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15 Best Fire Pits – Reviews and Tips from an Expert

Sitting around a fire outdoors (on your patio,  in your backyard or any outdoor space), looking at the stars and the moon, with family and friends all around – lovely right? If you are looking for a best fire pit, you have come to the right place. What I have prepared here is a feast of information. What you will get by reading this article is a mountain of quality content. I have anticipated and answered your most important questions about fire pits.

And to help you find the best fire pit, I have prepared 15 reviews of the best units currently in the market.

What is a Fire Pit?

Fire pits are used mainly to provide heat. The best time to use one is at night when it’s cold. That’s when you and your family huddle around it, and thrill in each other’s company while watching the fire burn.

Some fire pits are portable. You can move them from your backyard and take them to your porch. Some you can even take with you when you go hunting or visit your cabin out in the woods. Portable ones are made of lightweight material, and most of them use stainless steel. And then there are the permanent ones.

Some you buy as DIY Some patio fire pit and wood fire pits kits are pre-assembled and some needs some DIY knowhow in which you need to assemble the kit when you take them home. And some you build from scratch.

Some you build using concrete blocks, and they are just like old-fashioned fireplaces. And some you make with cement, and they are shaped like bowls and use gel fuel and lava rocks for fuel. And some units are wood-burning, while others rely on propane or natural gas.

So there are many kinds of fire pits, and the one you choose depends on your preferences, the availability of fuel, and your budget.

Now let’s look at 15 fire pit reviews of the best units in the market.

Our Best Fire Pit Reviews:

1. Landmann 26364 23-1/2-Inch Savannah Garden Light Fire Pit Review:

Landmann 26364 23-1/2-Inch Savannah Garden Light Fire Pit

On chilly nights, when you want to enjoy a nice moment with the family, a good backyard fire pit is all you need. You can consider this Landmann product as the best outdoor fire pit for the job.

The Landmann will create a beautiful ambiance that everyone will enjoy. This is largely thanks to the decorative cutouts on the firebox.

The light and heat of the fire beam out through the cutouts, warming both the body and the heart of anyone near it.

This product enables 360-degree fire-viewing. As a result, everyone sitting around will get a clear view of the fire. This mutual enjoyment helps build and strengthen our bonds with family or friends, bringing us closer.

With its sturdy steel construction, this Landmann is a robust product you can rely on to last a long while. It is also easy to assemble.

The Landmann comes with a spark screen covering the fire on top and a poker for you to stoke your fire with. The spark screen protects you from embers and enables you to loosen up and just relax.

Otherwise, you would constantly be worried about sparks flying out of the fire.

Highlighted Features:

  • Large 23-1/2-inch fire bowl
  • Comes with poker and spark screen
  • Gives you 360-degree fire-viewing
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Easy assembly
  • Attractive cut-out pattern

2. Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit Review:

Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit

As you window-shop in search of the best fire pit, consider this Fire Sense product. If spending quality time with your family is high on your list of priorities, the Fire Sense will help you achieve that.

Fire Sense products are considered top-notch for several reasons. To start with, they exude quality. They also radiate style, luxury, and high value thus it made this list of one of the best wood burning fire pit reviews.

It comes with a one-piece mesh fire screen, which will contain the flames and any sparks that would fly out towards the people seated around the fire.

The fire screen has a coating of high-temperature paint – it can handle the heat without peeling off.

With the wood grate which comes as an accessory with this Fire Sense, you can have an easier time starting your fires.

The grate makes it easy for you to add elevation to your logs. As a result, the fire will have a good amount of airflow, which prevents it from flickering out. The wood grate also makes it easier to clean up the fire pit of leftover firewood and ashes. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Brushed, painted steel legs
  • 35-inch antique bronze steel fire bowl with hammered lip
  • One-piece mesh fire screen
  • Comes with screen lift tool and wood grate

3. Best Choice Products Hex Shaped Outdoor Home Garden Backyard Fireplace Review:

Best Choice Products Hex Shaped Outdoor Home Garden Backyard Fireplace

If you want the best backyard fire pit, and nothing less, check out this Best Choice home garden fireplace.

You can use it to improve your outdoor home décor by positioning it on your porch, backyard or your patio, or your garden. It has a bronze finish and lattice design that make it a beautiful piece of craftsmanship.

If you measure your night-time outdoor quality time according to how long the fire lasts, you are in for a treat. Since the bowl is extra wide and deep, you can pack in more wood than you normally do.

As a result, you can keep the fire going for a bit longer, and enjoy more quality time and warmth with family.

You can count on it to give you a long-term service. With its steel construction design, the patio fire pit is durable and robust.

The flame retardant spark screen will keep you safe from sparks or embers emitting from the flame. As a result, you will be safe, even with the wind blowing. And you will be more at ease knowing your loved ones are safe.

At 15.75 pounds, the fireplace is quite lightweight. You can easily pick it up and move it when you want to change its location – for instance, from the backyard to the patio and vice versa.

Highlighted Features:

  • Bronze finish and lattice design
  • Steel construction design
  • Lightweight (15.75 pounds)
  • Flame retardant lid

4. Sun Joe SJFP35-STN 35-Inch Cast Stone Fire Pit Review:

Sun Joe SJFP35-STN 35-Inch Cast Stone Fire Pit

Sun Joe products combine quality craftsmanship with affordability. At an affordable price, you get what may be the best fire pit in the market. Unlike the other products we have looked at, this Sun Joe is not steel-made. Rather it is made of durable cast stone.

It’s a great centerpiece that will do well in your backyard. You can then sit around it and bask in the warm glow of the fire burning within.

One advantage it has over most fire pits is the large size of its fire bowl. As such, it can accommodate rather large hardwood logs. For that reason, you can maintain a steady fire for longer periods.

You can view the fire from any side of this cast stone outdoor fire pit. No one will feel left out. And the wire mesh screen or spark screen will protect you all from sparks that fly out suddenly. The screen also provides an open view of the burning flame.

And should you desire to remove the screen while the fire is burning, you can do so without fear of burning your fingers – just use the included screen hook.

Highlighted Features:

  • Cast stone base
  • 29-inch fire bowl
  • Wire mesh screen
  • 24-inch screen hook for safely removing screen

5. Landmann 28345 Big Sky Stars and Moons Fire Pit Review:

Landmann 28345 Big Sky Stars and Moons Fire Pit

This Landmann fire pit has a unique design. If you are looking for something that adds charm and beauty to your family quality time, consider this product.

The design cutouts of moons and stars on the Landmann’s body create an eye-pleasing effect when you make a fire at night.

The effect is best when it’s dark because it looks as though multiple moons and stars are shining in your midst. This enhances your fire-watching.

The black finish heightens this effect. And the sturdy steel makes the Landmann durable and robust.

And as for accessories, you get a cooking grate, a spark screen, and a poker. The spark screen protects you from stray sparks emitted by the fire, or hot ashes blown by the wind.

The poker will help you to stoke the fire and elevate your wood for better aeration to make the fire burn brighter.

A safety ring surrounds the diameter of the fire pit. This comes in handy when you want to move it from one location to another.

If the night gets too cold and windy and you want to leave the garden but don’t want to go indoors just yet, you can easily take the Landmann to your patio or porch, and continue your enjoyment and warmth with a loved one.

At 23-1/2 inches, the fire bowl is rather large. You can load up enough wood into the bowl for a longer-lasting burn.

Highlighted Features:

  • 23-1/2-inch fire bowl
  • Safety ring
  • Sturdy steel construction with black finish
  • Star and moon design cutouts

6. Landmann 25282 Barrone Antique Bronze 26-Inch Fire Pit Review:

 Landmann 25282 Barrone Antique Bronze 26-Inch Fire Pit

With the 360-degree view of the fire, no one in the group will feel left out, and all will enjoy gazing upon the brilliance of the dancing flames.

And with its stunning, decorative crosshatch design, you can count on that view being nothing short of magnetic. This is especially true when the night is black – the ambiance is incredible!

It has four decorative legs which are a work of commendable craftsmanship. The legs, however, are more notable for their sturdiness. They provide stability and support for the Landmann.

And to keep the embers, sparks, and ashes contained in the fire, it comes with a large, sturdy spark screen. The spark screen has a handle on top, enabling easier removal – particularly when the fire is still burning.

And to ensure the unit gives you long-term service, you get a fire pit cover which protects it from the elements.

The provided poke will enable you to stoke your fire, and reposition the wood for a smoother and longer burn. And since it's constructed from bronze, fire pits don't rust.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with built-in wood grate
  • Comes with poker
  • Comes with spark screen that has a handle
  • Comes with cover
  • Decorative crosshatch design

7. Landmann USA 28347 Big Sky Wildlife Fire Pit Review:

Landmann USA 28347 Big Sky Wildlife Fire Pit

The attractive wildlife cut out designs on this fire pit will make your fire watching worthwhile. To cap it off, it has a black finish which provides an excellent counterpoint to the glowing orange of the wild animals when you have a fire going. At night the effect is stunning.

The black finish has another advantage – you don’t have to put in as much time during cleaning. I know that would make me happy!

And if you are in the mood for a cook-out, the Landmann comes with a full-size cooking grate. You and your family can roast something as you sit outside on a lovely evening.

Plus, there is a poker with which you can stoke the fire when the wood is partly consumed so as to transmit the fire to the whole parts of the wood. That way, the fire lasts longer.

The full-diameter handle enables you to move the Landmann as you wish. If you decide to take the party closer to the house, you can easily do so.

The study steel construction will ensure the fire pit gives you long-term service.

Highlighted Features:

  • Wildlife cutouts
  • 12.5-inches deep fire bowl
  • Includes spark screen and poker
  • Black finish for less cleaning
  • Comes with full-size cooking grate
  • 23-1/2 inches diameter
  • Full circle handle and safety ring
  • Sturdy steel construction

8. Landmann 28335 Big Sky Stars & Moons Georgia Clay Fire Pit Review:

Landmann 28335 Big Sky Stars & Moons Georgia Clay Fire Pit

This Landmann clay fire pit will prove an excellent addition to your terrace, backyard, or porch. It has an earthy look which makes it a charming piece that complements your outdoor décor.

It has unique cutouts, featuring stars and crescent moons. So when you light up a fire in it at night, it’s like bringing down the stars and several moons down to your backyard where you can sit in front of them enjoying their light and heat.

The body of the Landmann comprises a cold-rolled steel shell with a sand paint finish. It’s a durable product.

Around the fire, bowl is a full-diameter safety ring. It comes in handy when you want to carry the fire pit. You can also use the ring a footrest.

And just in case you want to cook something for the group, the Landmann comes with a full-size cooking grate. You also get a poker.

And if you are in the mood for a trip, this is just the fire pit you are looking for. Not only is it portable, but it is also lightweight. You can take it with you camping, on a trip to the beach, or if you plan to go full Thoreau at a cabin in the woods.

Highlighted Features:

  • Full-size cooking grate
  • Has spark-guard cover
  • Poker included
  • 23-1/2-inch diameter bowl
  • Full-diameter safety ring
  • Cold-rolled steel shell with sand paint finish
  • Star and moon cutouts
  • Measuring 29.5 x 29.5 x 23 inches

9. Sunnydaze 30 Inch Cosmic Fire Pit with Cooking Grill and Spark Screen Review:

Sunnydaze 30 Inch Cosmic Fire Pit with Cooking Grill and Spark Screen

One of the gripes most people have about their fire pits is when the paint starts peeling off after a few fires, and the pit begins to rust. If you are tired of that, consider this Sunnydaze product.

The steel ensures robustness and durability. And the rustic patina high-temperature paint finish is long-lasting and ensures good quality and functionality. It’s also worth noting that you get a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

The fire bowl has a 24-inch diameter. Pack it with enough logs, even the bigger ones, and enjoy a high-quality fire that won’t burn out too quickly.

The moon and star cutouts add beauty, as you gaze at the brilliant colors of the flame through the cutouts. They also enable the fire to breathe and burn better.

With the rail around the pit, it’s easier for you to move it around as well as to clean it; so all-round convenience. And you can cook on the grill.

It has legs that raise it above the ground, making it stable, so it won’t tip over if someone accidentally pushes it.

It also includes a screen for protection against any sparks or hot ashes that may fly out of the fire, especially when the wind is blowing. And when you want to cook, you can easily remove the screen, and cook over the fire.

Highlighted Features:

  • Measures 29.5 x 29.5 x 20 inches, including the outside ring and screen
  • Weighs 21 pounds
  • Fire bowl with a 24-inch diameter and 10-inch height
  • 5-inch legs
  • Comes with spark screen
  • Poker with a poker-lifting tool
  • Built-in wood grate and cooking grate
  • Steel construction with rustic patina paint finish
  • One-year warranty

10. AmazonBasics Steel Lattice Fire Pit Review:

AmazonBasics Steel Lattice Fire Pit

Some outdoor heaters do not allow everyone to have a good view of the fire. Some of the people sitting around the heater are cast into shadow. Everyone has to cram themselves on one side.

But with this AmazonBasics product, such measures are unnecessary. It enables 360-degree viewing of the fire, so nobody will feel left out and feel the warmth like an endless summer.

With steel construction, the pit is sturdy and durable. And assembly is pretty easy, so there is no wastage of time.

The fire bowl is large and sturdy. It has a diameter of 23-1/2 inches. Bigger logs of wood burn for longer.

The spark screen gives you protection from sparks or hot ashes. It is especially ideal if you have little ones sitting with you.

And if the fire begins to die out, you can stoke it with the fire poker. By rearranging the logs in the fire, you give it enough aeration for a longer, more brilliant burn.

Highlighted Features:

  • 360-degree viewing of the fire
  • Includes spark screen and fire poker
  • Has 23-1/2-inch fire bowl
  • Sturdy steel construction for easy assembly

11. AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC Antique Bronze Finish Propane Fire Pit Review:

AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC Antique Bronze Finish Propane Fire Pit

This patio heater fire pit has a unique design. It looks like a table. The square table top measures 38 square inches, is 28 inches tall, and its lid is 19 square inches. The burn area is 17 square inches. It will make this best portable propane fire pit a fitting addition to your patio’s décor.

You can fuel it with propane or butane gas. Since you are not burning wood, you can have the fire going on for longer.

It’s also appropriate for particularly cold nights as the flame is consistent and super hot. It produces a heat output of 40,000 BTU’s.

It uses battery-powered pulse ignition. So starting your fire won’t be a long and tedious process as it usually is when you are making a manual wood fire.

You will be glad to know that it is CSA approved. CSA stands for the Canadian Standards Association.

And for the sake of safety, it comes with a thermocouple flame failure device. This is a safety device which prevents explosions from occurring when the main flow of gas is discontinued.

The device prevents the accumulation of large quantities of gas which if ignited would result in an explosion.

Highlighted Features:

  • CSA-approved
  • Includes fire glass – must use fire glass of at least ¾-inch diameter
  • Easy access propane tank door
  • Has thermocouple flame failure device
  • Gas type: Propane, butane; with a heat output of 40,000 BTU’s
  • Battery-operated pulse ignition
  • 38 square tabletop, 28 tall, 19 square lid, 17 square burn area

12. Pleasant Hearth Brant 30-Inch Round Fire Pit Review:

 Pleasant Hearth Brant 30-Inch Round Fire Pit

The fire bowl in this fire pit is extra-large, with a diameter of 30 inches. You won’t have any trouble putting in the larger logs or adding more wood to your fire.

For safety, it provides a mesh spark guard cover. Your loved ones will be safe from hot ash or sparks emitting from the fire. And don’t worry about how you will remove the spark guard when the pit is hot. You can easily lift the guard with the poker.

It has a steel grate design which enables air to circulate better in the pit. This will ensure you have consistent fires.

You won’t have to keep stoking the fire, but can relax and enjoy the fire as it consumes the wood with brilliant light and heat.

Also, it has holes which improve aeration of the fire and enable water drainage. And the ash catcher makes cleaning a less daunting task.

Highlighted Features:

  • 30-inch fire bowl
  • Rubbed bronze finish
  • Has mesh spark guard cover
  • Includes 20-inch poker
  • Steel grate design for better air flow
  • Comes with ash catcher

13. Fire Sense 22-Inch Folding Fire Pit Review:

 Fire Sense 22-Inch Folding Fire Pit

This Fire Sense fire pit comprises a steel bowl coated with heat-resistant paint. You can count on it for durability and robustness against the elements. And since the paint is heat-resistant, it won’t start chipping off and cause your fire pit to rust.

The fire screen keeps you safe from the sparks or embers that fly out of the fire when the wind is blowing. Without the fire screen, it would be difficult to relax as you would feel vulnerable.

The fire screen gives you a sense of confidence, and you can even have a nice doze as you relish the warm ambiance of the fire.

And if you feel like cooking, it has you sorted with a cooking grate. So your sessions of sitting around the fire can be even more lit (pun intended)!

Assembling the pit is super easy. No need to call anyone in to help. And you also don’t need any tools.

And should you want to move it from its present location, and take it with you camping or to a cabin, you can fold it up easily.

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes log grate, cooking grate, and fire tool
  • Foldable for easy transport
  • Comes with carrying bag
  • Don’t need tools for assembly

14. Blue Rhino Outdoor Blue Fire Glass Propane Gas Fire Pit Review:

Blue Rhino Outdoor Blue Fire Glass Propane Gas Fire Pit

This is another fire pit that doesn’t rely on wood for fuel. So if you are looking for something that won’t take up too much of your time to start a fire, check out this Blue Rhino product.

It has a safety valve and piezo ignition to make the process of starting a fire easy.

It uses propane and produces 30,000 BTU’s. When the nights are cold, there is nothing quite like this propane fire pit.

It is shaped like a table and is a perfect fire pit for improving the look of your terrace or porch.

Highlighted Features:

  • Safety valve and piezo ignition
  • Table dimensions: 30 x 30 x 24 inches, with 70-pound weight
  • 30,000 BTU’s
  • 12 pounds of fire glass and cover included
  • Sleek solid steel side panels for concealing propane tank (20-pound tank not included)

15. AmazonBasics 34-Inch Natural Stone Fire Pit Review:

AmazonBasics 34-Inch Natural Stone Fire Pit

For a truly stunning fire pit, well designed and crafted, check out this AmazonBasics product. It is made from natural stone and adds charm and character to any setting.

It comes with a log grate, fire screen, and fire tool. So when the fire starts to flicker out, you can use the fire tool to improve the circulation and make the flame burn brighter.

The dome-shaped fire screen will protect you from sparks or ashes that blow from the fire.

The log grate is located at the bottom of the fire bowl. It ensures the logs are slightly raised, which provides enough space below for better circulation of air. As a result, you have better burning fires.

It has long, stylish legs which give stability to the pit. The legs are curved and made from metal. When your fire pit is on uneven surfaces, the legs ensure it does not tip over.

It is portable, and you can move it from one place to another with ease.

And since it has a 360-degree view, everyone sitting around it can directly gaze upon the glowing flames.

Highlighted Features:

  • 34-inch length and 21.5-inch height
  • Comes with log grate and fire tool
  • Includes fire screen

Fire Pit Buying Guide: What to Look for

What features should you look for when you are going shopping for a new fire pit? I have prepared a list of what I consider the most important factors to consider as you narrow down your list of choices.

Let’s begin:

1. Style

Fire pits come in different shapes and sizes. Before you make your purchase, it’s important to consider the various available styles. That way you know what you are missing when you choose a particular product. And you will choose the one that pleases you most.

Most of the fire pits we have reviewed have a rounded shape. These are the basic fire bowl type of fire pits.

The main advantage of this kind of pit is that you can sit around it in a group and receive the same amount of heat and view the fire from all sides.

Other fire pits have square shapes and resemble tables. On such units, you can even place a drink (say, a cup of hot tea) on the top as you sit around watching the fire. With this kind of unit, you don’t have to come with a table for your beverage.

Some fire pits are multi-level or multi-functional, combining the function of a fire pit and a beverage cooler.

This is great for when you are hanging out with friends and having drinks on your terrace. You won’t have to go back into the house to get cool drinks from your refrigerator.

2. Fuel Type

Most of the pits we have discussed are wood-burning units. Other sources of fuel include propane or natural gas. Whichever you choose will depend on several factors.

For instance, anyone who wants something that has the charm of an old-fashioned fireplace will prefer the wood-burning unit.

For some of us, there is an inexplicable pleasure in crouching to make a fire with our bare hands. We enjoy stoking it, and adding wood when the flame begins to flicker.

Something about burning wood in a fire and sitting around it in a circle just seems to bring people together. It’s also worth remembering that wood is cheaper than gas.

And if you live in the rural area with an abundant supply of wood, you might prefer a wood-burning unit. Conversely, someone who lives in the suburbs might gravitate towards gas if they have a gas line installed.

You can also compare the environmental impact of the sources of fuel. While gas is not a renewable resource like wood, it gives a cleaner burn than wood.

And of course, if anyone in your family is asthmatic or sensitive to smoke, gas is the way to go.

If you decide on a wood-burning unit, remember to check the wood-burning laws of your area. You might end up paying fines for violating regulations you didn’t know anything about.

3. Materials

There are two considerations when it comes to material. On the one hand, there is robustness and durability, and on the other is portability. It’s up to you which of the two factors you prize more.

Naturally, we all want something that will last longer and handle all kinds of tough conditions. For something robust, cast iron is a good choice, but it is also rather heavy. In that case, it might not be as portable as some of the other choices.

For something lightweight, you can go for cast aluminum or copper. Cast aluminum has a high resistance to rust. Copper can be susceptible to staining.

4. Portable or Permanent?

Most of the units we have looked at in the reviews are portable. You can move them from your garden to your patio or porch when necessity urges. And some are light enough to take with you when you go camping.

But other fire pit rings are permanent fixtures. You install your fire pit on your patio, and there it will remain. This kind of fire pit insert has the reliability of an old-fashioned fireplace.

Also, the fire pit ring has all the charm of a real fireplace. When you and your friends or family members sit around it, you can feel your bonds growing stronger as the beautiful flames dance before your glowing eyes.

5. DIY Fire Pit Project Kit

Instead of buying a finished unit, you can buy a DIY fire pit kit. This can be quite cost-effective and may even be cheaper than going for a finished product.

All you have to do is follow the instructions, and assemble the components to install your unit.

One of the advantages of such units is the freedom to customize. You have a broad range of options of what you can do to mold the look of your fire pit. You can then proceed to design and build something unique.

6. Size

If you are looking for something portable to take with you on trips, a smaller unit is ideal for you. Permanent fire pits should be larger to give you excellent service. That said, your budget will have a say in the matter; naturally, smaller units are cheaper.

The main advantage of the large unit is the amount of wood it can accommodate. The more wood you can put in a fire, the longer the fire will last. Larger logs of wood also last longer than smaller pieces. And the fire is bigger.

You get a grand feeling sitting around that kind of fire, same as you feel when sitting near an old-fashioned fireplace.

A mid-size unit is ideal if you want a balance between how much wood you can put in it and portability. They are quite popular thanks to their cost, convenience, and maneuverability. They are the most common size of fire pit available.

Small units have two main advantages. Most important is that they are super-portable. This is the fire pit you should purchase if you are looking for something to warm you when you go camping.

Some of them come with foldable legs, adding to the convenience and portability. The second advantage is that they are cheaper than larger ones.

Our Best Fire Pit Cover Picks

1. Classic Accessories 58992-EC Terrazzo Fire Pit Cover Review:

Now that you have learned all about fire pits, it’s important to consider how you will keep yours clean and dry and always ready for use. Since they are outdoors, exposed to the elements and so forth, it’s easy for them to get dirty, dusty, or even start rusting due to exposure to moisture.

But with this Classic Accessories Fire Pit Cover, you can ensure your pit is well protected from the elements. It will remain dry and clean, in readiness for when you require it.

The cover is made of heavy-duty fabric, which ensures dust and moisture and dirt do not come into contact with your pit. It is a rain-tie protective fabric which will protect the pit against rain or snow. It will also protect it from the heat of the sun.

You will also be glad to know that the cover is quite large –it will fit round fire pits of up to 44-inches diameter. So it will cover your fire pit adequately. It will also give your fire pit a custom fit thanks to the elastic cord found in its bottom hem.

It comes with dual air vents which help minimize inside condensation. As a result, it will help keep rust at bay. The air vents also help prevent wind lofting.

Wind lofting is when a gust of wind causes the cover to come off from around the fire pit. Since it has air vents, the wind blows through, rather than pushing up the cover.

Highlighted Features:

  • Rain-tie protective fabric
  • Dual vents
  • Elastic cord in bottom hem
  • Fits round fire pits up to 44-inches in diameter

2. Sunnydaze Round Black 36-Inch Fire Pit Cover Review:

Whenever you are not using your fire pit, it’s wise to drape it with a cover. This Sunnydaze product will protect your pit from the elements, ensuring longer durability.

The enemies are moisture from rain and snow (which causes corrosion), the heat of the sun, and dust.

If you want your fire pit to maintain its attractiveness, you cannot go wrong with this pit cover. Like all Sunnydaze products, this one is waterproof, so your pit will have all the protection it needs against moisture. It is weather-resistant.

At 36 inches, it is large enough to fit over and around your pit, completely engulfing it.

For greater durability, and protection, the heavy duty cover is reinforced with vinyl (PVC). As a result, it guarantees an extended period of service. And you get a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

It comes with a drawstring and toggle which fit securely to the pit’s fire bowl. As a result, your cover will remain secure.

Highlighted Features:

  • Waterproof and weather-resistant
  • Has drawstring and toggle
  • 36-inch diameter by 12-inch height
  • Heavy duty reinforced vinyl (PVC) for durability and protection
  • One-year warranty

3. Landmann USA 29300 Big Sky 30-Inch Diameter Fire Pit Cover Review:

To keep your fire pit in as good condition as when you bought it, this cover from Landmann (a brand we have already looked at in the fire pit reviews.).

Thanks to its heavy duty material, your pit will have something keeping out the elements from damaging it. The water-resistant fabric will protect it from corrosion.

It is not as big as the other covers we have already looked at, so it won’t do for truly large fire pits. For instance, one of the pits I have reviewed is 34 inches in size. But others are much smaller.

The cover is elastic, so it will stretch out, giving your fire pit a tight fit. This will go a long way in preventing the elements from getting into direct contact with your fire pit.

With these advantages, you can count on the cover to ensure your pit stays in excellent condition for longer.

Highlighted Features:

  • Water resistant
  • Elasticized for tight fit
  • 30-inch diameter

4. Classic Accessories Veranda, X-Large, Standing Fire Pit Cover Review:

This Classic Accessories fire pit cover exhales quality. Let me tell you why. It has interior bound seams which make it robust. The high-density stitching increases durability. And its handles are padded, guaranteeing you comfort when fitting or removing the cover.

The cover is large. It will easily fit stand-up fire pits measuring up to 33.5- inch length by 35.5-inch width by 35-inch height.

And you get to choose the kind of cover you want. Classic Accessories gives you a range of choices: over 140 shapes and styles to choose from. Just pick the one which you find most appropriate (or attractive) for your fire pit.

The best covers fit snugly to your unit. They are not likely to blow off when a strong gust of wind blows. This Classic Accessories product is in that league. The elastic hem cord comes with a toggle, and so you can adjust how tightly the cover grips your fire pit.

Highlighted Features:

  • Interior bound seams for strength
  • Padded handles for comfort
  • High-density stitching for durability
  • Matching webbing for style
  • California Prop 65 compliance for safety and health
  • Elastic hem cord with toggle
  • Choices of 140 shapes and sizes
  • Water-resistant fabric top with waterproof backing and protective dark splash guard skirt
  • Three-year warranty

5. Duck Covers Elite 50-Inch Square Fire Pit Cover Review:

This product from Duck Covers will give your fire pit excellent protection, ensuring it continues looking new long after you have started using it.

It features an innovative, multi-layered material that enables an adequate flow of air between the cover and the pit. As a result, there will be less condensation – hence, less risk of corrosion.

It is waterproof, so water will just slide off without penetrating to damage your fire pit. And the material is breathable and UV-treated. Plus, you can use the covers for a long time without fading or cracking.

And when you want to put away the cover, it is easy to fold and store it thanks to its lightweight material.

You want something which fits securely to your fire pit, not something loose. This cover has two-inch wide Velcro straps which enable you to cover the pit securely.

Highlighted Features:

  • Waterproof
  • Breathable, UV-treated material
  • Lightweight
  • 2-inch wide Velcro straps

DIY: How to Build Your Own Fire Pit?

You don’t have to go for a manufactured fire pit. You can get to work and construct one in your backyard. And I am not talking about a DIY fire pit kit.

I am talking about a DIY fire pit you build from scratch, something that has that old-timey charm that makes a fire even more thrilling.

Everybody likes to learn something new. So here is an excellent DIY process for building an outdoor fire pit that everyone will love.

So, before I start, I would like you to note that this is only one of many methods of building a fire pit. As they say, there are many roads to one destination.

Now, let’s begin.


  • About 40 or 50 curved precast concrete blocks
  • Square shovel
  • Steel ring
  • Three-quarter-inch stone
  • Pack: a mixture of three-quarter-inch stone and stone dust
  • Hand tamper
  • Fire pit ring
  • Rubber hammer
  • A level
  • Concrete adhesive


It’s important that the concrete blocks are slightly curved so that you can put them side by side, arranging them around your fire pit ring until they eventually form a circle. You will create four levels of this concrete block circles.

The first thing you do is dig a hole. But before you do that, place the concrete blocks side by side until they form a perfect circle around your fire pit ring – you want each block interlocking into the block to its left or right with just the right fit.

After you have made the circle of concrete blocks, hold your shovel at a distance of about three inches beyond each block, and push the shovel into the earth all around the blocks until you have a visible circle marked on the ground.

Have some pack ready. The pack should consist of three-quarter-inch stone mixed thoroughly with stone dust. The pack will give your fire pit a good foundation.

Next, get rid of the block, and start pushing and sliding the shovel under the grass in the circle that you marked on the ground using the shovel. Don’t throw away the grass – you will need it to patch in your pit after you finish building it.

So you dig and shovel out grass and dirt within the circle you have marked until you have a hole that is slightly deeper than the height of the first layer of concrete blocks.

It’s important that this first layer is buried in this way as this will give a stable foundation to your fire pit.

In the middle of this circular hole, dig another hole, a much smaller one. Fill this hole with three-quarter-inch stone. This is an effective way to drain rain water out of your fire pit; otherwise, it might overflow with water. This is especially useful if the soil in your area is clay.

Take the pack and spread it to a thickness of about two inches of it in the circle. Use the hand tamper to compact the pack. Ideally, you want the pack layering to be a bit thick, but at the same time, you want your first layer of concrete blocks to remain below or level to the ground surface.

You will have to pour quite a few layers of the pack since you can’t compact more than an inch or two at a time with the hand tamper.

Next, you take your fire pit ring and place it in the middle of the hole on top of the compacted pack which is at about five inches below the ground surface.

And then take your first layer of blocks and level them around your ring, ensuring they tightly fit against the ring.

Use a rubber hammer to beat down on the blocks and ensure they are securely set in place. All of the blocks must be level. Use your level to check that this is so, and hammer down any that aren’t until they are all straight and level.

Next, lift off the ring to give you room to work in. Use a dry piece of cloth to rub and clean any dust or grime off your blocks.

Once they are clean, squirt concrete adhesive on two blocks – a zigzag-like pattern spanning from the middle of one block to the middle of the other.

Now, place a new block on top of these two blocks – with one end starting at the middle of one block and the other end on the middle of the other block.

Repeat this for all the stones in the first layer, until you have a second layer firmly glued to the first. Repeat this process for the third and fourth layers of concrete blocks.

After you have all four layers firmly in place, put back the fire pit ring inside, with its top resting on the surface of the circle of concrete bricks.

Fill up the fire pit with three-quarter-inch stone up to the bottom of the ring. You want the stone to completely cover your concrete blocks so as to protect them from the fire.

Next, fill up the cavity around the fire pit with the topsoil you dug out, and press back the pieces of grass on top of the soil.

You are done. Insert some logs into your fire pit and start burning. Enjoy your new fire pit.

DIY: How to Build Gel Fire Pits at Home

Fire pits don’t have to be big and grand. You can make something small that has a home-made charm that makes visitors look twice. Have you ever seen a fire burning in a small concrete pot/bowl? Looks awesome, doesn’t it?

So I am going to teach you how to make that kind of fire “bowl” – in this case, a gel fire pit. Let’s begin.


  • 2 Tupperware containers, one slightly larger than the other – it fits right into the other container, with about one or two inches of space between them.
  • Newspapers
  • Cement – preferably quick-setting, so that you can finish quicker
  • A sander
  • Respirator and chemical-resistant gloves
  • Pam cooking spray
  • Margin trowel
  • Grout sponge
  • 60-grit sandpaper
  • 150-grit sandpaper
  • Solid gel fuel can
  • Lava granules


Begin by putting on a respirator and gloves.

And then place some newspapers on a table. And if you are working outdoors, set down some weights on the newspapers to keep them from blowing away in the wind. The newspapers will ensure you do a clean job, without dirtying up the table or floor.

Take one of your Tupperware bowls, the bigger one, and spray the Pam inside, spreading it out using a tissue so that it’s all covered. Repeat for the outside of the smaller container, also spreading till the Pam completely coats it.

Next, mix up some cement – it’s better to have excess cement than to fall short; otherwise you won’t make a good gel fire pit. Mix it up in a clean bucket with clean water.

Use the trowel to mix up the cement. Ensure the mixture has a thin consistency so you can more easily pour it into the bigger Tupperware container.

Next, press down the smaller bowl into the cement mixture you have poured into the bigger container. The cement should rise all around the small bowl up to the top.

If it doesn’t reach the top, it means you didn’t make enough cement. If that is the case, mix some more cement, and carefully pour it around the small container to fill up the gap.

Next, take your sander and (at a setting of 2) run it over the outer surface of the larger container (don’t use a sanding pad). You want any air bubbles in the wet cement to vibrate out.

At the same time, pour out a test piece of cement on the side. It will help you figure out when the cement is dry or solid enough for you to pull out the smaller container.

And this is where the Pam you sprayed on the containers comes in handy. Ideally, the container will simply come off when you pull it out.

The cement should be shaped like the bowl you just took out – that’s why it’s important to wait for it to dry. But it should still be malleable enough to shape and form – use the grout sponge to do this.

Hours later (how many depends on what kind of cement you used), when the cement is completely dry, overturn the container on the newspapers.

Since you sprayed Pam on the inside of the Tupperware container, the bowl of cement will simply slide down out of your container.

Use the 60-grit sandpaper to sand down your bowl of cement. Follow that up with the 150-grit for that smooth finish which will make people look twice.

Your fire pit is complete. Now, all you need is to start using it. Here is how you do it. And please ensure you have your chemical-resistant gloves on at this point.

Take the lid off your gel can and place the can in the middle of the cement bowl. Pour lava granules, surrounding the can with the granules.

You should put the lid back on temporarily so that the lava rocks don’t fall into the fuel. Spread out those granules.

Use a long match/lighter to start your fire, and that’s it. You can now enjoy a nice fire with your gel fire pit.

Where to Get Fire Pit Design Ideas

Building a fire pit can be a thoroughly fulfilling and creative endeavor. Spice it up by coming up with unique designs that capture your personality.

But if you are having trouble coming up with anything attractive, don’t worry. You can search for interesting designs on the internet. And you can get videos on YouTube too. Most of these will even give you step-by-step procedures on how to create those designs.

How to Cook in a Fire Pit Cooker

One of the neatest advantages of some fire pits is that they allow you to cook over the fire. This is a sure-fire way to turn an already awesome evening into something special. I will give you a few ways you can go about this.

You will need the following:

  • Aluminum foil
  • Skewers
  • Oven mitts
  • Grill rack
  • Cooking tongs


Ensure the skewers are at least two feet long. They should have wooden or rubber handles for insulation. People have been using skewers to cook over fire pits for as long as fire pits have been around. Skewer cooking is ideal for roasting marshmallows, hot dogs, and small birds like quail.

You rotate the skewer over the fire over the fire, enabling all sides of the meat or marshmallow or whatever you are roasting to turn golden brown.

Aluminum Foil

You use it for baking foods. Wrap a double layer of the foil around marinated meat, potatoes, and so forth. Use cooking tongs to hold the wrapped food and place it on top of the coals and embers – not directly in the fire. The heat (rather than the flames) is what you need to bake the food.


A standard grill rack will do. Put a grill rack over the fire. Some of the units I have reviewed come with a cooking grill. The cooking tongs will help you place your food on the grill rack and flip it when you want to cook the top side.

21 Fire Pit Safety Tips

Like anything that involves the use of fire, fire pits can be dangerous if you use them incorrectly. I know that sounds terrifying, but that’s why I am here: to give you some useful tips you can rely on to keep you safe when using your fire pit.

What I have done here is broken down the process of using a fire pit into different stages, and given you tips on how to handle your unit at each point.

Proper positioning

Proper positioning is the first safety consideration, and this goes for whether you are working with a portable pit or a permanent unit.

1. The pit should have at least 10 feet of clearance from any structure, whether yours or your neighbor’s. So in case an incident does arise, you can contain it quickly before it starts spreading.

2. Don’t place it under low-hanging branches. This is especially important to remember if you live in the rural area or if you are camping.

That’s how forest fires begin. By the time you realize what has happened, it might be too late for you to contain it by yourself, especially if a strong wind is blowing.

3. For obvious reasons, never place the fire pit on a flammable surface.

4. And on a similar note, don’t place it directly on grass or a wooden deck. Position it where you can quickly contain a fire if it accidentally starts.


Before you light a fire, you must first take care of the following issues:

5. Begin by removing any flammable materials from the vicinity of your fire pit.

6. Arrest potential “rogue” fires from spreading by piling some rocks around your pit.

7. The ideal fire pit is at least 6 inches deep and 2 feet across; it contains all the embers and flames securely.

Lighting the Fire

Here are the issues to take into consideration when lighting a fire:

8. For obvious reasons, never use flammable liquids like gasoline or lighter fluid to light fires.

9. A better instrument would be a commercial fire starter stick (placing kindling on top of it).

10. Avoid starting the fire when it’s too windy. It is difficult maintaining control of your fire when the wind is blowing heavily.

Using the Fire Pit

11. Don’t leave the fire burning with no one to watch it. That’s how rogue fires start.

12. Don’t leave your younger children or pets near the fire with no one to watch them. They might harm themselves.

13. Avoid throwing in paper products or garbage into the fire. Burning pieces of paper will easily blow out of the fire pit when a gust of wind lifts them into the air. They also emit sparks.

14. You should never wear flammable clothing when you are near the fire pit. The same goes for loose-fitting clothes.

15. Avoid using soft woods such as cedar or pine since they are more likely to emit sparks.

16. Don’t overload the fire with fuel. Put in as much as it needs for a gentle burn.

17. Use a wire mesh cover as protection for your children and your pets.

18. Have a bucket of water nearby in case a rogue fire breaks out.

Extinguishing the Fire

19. Keep a shovel near just in case you need to put out a rogue fire. The shovel will also come in handy in extinguishing the fire when you are done using the fire pit for the moment.

20. Never put the hot ashes in a compost pile or paper bag; avoid discarding them in anything combustible.

21. Put the ashes in a metal can instead.

Final Thoughts on What Is the Best Outdoor Fire Pit

I am sure you found some useful information after reading through that mountain of content. Now that you have all the necessary knowledge don’t put off going shopping for a new fire pit. Just pick out your favorite from the reviews.

And don’t forget to get a cover for your new (or old) fire pit – the five I have reviewed will give you excellent service!

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