What Are The Top Benefits of Using An Electric Fireplace?

What Are The Top Benefits of Using An Electric Fireplace?

As we all know, fireplaces are a standout amongst the most valuable systems in our homes. Other than adding a decent value to your home, they help promote the inside style of your living room.

With changing times, fireplaces have undergone massive changes. The contemporary fireplaces are advanced, more efficient, and elegant in contrast to the old models.

The new developments and headways in the world of the fireplaces (or room warming appliances) have led to the introduction of gas and electric models. And out of all these models, the electric fireplaces are turning out to be the main players.

As the name suggests, electric fireplaces run on power as opposed to the standard wood burning system. These modern warming equipments are extremely efficient, exquisite, and 100% easy to install.

Some top advantages you’ll enjoy when you purchase an electric fireplace for your house are outlined below:

100% Safe To Use (And Highly Functional)

You might have your fears that an electric fireplace might bring life-threatening risks in your home, right?

But that’s not the case. If you buy a high-quality electric fireplace, you’re always guaranteed of 100% safety for your entire family (including the kids and pets).

The modern electric fireplaces are consummately designed as per the UL measures. This means that they are perfectly safe for your home and family.

The warming appliances additionally have some advanced features that advocate for further safety and effective unit functionality.

Some of these measures include the auto shut-off feature that prevents overheating, non-smoke operation, energy savers that provide costs efficiency, thermostat control (adjustable), fast warming mechanism, remote control for convenient unit control, and so much more

Completely Easy to Maintain

Unlike the traditional log fireplace, the modern electric fireplace requires less or No maintenance at all. They create no garbage or waste that you will need to remove.

Since the electric heating appliance works on an entirely different principle, they take out the need for the fireplace tools usually used for maintenance purposes.

This further saves you some cash that you could have spent on buying the tools for your electric unit.

They Consume Less Space

The traditional log burning fireplaces are not bulky, but they also consumed a lot of your floor space. If you have a limited floor area, therefore, you could not enjoy the benefits of the fireplace in your home.

Luckily, the present day electric chimneys are entirely space effective. They expend less space in connection to the output they provide.

Take the corner designs for example. Such models allow you to enjoy the ambiance and warmth of an electric fireplace even when you’ve eliminated home or office floor space.

They fit perfectly into a corner and will serve your room perfectly well.

Not forgetting the convertible models that lets you stand them against a straight wall as well as use them on corners- saving you the much-needed space.

These days, where the larger population of folks lives in apartments and flats, space has become a concern. In such context, there could be no better choice than installing the modern electric fireplaces that consume minimal space and render maximum usefulness.

Real-Life Fire Imitation

Call it the realism factor…

You might be wondering whether the flames that you find in the standard wood fireplace would be available in the electric warming unit. You need not worry about that.

The greater number of the contemporary electric fireplaces is furnished with patented flame technologies which produce realistic flames.

Additionally, the electric units are designed in such a way that they resemble the traditional models in all aspects.

The moment you turn your unit on, you’ll be able to observe the dynamic flames as they go up and down (their levels can be adjusted using the remote control).

You’ll also be able to view logs burning like in the traditional log fireplace. To make the picture of the standard fireplace complete, a realistic ember bed is also available!

Such smart innovations of the electric warming unit give you a machine which displays a perfect amalgamation of the traditional and the modern. You’ll surely feel and see the environment of a traditional fireplace in your new model!

Electric Fireplaces Are Eco-Friendly!

When contrasted with the contemporary gas fireplaces or traditional log fires, the electric chimneys are friendly to the environment.

Since they don't smolder any gas or wood, there are no fumes produced, plus there’s no generation of the harmful carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide gasses.

So, when using your electric fireplace, you’ll be making good care of the environment around you, making it safe for your future generation.

Electric Fireplace Add Value to Your Home!

You should not raise a single doubt about this fact. Realtors, homeowners will tell it to you. The moment you install an electric fireplace in your newly built (or newly acquired) home, its value goes up by approximately 12%.

That’s quite an enticing deal that no homeowner would turn away from. The deal becomes even more exciting when you learn that these units come at pocket-friendly prices, and their installation is pretty simple.

You need no contractor or electrician to get the job done. By simply following the outlined step-by-step instructions on the user manual, everything will fall into place perfectly.

Final Verdict

These are just but a few benefits that you’ll enjoy from using the electric fireplace. The models have become a favorite for many homes.

They’ve proved to be 100% safe, efficient, easy to use and maintain, cost effective, consume minimal space, are eco-friendly, increases your home value, and features realistic flames, logs and ember bed- similar to those in the traditional log fires.

You also can’t deny how an elegant electric fireplace complements your living room. It makes it look more vibrant, luxurious and inviting to your guests.

The more you’ll get used to your electric fireplace, the more benefits you’ll discover on your own. The pocket-friendly prices of these units make them affordable to everyone, including you!

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