Are Electric Fireplaces Too Expensive To Run? - FireplaceGuide

Are Electric Fireplaces Too Expensive To Run? – FireplaceGuide

Electric fireplaces are economical options that do not sacrifice character or design. They’re becoming quite popular in many homes and great alternatives to the traditional fireplace. They present the user with loads of benefits compared to the traditional models. And one area they excel in is high energy efficiency.

Yes, these models score around 99% energy efficiency rating, beating all the fireplaces on the market. As we all know, high energy efficiently translates to significantly low operation costs- smile!

In our article below, we’ll explain to you how an electric fireplace allows you to enjoy the ultimate ambiance and heat in your home while reducing the maintenance cost and optimizing the energy savings.

Electric Fireplace- The Cost of Operation

An electric fireplace is unique in that you can operate in two modes that are independent of each other. That is, you can operate it with or without heat.

Unknown to most of the homeowners, however, the cost of operation varies widely between the two modes.

The exciting news is that when you are running your electric fireplace with both modes (the flame effects and heat), the cost of running it becomes relatively cheaper.

Take Note: Running your electric fireplace in the flame effect mode only will cost you around $.02/hour. And if you run a 1500-Watt unit on high heat plus flame effect, it will cost you approximately $.18/hour.

What’s The Cost of Electricity in Your Area

The cost of operating your electric unit is directly influenced by the cost of power in your region. Let’s take the typical cost of electricity to be about $.12 per Kw. Your standard electric fireplace will utilize 1.5 KW/hour. When you do your math: 1.5Kw x $.12 = $.18/hour.

What does this mean? If you set your unit in the High Heat Mode for up to 2 hours a day for one month, it will knock up your electric bill by around $10.80. And if you run it in the Flame Effect Mode only, the same conditions your bill will go up by $1.20.

If you reside in Hawaii, Alaska, New England States, California, or New York, your unit expenses will be a bit higher given the fact that the electricity cost there is much greater than the typical national rates.

How to Obtain an Accurate Operation Cost For Your Unit

To calculate the precise cost you’ll incur when using your electric fireplace, follow the straightforward 2 step process explained below:

1. Firstly, take a look at the energy bill and locate the cost of power per kilowatt (kW).

Alternatively, you can visit this site where you will be able to discover the energy cost per Kw of your states easily.

2. Next, use the calculator on this site to precisely calculate the cost of running your unit.

You’ll simply need to enter the amount of time you use your unit, the energy value.

Let’s take some sample values below:

Energy values= 1500 Watt High Heat Mode plus Flame, 750 Watt Low Heat and Flame

Fill in the energy cost of your state, the number of your hours per month you think you’ll run your electric fireplace.

Finally, generate Results. That’s it!

Installation and Maintenance Costs

Installing an electric fireplace is the easiest part. The units do not need any venting. They come with clearly outlined installation instructions that will guide you on how to install your unit. So, you’ll not need to hire the services of any technician or electrician for this jobs- a real opportunity to save more cash.

One reason why people are turning away from the traditional fireplaces in favor of the electric fireplace is their ease of maintenance. They require virtually no any upkeep. And that means no pains and aches will be caused by hauling the logs of firewood in the unit or cleaning the chimney.

Simple dusting and cleaning of the unit glass is all you need to do. Sometimes you’ll need to replace the light bulbs when they start to dim out. The fact that light bulbs are cheap and run for a long time before burning contributes to the low operation costs.

Cost of Operation: Electric Fireplace Vs Gas Fireplaces

Electric chimneys will cost you fewer bucks to run than the units. If you set the heater to maximum, consistently, an electric unit will utilize around $0.18 an hour.

Since a vast majority of users set the heater to cycle on and off. This translates to half usage, and the electric unit will cost you around $0.09 every hour.

When you turn off the heater, it will cost you between $0.003 and $0.03 every hour to run.

An annual basis, the average costs to run your electric unit will total to $50- $80, compared to the $200- $500 cost per year for running the gas fireplace.

Final Thoughts on The Cost of Operation of Electric Fireplaces

Whether you’re using a freestanding or electric fireplace insert, or a wall-mount electric fireplace or a small portable electric chimney- they are relatively cheap to run. Using these units as zone heaters will save you a considerable amount of cash on your energy bills.

They’re also inexpensive to install and maintain. You’ll only need to replace the light bulbs which are cheap and clean the fan, which is straightforward and fast exercise. Being almost 100% energy efficient, the units will operate for only a few pennies a day.

The best part is that the units are restful, beautiful, and cozy focal points for your room.

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