Best HVAC UV Lights For The Money – Reviews & Buying Guide 2018
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Best HVAC UV Lights For The Money – Reviews & Buying Guide 2018

Have you installed a HVAC UV light in your system already?

The HVAC expertsrecommend that you install AC ultraviolet lights in your system to boost the overall air disinfection efficiency.

This is more important for folks who reside in humid areas prone to mold growth or those with severe health issues.

You might argue that filters are sufficient for you, but the best HVAC UV lights will do a better job at augmenting the disinfection and sterility quality of the air you have in your home.

So, which HVAC UV lights should you get for your home?

Let me give you the 10 best picks on the market today…

What is an HVAC UV light?

Ultraviolet (UV) rays are popular for their disinfection properties. The ultraviolet light for air handlers is an accessory that is installed within your HVAC system’s coils to continuously produce these rays as air passes through it.

This helps kills a variety of harmful bacteria and mold. However, most of them have no action on some other allergens or dust.

The installation and maintenance of the UV light for AC is somewhat costly, but the solution it offers to individuals with severe allergies and require a high level of air disinfection tends to be worth every buck!

The installation of ultraviolet lights for AC unit is cost-effective in that it improves airflow and energy efficiency of your HVAC system.

With this in mind, let’s look at the top ten best UV lights for HVAC that you should consider for your home…

1. Bio-Shield UV-C Air Sanitizer System Review:

Most UV lights installations are costly (ranging up to $1200), but with this Bio-Shield UV-C Air Sanitizer System, there is a concise DIY procedure that makes it easy to install by yourself.

The electricity consumption is quite low (being less than 25w bulb) so you will not have to fret about electricity bills running high. This light is enough to terminate the mold, allergens, and some of those bacteria and viruses that may have been affecting our health and comfort.

With this UV light, you can relax and save. When the Bio-shield UV-C is installed, the bio-film in ordinary HVAC A/C coils is removed making the coils more efficient. This ultimately gives you some HVAC energy savings of about 10-25%.

This lamp prevents the organic build up on the surfaces of your HVAC system’s coils, and in your ducts. There will be no need for regular duct cleaning sessions, which saves on costs and time alongside an improvement in the airflow and the operational capacity of your HVAC.

Safety always comes first, and this light (made from Phillip’s germicidal UV-C lamps) has a Teflon coat around ensures protection in case of a breakage.

​Highlighted features:

  • Germicidal UV-C lamps made by Phillips
  • Teflon coated
  • Eliminates need for duct work cleaning
  • Easy Installation
  • Uses less electricity than a 25 watt light bulb

2. Honeywell RUVLAMP1/C UV Air Treatment System Review:

This RUVLAMP1/C effectively provides UV light for the furnace and also has an easy installation procedure for those forced-air cooling and heating implements. This makes a winning in cost reduction since you can easily do it yourself rather than having to seek the costly expert installation services.

This lamp has a one of a kind sealed design that functions as a major safety attribute. This sealed design plays the primary role in hindering any accidental exposure to the somewhat harmful UV rays and voltage.

The light pipe serves as an indicator that lets you know it is working so you don’t have to guess that the bulb is on. This UV air treatment system in highly efficient killing up to 70% of those pesky bacteria and viruses.

Its bulb is easy to remove in replace with the simple ‘Twist out and twist in’ method. Remember that these bulbs deteriorate and require you to replace them regularly- annually.

Reduction in dust build up, and improved efficiency of the HVAC leads to substantial reduction in your energy costs and duct cleaning costs.

​​Highlighted features:

  • Kills up to 70 percent of some airborne bacteria
  • Sealed design
  • Easy installation in forced-air heating and cooling systems.
  • Light pipe indicator
  • Easy bulb replacement
  • 1 Year product warranty

3. Air Purifier UV LIGHT for ac HVAC ultraviolet dual lamp duct air cleaner, Review:

If looking for an A+ performance HVAC ultraviolet lamp, you should opt for this Air Purifier UV light. With 120 50/60 Hz power, you can expect that this particular lamp to do a great job when it comes to air disinfection around your home.

It has a 253.7NM germicidal bulb. This AC ultraviolet light enables it to kill up to 99.9% of allergens and airborne bacteria that may be present or passing through it. It also kills any mold that might be present and prevents it from regenerating or spreading.

The level of disinfection is as close as it gets to having thoroughly clean and sterilized air. Be assured that you are less prone to your allergies and other airborne bacteria and viruses once it is installed.

The elimination of these organic air particulates is close to perfect, and it not only eliminates duct build up but also deodorizes the air in your environs leaving the residence odor free.

This unit comes with a sight glass that allows you to see if its bulb is on and working.

Installation is quite easy saving on the expert costs. This alongside savings on duct cleaning costs should make this lamp worth your while.

For residential or commercial buildings needing the best air sterilization standards then this light should be considered. It has a lamp life of 13,000 hours so a replacement should be scheduled within this period.

​​Highlighted features:

  • Deodorizes and sterilizes air
  • Power 120 50/60Hz
  • Lamp Life: 13,000 hours
  • Kills up to 99.9% of existing mold, mildew, and airborne viruses

4. UV D200 Air Purifier Whole House UV Light in Duct for HVAC Duct Germicidal Filter Review:

For the environmentally conscious individuals, you should know that this UV D200 Air Purifier Whole House UV Light in Duct Germicidal Filter comes from a line of Ozone free products!

It possesses 120v UV-c dual light for in the a/c duct, this is very very powerful and is therefore recommended to be installed in those massive over 1-ton air systems.

This implement has an electronic ballast and sight glass which are strategically incorporated into the design to enable you to see if the implement is on. It

It uses germicidal UVC bulbs produce a total of 253.7NM, and this can eradicate about 99.9% of all mold that may be present in your ducts and ultimately preventing its growth. It also eliminates certain bacteria and viruses found in the air as it passes by the bulbs.

Installation costs should also not be an issue since this UV D200 Air purifier is easy to install and you can just as well DIY.

This ranks as one of the most thorough UV light for AC and should be able to meet your need for intense air sterilization while saving on some HVAC energy consumption cost.

​​Highlighted features:

  • Electronic ballast and a sight glass
  • Bulbs are germicidal UVC, 253.7NM
  • Easy to install!
  • Made in the USA

5. RGF REME HVAC HALO 24V Air Purification System Light Review:

Adequate actions to prevent and eliminate existing mold, airborne viruses and bacteria can be undertaken using the RGF REME HVAC HALO 24V Air Purification System Light unit. It can be sufficiently used for both residential and commercial purposes.

This unit tends to be more complicated, unlike the preceding models. With this in mind, it is mostly recommended that the unit is correctly and professionally installed by an HVAC Tech or Electrical Contractor.

It is the producer’s directive that this unit should be used with an electrostatic filter. This implement can act against air particles, dust and chemicals too. This versatility makes it unique among the other UV lights for AC.

Efficient airflow is an advantage that comes with installing this system. This means the HVAC uses less energy in its operations leading to substantial savings in the HVAC power consumption costs.

​​Highlighted features:

  • 24V Installation with included transformer
  • Recommended professional installation by an HVAC Tech or Electrical contractor
  • Acts against mold, odors, VOC's, bacteria or viruses. Also: Dust, articles, and chemicals
  • Recommended to use an electrostatic air filter
  • HVAC Air Blower size: 1,000 to 6,500 CFM
  • Factory warranty: Five Year Ballast / 2 Year Bulb (continuous operation.)
  • Made in the USA
  • Transformer and power cord included.

6. OdorStop OS36 - 36 Watt UV Air Treatment System Review:

Bad odors in your residence are an inevitable nuisance and can be embarrassing. Achieving high standards of air disinfection while removing odors can be a challenge to other UV’s but not for the OdorStop OS36 - 36 Watt UV Air Treatment System.

Its bulb produces 254NM which is quite powerful and efficient in killing mold, allergens, bacteria, and viruses. This makes the air in your home less exposed to harmful elements that may otherwise limit comfortability and a healthy atmosphere.

Electrical consumption is only 36 watt, and this is quite low. When you install this unit, you shouldn't have headaches about skyrocketing electrical bills.

The efficiency of elimination of organic entities is high, and this ultimately reduces those bad odors that may have been creeping through your ducts. This efficacy also prevents build up in the ducts which reduce HVAC maintenance costs.

The LED indicator light confirms that the OdorStop OS36 is indeed working. The installation process is quite straightforward, guided by a step by step procedure you can follow yourself. This eliminates those massive expert installation costs you might have foreseen.

​​Highlighted features:

  • Kills odors
  • Easy installation and bulb replacement
  • LED Indicator
  • Installs in Minutes
  • High-quality aluminum body
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

7. Best Deal UV D200 Air Purifier Whole House UV Light in Duct Germicidal Filter Review:

Ozone free products are ideal for environmental sustainability, and this Best Deal UV D200 Air Purifier Whole House UV Light in Duct Air Conditioning Duct Germicidal Filter is just that. It is a high-end UV light and is mostly recommended to be fitted into the large over 1-ton air and ventilation systems.

This unit is equipped with germicidal UVC bulbs that produce 253.7NM. This is powerful enough to eliminate 99.9% of those annoying allergens, certain harmful bacteria, and viruses.

It also completely eradicates any existing mold and prevents it from regrowing or spreading. For those with severe issues or allergies, installing this unit will drastically lessen your susceptibility to harmful organic or inorganic particulates.

Installation is so easy you could do it yourself and save money by skipping that costly expert installation. The electronic ballast and sight glass enable you to see if the bulb is lit. This unit serves the whole house.

This range of performance is sufficient, in that it provides high air disinfection standards in all rooms.

​​Highlighted features:

  • Electronic ballast and a sight glass
  • Germicidal UVC bulbs that put out 253.7NM
  • Easy to install
  • Ozone free
  • 120v UV-c dual light for a/c duct
  • Made in the USA

8. 24 volts Pureuv UV Light AIR Purifier for Ac HVAC Coil 24v 14" Germicidal Bulb Review:

From the UV DEAL line of products, comes this Pureuv UV Light AIR Purifier for Ac HVAC Coil Germicidal Bulb with Magnet unit. It has a 14’’ UV light germicidal bulb that it powerful enough to completely eradicate any mold or similar microbial colonies that may be on the surface and the environs of the HVAC’s evaporator coils.

Any unpleasant odors are eliminated by this unit keeping your residence feeling fresh all day. The magnetic bracket makes the installation as easy as 1, 2, 3 while allowing you to evade that costly expert installation bill.

The Pureuv UV light is uniquely designed with an Intelligent Voltage Protection (IVP). This feature acts as a safety net that protects your HVAC system from any unprecedented electrical overload that may occur.

The 24VAC electric power supply majorly improves the overall HVAC energy efficiency. This along with the reduction in energy use in the coil bumps up your energy consumption cost savings.

​​Highlighted features:

  • 24 volt (VAC) Power supply wired to 24v transformer
  • 14" UV light germicidal bulb
  • Magnetic bracket for easy installation
  • 24 VAC Electronic power supply
  • Intelligent Voltage Protection (IVP
  • One year warranty
  • Comes with UV Lamp 6ft
  • Comes with Lamp cord 5ft, from the ballast to the transformer

9. Pure UV Light AIR Purifier for Ac HVAC Coil 120v Plug-in 14" Germicidal Bulb Review:

The Pure UV Light AIR Purifier for Ac HVAC Coil 120v Plug-in 14" Germicidal Bulb with Magnet is another excellent UV light from UV DEAL. It is ozone free making it a superbly crafted and environmentally friendly device.

It is undeniably similar to the previous unit. However, it has a 120VAC electric power supply that increases the energy efficiency your system. With energy costs lessened you are sure to save some major coin!

The 14’’ UV light germicidal bulb used in its operations is useful in the elimination of microbial growths and mold present in the HVAC’s ducts and evaporator coils. Removal of these organic particles also eradicates any odors that may have been present and prevent any chance of odor production.

The magnetic bracket makes this appliance easy for you to install by yourself. This is a save on installation cost and in addition to the savings in energy costs should make this unit cost beneficial for you.

It is also uniquely designed with an Intelligent Voltage Protection (IVP) which is useful in protecting your HVAC system from electrical overload.

​​Highlighted features:

  • 120 volt (VAC) Power supply wired to 24v transformer
  • 14" UV light germicidal bulb
  • Magnetic bracket for easy installation
  • 120 VAC Electronic power supply
  • Intelligent Voltage Protection (IVP
  • 1-year warranty
  • Comes with UV Lamp 6ft
  • Comes with Lamp cord 5ft, from the ballast to the transformer

10. Air Purifier Whole House UV Light in Duct Germicidal Filter Review:

We conclude our review with this environmentally friendly unit. The Air Purifier Whole House UV Light in Duct Germicidal Filter is Ozone free and as such is in line with the goals of global carbon footprint reduction.

The unit is installed inside your operating HVAC, and you might be skeptical as to whether it’s on or not. This challenge is curbed by the electronic ballast and sight glass that enable you to have the unit clear view and determine if it’s on or not.

The 253.7NM germicidal bulbs are powerful enough to eliminate microbes in your air duct. They kill up to 99.9% of mold that may be colonizing your HVAC duct and coil surfaces and prevents their regenerations and growth. This reduces any susceptibility to harmful bacteria, viruses, and allergens while relieving and preventing any odors from your residence.

Installation is guided by a simple step-by-step procedure that is easy to follow if you can do it yourself. If so this will cut on the relatively high expert installation costs.This unit comes with two replacement bulbs, and as such you are also able to save on bulb purchasing costs that may be from about $100 annually.

This UV light is economical as it saves on energy consumption, installation and at least on two bulb replacement cost.

​​Highlighted features:

  • Ozone free
  • Electronic ballast and a sight glass
  • Germicidal UVC bulbs, put out 253.7NM
  • Easy to install!
  • 2 replacement bulbs included
  • Made in the USA

What To Look For Before Buying?

UV-C output power

Firstly, you have to ensure that the HVAC UV light you want to purchase is powerful enough to eliminate the wide range of bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew present in the air and ducts. And also that it is strong enough to eradicate these harmful particles from the ducts, the HVAC system and all the rooms in your residence.

UV-C wavelength

The wavelength specification helps in identifying the effect of the light to harmful bacteria in the air. UV light has a broad spectrum of wavelengths each with its characteristics, e.g., some cause ozone production. While checking, do opt for lower wavelengths as they are the most useful in air disinfection.

Ozone free

This feature is essential in not only preventing irreversible pollution but is also an aesthetical preference since it will prevent your residence from smelling like ozone. Ozone production may also decrease the functioning capacity of your HVAC by corroding the system surfaces.

Negative ions

Make sure that the UV light system can produce hydroxyls and negative ions since these are crucial in air purification.

Installation Ease and Cost

It would be advisable to purchase a HVAC UV light that is easy to install by yourself. This will ultimately save on the expert installation costs.

Final Verdict

The HVAC UV light air sanitizers come in a vast array of makes and designs. Thus, you should be patient and keen when choosing the unit that will meet your needs.

Our set of the best UV lights for HVAC above narrows your choices for cost-beneficial units that will fit your budget. They will ultimately give you huge savings on HVAC system energy and maintenance costs which are an added advantage.

So if you are in need of improved quality and quantity airflow, improved HVAC energy requirements, a cost-effective investment that is embedded with disease prevention in your residence, then you should order one of these HVAC UV light devices right away.

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