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Best Furnace Filters Aka HVAC Filters Review

That time of the year has come again! Too hot or too cold? Or your allergies just don’t quit? You remember your best furnace filters system comes through for you each time, but this time it doesn’t seem to cut it, and something's off.

Well before taking drastic measures, why not check and replace your furnace filter? I’m sure you forgot

all about it…don’t worry about the hard task of looking for your furnace filter choice. We’ll look at the ten best furnace filters readily available on the market today.

What's a Furnace Filter?

A furnace filter though mostly overlooked is an intricate part of your HVAC system. It plays the vital role of removal of particles present in the air in your residence ducts and prevents them from getting into your home.

Its primary function is mainly to protect your furnace blower fan from air particles that the return duct sucks in, and not, in the ripple effect of, generally cleaning the air for your home, as is popularly perceived.

Why Changing Your Furnace Filter Is Important?

The continuous usage of disposable furnace filters leads to the buildup of dust particles, mold spores, dust mites, pet dander and other harmful particles on the surface of the filters, thus requiring regular removal and replacing of the filters for your furnace and air conditioner. Regular replacement of these disposable furnace filters is recommended as it prevents its conversion into the air pollutant.

There are various furnace filters present in the market, both locally made and imported. Keenness is required in choosing which filter is ideal for your residence.

Below, we take on the reviews of some the best furnace air filter in the market.

10 Best Furnace Filters Reviews:

1. Filtrete Clean Living Basic Dust Filter Review:

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Our furnace filters reviews begin with the Filtrete Clean Living Basic Dust Filter. This filter is perfect for the basic functioning of your high-velocity heating and cooling system. It is adequate for the efficient reduction of contaminants and allergens in your home.

You can be satisfied by its effective trapping of pollen, lint, household dust, and dust mite debris from the air in your home. It will adequately meet your basic filter requirements.

The electrostatically charged fibers in this filter propel its overall attraction and capture of the major airborne particles. It The high velocity furnace filter comes with a 316 MPR performance rating, making this a suitable filter for all homes. Despite being electrostatically charged, this filter is disposable.

It’s expected that it can be difficult to remember changing your filter or even doing it yourself. Note that it is usable to up to 3 months so you can put off those thoughts for a while now but make a schedule for regular replacement.

If you’re interested in having a primary electrostatic and  high velocity furnace filter for your home, you should can never go wrong with this Filtrete

Highlighted features:

  • Captures all airborne allergens- like Pollen, Household Dust, dust mite debris and Lint
  • Lasts up to 3 months
  • Electrostatically charged fibers
  • 316 Microparticle Performance Rating
  • Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) of 6
  • Certified frustration-free

2. Filtrete Micro Allergen Defense Filter Review:

Filtrete Micro Allergen Defense HVAC Air Filter, Delivers Cleaner Air Throughout Your Home, Guaranteed Airflow up to 90 days, MPR 1000, 20 x 25 x 1, 6-Pack

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Are your allergies still getting the better part of you despite the constant replacement of your basic filter? What you need is to upgrade your current filter to the micro allergen defense filter. It's known that the basic filters only filter out large airborne particles, so what about the micro-sized particles?

What’s special about this filter is that it’s designed with the Filtrete brand 3-in-1 tech which enables it to suck in and trap large air particulate matter as well as the microparticles like mold spores, pollen, pet dander, smoke, and smog.

This overall defense as the name suggests repurposes your central heating and cooling system into an air cleaner for your whole home.

Air is good, but clean air is even better. With a rated microparticle performance of 1000, this filter outperforms fiberglass. What’s even better is that it has non-electrostatic pleated one-inch filters that are washable, a significant added advantage for us clean freaks.

The washable furnace filters can last up to 3 months, but don’t forget that regular change and cleaning is ideal for its performance, energy costs and keeping your allergies at bay too. So why not change when the right comes?

Highlighted features:

  • Washable filters
  • Designed with Filtrete Brand 3-in-1 technology
  • 1000 Microparticle Performance Rating
  • Size 20x25x1 inches

3. Honeywell FC100A1037 Ultra Efficiency Air Cleaning Filter Review:

Honeywell FC100A1037 Ultra Efficiency Air Cleaning Filter, 20X25-Inches (MERV-11)

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If you have a young family, living or working with people highly susceptible to airborne asthma, allergies or are just in need of adequately clean air in your home, you should try this Honeywell FC100A1037 Ultra Efficiency Air Cleaning Filter.

Those who require more sensitive filtration in their home can count on this highly efficient filter having a high merv rating, as it works tirelessly to ensure you have that clean air you need in your home. This replacement media is created from polypropylene, which enables it to serve at an above average level in quality air filtration and cleaning.

Boasting of Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) of 11, this model ranks as a high-end performance filter with high efficacy in air particulate entrapment, unlike the lower rated MERV filters.

This merv filter’s versatility makes increases its popularity among homeowners. It features a varied array of sizes that enable it to act as a replacement in different Honeywell HVAC's as well as other competitor brand air cleaners.

Highlighted features:

  • Polypropylene
  • MERV 11
  • Varied size fittings
  • Highly versatile- compatible with Honeywell 20X25, to 25X22 F100 and F200 Media AC, SpaceGard 2200
  • Fractional efficiency

4. Flanders Flat Panel E-Z Flow Air Filter Review:

E-Z Flow Air Filter, MERV 4, 16 x 25 x 1-Inch, 12-Pack

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Versatility is a much-admired attribute when it comes to the best hvac filters, and the Flanders Flat Panel E-Z Flow Air Filter majorly reeks of this attribute. I say this because most filters need to be specific to the furnace model.

This filter may come in handy if it so happens that you can't identify your furnace model and are in need of an extremely versatile furnace filter for your HVAC system. This efficient filter with a MERV of 4, ensures adequate efficiency in filtration of lint, dust, and pollen from your home and office air.

You also won't have to worry about its maintenance or longevity majorly. Its durability is enhanced by the chipboard frame that is reinforced with a two-sided metal retainer. The filter entails heavy duty spun glass filter medium, increasing air filtration. Its efficiency is also enhanced by its low resistance keeping harmful particles out.

Its versatility is borne from the varied sizes it is available in, that fit almost any heating or cooling system.

The merv filter is easy to install and replace. It comes in a pack of 12 providing years round air cleaning.

Highlighted features:

  • MERV rating 4
  • Compatible with HVAC systems using filter sizes of 16X25X1 inch
  • Pack of 12
  • Two sided metal reinforcement
  • Heavy duty spun glass in the filter

5. Filtrete Micro Allergen Defense Filter Review:

Filtrete 16x25x1, AC Furnace Air Filter, MPR 1000, Micro Allergen Defense, 2-Pack (exact dimensions 15.719 x 24.72 x 0.84)

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Are allergies and asthma still acting up? Even after the regular replacement of your furnace filter? You should then probably think about switching to a more highly sensitive electrostatic furnace filter such as the  Micro Allergen Defense Filter.

You know the struggle and stress of battling with anti-allergens day in day out, this filter reduced this trend in my home. The micro allergen defense filter has an intricate amalgamation of an electrostatic tech and an MPR of 1000.

The electrostatically charged material acts as a particle magnet. This ensures that  the pleated filters are highly effective in trapping indoor lint, household dust, dust mite debris, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, smoke, and smog. The 3M MPR of 1000 depicts the filter's ability to trap these nuisance microparticles efficiently.

It does come in handy especially when you have an objective of reducing the trips to refill your anti-allergen prescriptions!

This filter as with most of the others in this furnace filter reviews list, can last for up to 3 months. However, remember that a regular filter replacement is not only ideal for your health but also critical in maintaining adequate furnace performance, increase its operational longevity and overall energy cost reduction. With a high microparticle performance rating and constructed of electrostatic materials, it is one of the best indoor furnace filters for dust.

Highlighted features:

  • Traps allergens
  • Electrostatically charged
  • 1000 Microparticle Performance Rating
  • Size 16x25x1 inches
  • 2 pack

6. Nordic Pure Pleated Air Condition Furnace Filter Review:

Nordic Pure 16x20x1 MERV 12 Pleated AC Furnace Air Filters 6 Pack

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With the current wave of SDG's and environmental sufficiency, we have to be keen in pollution reduction, reuse, and recycling. If you are an environmental enthusiast looking for an environmentally friendly furnace filter, this Nordic Pure Pleated Air Condition Furnace Filter should be your number one choice.

This pleated filter has its frame made from recycled materials! This not only presents a solution for your furnace filter needs but also sustains the environment by waste recycling!

The awesomeness in this filter doesn’t end there. Like other filters, it removes large air particulates but also serves in allergen particle entrapment, i.e., pollen, mold, dust mites and tobacco smoke from the air in your home and also pet dander.

The electrostatically charged air conditioner filter acts as a particulate magnet. Its pleated filters increase the surface area of air filtered increasing the quality and quantity of the indoor air filtration. The crowning aspect is the MERV 12 rating that brings out the ultimateness in its very very highly rated performance efficacy.

You will not have to worry about bacteria or spore growth on the filters; this is due to the synthetic material the filters are made from. It can last for 30-90 days, however, remember regular changing of your filter is a great practice to uphold.

Highlighted features:

  • Recycled frame material
  • MPR rating 1500-1913
  • Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial pleated electrostatic filter material
  • MERV 12
  • Electrostatically charged
  • Pleated filters

7. FilterBuy AFB Pleated AC Furnace Air Filter Review:

FilterBuy 16x24x1 MERV 8 Pleated AC Furnace Air Filter, (Pack of 4 Filters), 16x24x1 – Silver

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If you're in need of a furnace filter that is not only suitable for your residence but also for commercial and industrial use, you should get this FilterBuy AFB Pleated AC Furnace Filter.

This filter is known to be among the highly versatile in the market. It can be used as a replacement for most furnace filters; this is just one of its many perks.

With a MERV rating of 8, this filter is adequate in providing above average air particulate filtration. The filters not only capture the large air particles but also allergens such as mold and pollen.

You won't have to be uneasy about the quality of air filtration, due to the greater surface area per inch for filtration provided by the pleated filter design.

If you run a commercial or industrial block, then the durability of your furnace filter is essential. The beverage board frames enhance this filter's durability. The frames can withstand both high temperatures and humidity, making the maintenance and operation of your furnace less worrisome especially in highly heated and wet industrial housing.

Replacements should be done within 90 days though recommended to be done more regularly.

Highlighted features:

  • Pleated air/ furnace filter
  • 4 pack
  • MERV rating of 8
  • Versatility
  • Durability against temperature and moisture

8. Filtrete Allergen Defense Odor Reduction Filter Review:

Filtrete 16x25x1, AC Furnace Air Filter, MPR 1200, Allergen Defense Odor Reduction, 2-Pack (exact dimensions 15.69 x 24.69 x 0.81)

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If odor in your residence seems to be building up despite the adequate usage of your HVAC, you should take action before it progresses and install this Filtrete Allergen Defense Odor Reduction Filter.

Here, you will have an ultimate furnace filter purposely fine-tuned and efficient in air filtration and removal of odors in your residence. With time-and especially in older houses- we notice the organic odors such as of mildew. The Filtrete filters is fitted with a unique tech to increase it odor capturing attribute. This tech alongside filter material infused with activated carbon absorbs the unwanted odors including mildew, tobacco smoke, cleaning chemicals, pets, and cooking.

With a 3M rated MPR of 1200, you can expect high efficiency in the Filtrete filter's stipulated performance areas.

The electrostatically charged Filtrete furnace filters act as an air particle magnet, reinforcing it overall high efficacy in air particle and odor removal.

This odor removal filter should be the perfect solution for your odor problems. It can last up to 3 months though do note that filter replacement should be a regular habit not only to ensure that the odors are kept out but also to maintain furnace performance, operation period and energy cost reduction.

Highlighted features:

  • Activated carbon removes strong odors in the air
  • Electrostatically charged filters
  • 1200 MPR
  • Lasts up to 3 months

9. AIRx Allergy Pleated Air Filter Review

AIRx ALLERGY 18x20x1 MERV 11 Pleated Air Filter - Made in the USA - Box of 6

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Are you looking to turn your heating or air conditioning system into an entire house cleaner? This AIRx Allergy Pleated Air Filter should definitely be in the running as your perfect choice because it’s one of the best home air conditioner filters in the market today. Allergy can be a nuisance, being a condition we have to tackle on a daily basis, however placing ourselves in an environment that keeps it at bay, for some time, is ideal.

This filter offers a drastic reduction of asthma, pet dander, smoke, pollen, dust mite and mold particles in the air in your home. This is its number once attribute that it undertakes with high efficiency.

Its MERV rating of 11 reinforces its class among the highly efficient filters, and this serves in putting to bed any uneasiness you might have with regard to how it fully operates.

You will enjoy its high operating capacity which is enabled by its ability to prevent your HVAC equipment from dust clogging. Ensuring optimized operating efficiency, airflow, cost beneficial energy consumption and maintenance practices.

The quality and quantity of air filtration is optimized due to the increased pleats per square inch in the filters.

Replacements can be done every 90 days but the manufacturers recommend you to do it every two months.

Highlighted features:

  • Traps most airborne allergen particles
  • More pleats per inch that other brands
  • MERV 11

10. Trion Air Bear 255649-102 Replacement Filter Review:

Trion Air Bear 255649-102 Replacement Filter - 20x25x5, Three Per Box

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As we close our list of the best HVAC filters reviews, we take a look at Trion air bear 255649-102. With a MERV of 8 and a rated 2000 cfm air flow, this replacement filter has an efficient furnace filter rating.

It depicts the above average ability of this filter to not only protect your furnace but also shows its efficiency in capturing of those large harmful air particles like pet dander, dust, dust mites, pollen and pollutants within the air ducts, enabling free air flow.

This filter also acts as a particle magnet. This is made possible by the electrostatically charged material it is made with. The material recharges itself as air passes over the filter’s surface, providing a constant electrostatic environment.

This ensures that it is highly effective in trapping all large particles such as lint, household dust, dust mite debris, mold spores, among others.

The Quality of cleaned air is remarkable. This is due to the pleated surface of the filters which boast of a higher particle-holding ability than other filters in the market.

These come in a pack of three where each can last up to 3 months. Regular filter replacement is vital to ensure maintenance of overall furnace performance.

Highlighted features:

  • Made in the USA
  • Pleated filters surface
  • MERV 8
  • Electrostatic charged material

Furnace Filter Buying Guide: What To Look For?


Your filters’ efficiency heavily relies on its MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value). ‘The higher, the better,' the same applies to this value as it ranges from 1 to 16. With larger rates comes more entrapment of unwanted and harmful air particles.

However, with a filter that is higher ranked, the furnace is forced to work harder because of the hindrance due to less air flow via it. So when you’re choosing your best air filter for your home furnace, one with high efficiency, a rating of between 8 and 11 is adequate.

2. Filter type.

You’d be surprised at the vast array of designs for filters available on the market right now. What does the description of your filter mean in relation to your needs and expectations?

Let’s take a look at the different types out there and how they can meet your needs and requirements:

  • Electrostatic: From our furnace filters reviews, we’ve seen that if the filter is electrostatically charged, it also acts as a ‘particle magnet.' They come in both disposable and washable types. With the latter, you should also expect it to be quite long lasting almost permanent.
  • Pleated: Bordering on the quantity and quality of air filtration, then this should be a perfect fit. Pleated filters increase the surface area of air filtrated, capturing more particles per inch, unlike other un-pleated designs. Due to this high capture capacity, you’ll need to check and replace regularly.
  • Activated carbon: If you’re looking to kill odors in your residence, then this filter should be the ideal choice. The activated carbon traps odors, fumes, and chemicals when the air passes via the HVAC.

3. MPR

If you’re a 3M customer, then you must have come across this description usually used in furnace filter ratings.

It indicates the Micro-particle Performance Rating of your filter, with the higher the value indicating its superior effectiveness.

Similar to MERV, this shows the efficiency of your filter in capturing particle sizes between 0.3-1 micro (this makes up 99% of air particulates).

4. Filter sizes

Your filter size is dictated and should correlate with the size indicated in your furnace manual. Dimensions are highlighted about the thickness (commonly 1 inch), height and length. Typical sizes as with the ones reviewed above include 14’’x25’’, 10’’x10’’ etc.

Final Thoughts on the Best Furnace Filters

We’ve come to the end of our furnace filter reviews. Hopefully, you’ve learned the importance and necessity of regular check, maintenance and replacement of the filters in your HVAC systems in both commercial and residential settings. What’s the best furnace filter for allergies, asthma, or a compromised immune system?

You can pick out any of the best furnace filters from our list above as all of them are up to par with the needed uses. They promote longevity of your HVAC systems, which in turn enable clean air circulation and a clean bill of health in your residences too. 

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