adding to your entertainment room a more modern, sleek, entertainment stand that will become the center of your room. Easy to control, these fireplaces have great features you can use and enjoy year round.

Product Specs

Big Lots' faux fireplace options come in a variety of finishes, colors and styles you can use as additional heating within a room. Each product provides the warm glow of a fire without the hassle of managing a real fire, dealing with keeping firewood, or any of the issues that can arise from having a chimney. Many people are opting for faux fireplaces as they provide fireplace ambiance with none of the hassles.

Big Lots electric fireplace specs will vary from product to product, but there are commonalities. Most of the store's options will include a fireplace box insert which displays the faux fire. Most offer control of the brightness of the fire and the heat component through remotes, and some options allow control through apps users can download to a smartphone.

You can also use Big Lots electric fireplace options as an entertainment stand, or as a TV stand, and most include storage for media devices and AV components.


While product prices may fluctuate through the seasons, Big Lots electric fireplace are priced lesser, compared to what you would pay at other retailers for similar items. Big Lots has a reputation for offering lower prices on furniture than other retailers and usually offer a 30-day return policy for most items.

Although product prices will vary based on features, ease of assembly and the controls each item offers, Big Lots has excellent prices for electric fireplaces that are almost never beat by any other retailer, especially big-box retailers. It is likely you would pay far more money for the same product anywhere else.

How It Compares

To find the best Big Lots electric fireplace, we picked several products available on the market to see how they compare in terms of price, fireplace control, other features, and assembly time required. Our picks, below, are among the best quality electric fireplaces available at Big Lots, and our unbiased review compares each option based solely on product quality and features. 

  • 72-inch Walnut Console Electric Fireplace
  • 60-inch Cherry Rustic Barn Door Console Electric Fireplace
  • 60-inch Gray Anniston Console Electric Fireplace
  • 61-inch Brown Laven Console Electric Fireplace

This Big Lots electric fireplace is an elegant piece of furniture you can use as a statement piece or as a stand for TVs that are up 70 inches wide. It provides heat with the lovely image of a fire, with none of the bothers of a traditional fireplace. It also has an easy-to-use app you can download on your smartphone for effortless control of your new electric fireplace.


  • Safely holds a flat screen TV up to 70-inches wide  
  • Has a heating component to add extra heat to the room 
  • Easy to control using a downloadable Bluetooth app 
  • Looks elegant


  • Time-consuming to assemble 
  • Some buyers describe a clicking noise when using the heater 
  • Expensive

Customers love the beautiful cherry veneer that makes this electric fireplace a statement piece in any home. It has lots of storage and the doors are a curved style. It has a natural-looking fire that adds an ambient light to any room and is also perfect as a TV stand.


  • Beautiful cherry finish
  • Easy to control 
  • Short assembly time 


  • May not match the style of every entertainment room 
  • A heavy piece of furniture​​​

This 60-inch console electric fireplace fits beautifully with a farm-style decor. You can use it as an entertainment stand and provide additional heat to a room. It includes shelves that can easily accommodate gaming consoles, AV components, and DVD storage. This electric fireplace even has side drawers providing even more storage that's perfect for stowing away games, DVDs and remotes. It's made of laminated wood and can hold flat screens up to 65 inches wide.


  • Has lots of extra storage
  • Comes in a lovely gray hue that can complement many types of decor
  • Can hold TVs that are up to 65-inches wide
  • CSA safety certified


  • No reviews about this item on site
  • May not work in all entertainment rooms because of the color 
  • 4,500 BTUs​​​

This rustic style electronic fireplace console would look great in most living rooms and even bedrooms. It can hold TVs that are up to 65 inches wide and has side drawers and adjustable shelves to add any consoles or devices. You can use the fireplace insert with or without heat and this product provides the ambient light you and your friends and family can enjoy all year.


  • Has a beautiful rustic look
  • Lots of storage available in this product 
  • Has duel heat settings 
  • Can hold up to a 65-inch flat screen


  • Only available online 
  • May be difficult to assemble 
  • The rustic look may not be a great choice for everyone's decor
  • No app available for controls 


As you can see, these Big Lots electric fireplace options are all priced excellently for the quality of the fireplace. Our favorite pick is the 72-inch Walnut Console Electric Fireplace because it has the largest firebox display, the best control settings, and is an optimal value for the price. It would look stunning in nearly every entertainment room and is a gorgeous statement piece that will draw your family and guests around it. This faux fireplace option gets a 5- star rating from us!

Our second choice was the 60-inch Gray Anniston Console Electric Fireplace, which we picked based on its abundant storage space and lovely gray look. We gave it 4 stars based on its great look and great features.

The third runner-up is the 60-inch Cherry Rustic Barn Door Console Electric Fireplace. It is gorgeous and has an elegant, timelessness to it that would easily make it the center of any entertainment room. If you're going for an elegant look, this Big Lots electric fireplace option is the one for you.

The 61-inch Laven Console Electric Fireplace comes in last, but we still see it as a wonderful choice.

Depending on which type of electric fireplace you're in the market for, Big Lots has the most affordable, quality consoles. After considering your personal budget, decor style, and what controls and features are the most important to you, we hope one of these excellent Big Lots electric fireplace options will be the one for you. Any of them will allow you and your family to enjoy the beauty and ambiance of a fireplace without the horrible hassles of a real one.

All 4 of these are great choices and after reviewing them, we hope you've found exactly what you are looking for!

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